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t16721.22021-10-13my opinion without understanding of japaneseGame is a mess in its plot which sucks because Aojiru's art is really good.
t14639.212020-08-31Reviews in PreviewThanks for this nice feature! :)
t14266.142020-07-12NTR ruin the entire story.If NTR triggers people that much, then do something simple: Don't watch/read works with NTR on it lmao
t2108.31722020-05-10Candidates for deletionKikyou is the alias of Ishida Kayo, proof is here: link
t13309.142019-12-22Well I'll be damned...#12 What a shame, it would have been nice to see returning characters from MinDead BlooD. Either way, the title looks promising.
t12945.132019-10-01TwelveHappy Birthday VNDB and thanks for your 12 years of service towards the VN community :D
t2108.26792019-02-15Candidates for deletionlink is a dupe of link.
t2108.25732018-11-13Candidates for deletionlink is an alias of Natsuki Rio: link Proof: link
t11310.362018-10-02We're alive!Happy Birthday! Joyeux Anniversaire !
t9711.612017-10-04Fuck, we're old!Happy belated birthday, VNDB! :3
t9497.42017-08-19* Spoilers* Who dies?Most deaths in Fraternité were pretty meaningless as a whole, it doesn't help there's only a few characters in the plot who were well-written.
t9310.212017-07-20Best girlI choose Rusalka mainly because I'm a fan of her VA (and also because Beatrice or Eleonore aren't in the poll), but overall I'd say my favorite
t2108.18962017-03-02Candidates for deletionlink is a duplicate of link
t2108.17432016-12-12Candidates for deletionAyase Tomari is another alias of Sakurai Alice link
t1918.222016-10-13GDMost disturbing VN I've ever heard along that Eroge about toilet...
t7099.282016-09-09Black Cyclet No-Nos official gourmet threadStill hyped for it :p
t2108.14152016-03-26Candidates for deletionAccidental copy of the Trial Version on Kansen - Clipping Chronicle
t7517.82016-03-07Some review about Kansen series content ??Ah, forgot about this one although it's only available in a download form in, but the trial version can be found in the official site.
t7517.62016-03-06Some review about Kansen series content ??Bookworm Otaku reviewed all Kansen games in their blog.
t7155.22015-11-18I need your help, please.PS: Nevermind, this issue resolved itself. Sorry for the disturbance.
t7155.12015-11-18I need your help, please.Hello, I made a mistake in the page of this VN: Kansen Clipping Chronicle where I added a release date instead of changing it and now, I can't remove
t7127.112015-11-15Favorite routeI don't care about what people says about Sakura's role on HF, her route was definitely the best of the three.
t7060.162015-10-25VNDB 2.25: High Speed, Low VelocityFaster, the better as I can say :b
t6972.182015-09-30VNDB is 8 Years OldHappy Birthday, VNDB!
t6706.52015-07-13Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare ReviewI really love your reviews, Bookworm and this one wasn't an exception. Good job.