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t17192.372022-06-23Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a route#30 #31 #33 I agree, I always thought it's extremely disappointing when they make the side friend (male) character a complete butt monkey as to drive
t17192.142022-06-21Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a route#11 I have thought before about everything you mentioned, so I agree. It's a real thing, we always tend to value more the things we can't have and it
t17234.142022-06-10Favorite heroine?#13 It's not bad to be in love and we are not talking about that here. In the end it would be a relationship similar with any other, with ups and
t18450.32022-05-25Best GirlKaoru is indeed quite high spec overall and she has a much bigger role in the sequel.
t17589.1112022-02-10Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thi#109 The link is right here on the release link The creator himself enumerates the changes. The extra content seems pretty legit. About the exact
t17589.1082022-02-10Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thi@104 Apparently there are like 8 hours extra of content. But I don't get you and the bunch of other dudes that gave this VN a vote of 1. You didn't
t17589.942022-02-10Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thi"Anyway, the main problem with this release isn't censoring but its subpar translation and not fully translated interface."Now that is a problem
t17589.882022-02-10Can the planned restoration patch even salvage thiI am fine with this, considering what the original creator has said in the post. I am all for a university setting vs a school one. The sex scenes
t15963.242022-01-22Do not play with the H-Scenes ruins the experience@22 Whether they listen or not, or even see this at all, is not the point either. It's a matter of principle and if the principle is applied well by
t15963.212022-01-21Do not play with the H-Scenes ruins the experience@17 Not the point. The point is that someone said "the H-scenes were forced into this and they don't belong and are quite bad", to which a lot of
t15963.162022-01-20Do not play with the H-Scenes ruins the experienceThe world may change in a lot of ways, but some things about human nature always stay the same. .....especially neckbeards defending their porn like
t17234.122022-01-08Favorite heroine?#10 I don't have a sister either, but I am not the type that just makes decisions based on a brief and fleeting feeling. And so I can't help but
t17234.72022-01-07Favorite heroine?I can't help but imagine you people choosing your sister over an actual hot girl that is somehow against all odds interested in you ๐Ÿ˜‚. That image is
t17192.102021-12-04Yet another 'best girl' doesn't get a routeThere is nothing really unique about Noa when it comes to such VNs. She is the counterpart to the loud male friend that can just talk bluntly with
t17234.42021-12-04Favorite heroine?Konatsu has the most votes? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ What is wrong with the world? Aside from the obvious blood related sister turn off, she also acts like every sister
t15889.262021-09-24Translation accuracy seriously lacking#25 Bro, the comment above pointed to exact lines that are indeed changed significantly. I don't think we are still at the level where you can say
t15889.242021-09-24Translation accuracy seriously lacking#22 Thanks, I appreciate taking the time of extracting the specific lines. The most I was annoyed when characters were randomly addressing each
t15889.202021-09-23Translation accuracy seriously lackingLet me get this straight: no matter what you say about this it's not enough to change my mind, because the volume of stuff that is completely off is
t15889.172021-09-12Translation accuracy seriously lackingJapanese creators and correct input on english translation accuracy...right. It's not about the complex stuff romanization, it's the really simple
t16898.192021-08-30Tsukihime remake has been out for 2 whole days now@18 Actually the votes are looking a lot more skewed towards 9-10 right now. I sure hope those people have played this, or at least a trial, before
t16898.172021-08-30Tsukihime remake has been out for 2 whole days nowLet's see, at this time there are a bunch of 10s and 1s, with a single 5. Does that seem like normal votes from someone that actually played it? It's
t15360.212021-07-31New character designs#20 Ah, a man of culture. I thought I was the only one that found the long skirt very fitting. It seemed to say "not a teenager".
w918.62021-07-04G-senjou no Maou@5 Which twist? You mean him not being the Maou? When I read it I totally thought it was not supposed to be a "twist" at all. The fact that he was
w918.42021-07-04G-senjou no Maou@3 Ah yeah, those people that are like "this was the best thing I ever read, 7/10" are a totally different species that simply would not give
t16169.242021-06-08Machine translation patch@bcirno Hopefully you didn't refer to me, I still have a long way to go :P I was able to understand like 50% of that clip, and I can probably figure
t16169.162021-06-06Machine translation patch@kotaero I don't think you understood the part where it's a long learning process of continuous input. Expressions are difficult, sometimes I know
t16169.132021-06-06Machine translation patch@funnerific Yup, you 100% got it ๐Ÿ˜‹ But seriously, can't afford to just mindlessly gaze over a sentence, unless the voiceover indicates it's a phrase
t16169.82021-06-05Machine translation patch@depravity Mostly a lot of anime and visual novels in the last 10 years, but it seems I got a substantial boost in progress since I started with
t16169.32021-06-03Machine translation patchSince VNR doesn't work anymore, I use a similar simpler translator I created myself to aid my understanding of japanese. But I understand far more
t15304.422021-05-23Tsukihime remake has a official release date#40 Thank you, I avoided the "colorful" ways of saying it, but it kinda needed to be said so.
t15304.392021-05-23Tsukihime remake has a official release date#37 I would not be too worried about that, there are many ways of transmitting almost the same messages without explicit scenes themselves. One way
t15304.362021-05-22Tsukihime remake has a official release date#35 I know, I said something in response to his other comment as well. My statements were something of a absolutist viewpoint in response to his
t15304.342021-05-22Tsukihime remake has a official release date" #32 TypeMoon wants to pretend it never did porn, so I'll also pass on this one"That sounds like a generic villain trying to morally corrupt a
t15304.332021-05-22Tsukihime remake has a official release date#31 This goes beyond the simple idea of good and bad. It's about the notion of needing (or perhaps being addicted to) porn in your fictional mediums
t15304.292021-05-20Tsukihime remake has a official release date#27 As #28 said it is not censoring if the sex scenes weren't part of the design in the first place. Or what, are you incapable or reading and
w567.32021-04-22Tokyo BabelThat's because the fights were basically never about just pounding the opponent. The victory was always more psychological rather than physical
t15889.152021-04-19Translation accuracy seriously lacking#13 Thank you, it's good to see some people feel the same way. I was half-expecting everyone to unilaterally gang on me saying how they enjoy this
t15889.122021-04-18Translation accuracy seriously lacking#10 BTW, in most contexts that I have seen "ano josei" is a fancier, more respectful way of speaking about a woman. But that doesn't mean "ano onna
t15889.112021-04-18Translation accuracy seriously lacking#10 I'm guessing that's exactly why they do it, since I am pretty sure the translators weren't that dumb. Namely, since the english speaking market
t15889.92021-04-18Translation accuracy seriously lacking#5 I agree with that in general, but not completely and certainly not in the context here. Ren is often rude, but not to anyone 24/7 and at maximum
t15889.42021-04-18Translation accuracy seriously lacking#2, #3 Let me ask a rhetorical question. What makes a translation good? The only objective good answer to that is the translation that reproduces the
t15889.12021-04-18Translation accuracy seriously lackingFor some reason it wasn't as apparent the first time I read this, but when I re-read it recently I was struck by how many asspulls are littered
w918.22021-04-14G-senjou no MaouI agree for the most part as well, in retrospective it's not as good when I compare it to some of my more recent favorites. But even though it has
t15756.72021-04-07How it was supposed to be (personal opinion)@vinh I can totally agree with that.
t15360.112021-04-03New character designs@asaki Lol, imagine being an artist that no matter how hard he tries his hand just ends up automatically drawing the same design over and over
t15214.42021-02-08The Ending is actually perfect.Making sense is what the author crafts for an ending. If so desired and the author designed the rules around them, there were many more outcomes
t15304.152021-01-14Tsukihime remake has a official release date@mutsuki NVL for sure. You can see in the trailer that it's the same engine as mahoyo. Now, whether they manage to pull of the same quality with the
t15304.112021-01-10Tsukihime remake has a official release dateWhile I made clear my dissatisfaction with the new designs targeting younger audience, I hope that's as far as this "mainstream" direction goes. I
t15360.52021-01-10New character designs@xero95 Hmmm, perhaps we talk about different things. I did not mean stuff like resolution, coloring and how organic they are. Those are definitely
t15360.32021-01-08New character designs@shinytentacool I forgot to mention that I am especially interested in the opinions of already existing fans of the series. Because I am quite sure