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t14403.152020-08-02Why is the "Only bad endings" tag not a spoiler?The "Only X" tags are the ultimate spoiler tags with the "Only X ending" being the worst of them. Even if I'd personally disagree, I can understand
t3617.23532020-07-23Tags suggestions/fixesCan the parent tags under the Heroine's Relation tree be made applicable to VNs? Especially the parent tags of blood/non-blood related ones. My
t11632.112020-04-25What is going on with the release schedule?Huh, you'd think they'd at least have the original language at launch but I guess not. "if the game was first released in EN, I would treat it as a
t11632.92020-04-25What is going on with the release schedule?Early access started 2018/12/13 and did have English in it (but with known errors). I would be very surprised if this release did not have Japanese
t2108.31252020-04-12Candidates for deletionSpeaking of Amaenbo ~Sei o Osaekirenai Boku to Mushou no Oyako~, while it's a great game (I believe it's even getting a translation from Kagura Games
t13488.112020-03-01EGS mirrorYes, it works for me right now with no proxy. Edit: yes if you mean EGS that is, the proxy in this thread is dead for me.
t13610.172020-03-01Release the EditsAhh, it only shows if the ero animation if rating is set to 18+. I'm not sure this is a safe assumption to make, AFAIK you can have what people would
t13610.152020-03-01Release the EditsFrom a quick look, all positive. Even if the platform selection is a bit long, I much prefer it. I often forgot to add a platform and finding the
t13541.1702020-02-26The future of NSFW"If this was the whole objective, we wouldn't talk about a "suggestive" flag, would we"A three tier random voting system solves the original two
t13541.1672020-02-25The future of NSFWAre we changing the goal from "being able to browse vndb anywhere when 'safe' level is set" to "tag images so people can choose what they see
t13541.1222020-02-24The future of NSFWCan't agree with breaking down explicit even further, warfoki summed it up well. For gore, I can understand wanting "hardcore" stuff such as
t13541.842020-02-22The future of NSFWThe ideas in #72 and #79 feel solid to me. I sometimes spend a few minutes hitting the random vn link for fun so I can totally see rating random
t13541.592020-02-17The future of NSFWIMO other than a proxy that strips images and a word censor, VNDB can't avoid getting on some block lists. A three tier system using something like
t13470.62020-01-29Some tag voting changesLooks good and haven't found any issues so far :) Would tag comments be on the "Who?" link page similar to the notes user VN lists now have? @4
t13365.292020-01-02Happy New Lists!"*sigh* I make people angry with every update that I do, but looks like I screwed this up even worse than usual" Change is always hard but the
t13229.22019-12-02Old blue VNs work on Win 10?Just tried all the games in r67846 on Win 10 and didn't notice any issues. I haven't played any of them to the end yet but at least the first few
t12712.92019-09-15Linking Databases, part 1What's the best thing to do where Wikidata (or Wikipedia itself) have the same entry for things which VNDB has separate entries for? E.g. Nexton has R
t12613.412019-09-15Start the Engines!The engine release search filter auto complete doesn't completely work. You can't select anything but the first engine via clicking. I think it's
t12755.422019-09-02Linking Databases, part 2"Done!"Awesome! I see it also now excludes GTIN and CAT too which makes complete sense. The shops section by the VN that displays prices shows both
t12755.312019-08-27Linking Databases, part 2Love it! The recent changes and additions have been stellar :) does have a number of physical edition doujin VNs e.g. link
t7121.352019-07-14Feature request: Add "Engine" field to releasesCould you dump all the tagged games with more than one release? That might make the list more manageable. Maybe exclude trials if there are still
t12504.142019-06-24Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused TagsI don't agree with the "clutter" argument, indeed I'd say the opposite. To me specific tags rank close to the most useful feature of the site (thank
t3314.16952019-06-08Traits@1687 For Netorase, I would have thought the active one who initiates events should always be tagged. The heroine (or hero if that exists?) doesn't
t3314.16832019-05-25TraitsFormer Celebrity does not make much sense to me. Is it for former artists, former celebrities or former celebrity artists? Edit, comments on a few
t3617.16372019-04-07Tags suggestions/fixesAlthough one has "significant" in the description and the other does not, I believe Fictional Modern Day Japanese Island should probably be a child
t2108.27352019-03-24Candidates for deletion#2734 I was a little surprised it had its own page but after playing it I changed it from a trial release to full. It's a complete story with its own
t2108.26882019-02-16Candidates for deletion@beliar Personally, I've taken the view that if the official dev/publisher site has a news or blog post/updated the game page or a dedicated page for
t2108.26842019-02-16Candidates for deletionCould you please re-visit deleting releases like r22184 and r59411? These are bundles direct from the publisher, have their own dedicated pages and
t950.5342019-02-08VNDB Suggestions!I suggest some pages would benefit from being changed to display in reverse chronological order, namely producers and staff. IMO, in most
t11623.42019-01-09Technical issueIt would help if you could provide more information. What version of Windows are you trying to run it on? What locale is Windows set to? Are you
t11783.92019-01-09Coming back to VNs, looking for technical help.1) As other have said, running XP in a VM makes sense and works for all the VMs that break in 7+. Heck, you can boot it with 64MB RAM. 2) Most of the
t3617.15862018-12-21Tags suggestions/fixesYes, Danganronpa is the sort of thing I was thinking of. The hero/heroine meta traits having "own routes and/or endings" is what spooked me. Going by
t3617.15822018-12-21Tags suggestions/fixesTo add onto #1580, is it ok to use hero/heroine tags when there's no protagonist or for main characters if there are no routes? Hope I've not been
t8242.1862018-12-15The how to edit threadThanks. I guess I'll just go with whatever feels right for 1) unless we get some consensus. For 2), does that change when the update is free? I'm
t8242.1842018-12-15The how to edit threadFew random questions: 1) Subtitle separation. What, if any, separator should be used for title/subtitle? I've seen hyphens, colons and nothing. Even
t9425.162018-10-29VNDB is now available on DockerThanks, that makes a lot of sense and helped me fix it. It looks like Multi was using TCP to connect to Postgres which wasn't allowed. After fixing
t9425.142018-10-28VNDB is now available on DockerThis was pretty painless to get running on docker, especially with the development database option so thanks for that. The only issue I do have is
t3314.13502018-06-26TraitsA fair number of characters under Housewife do not have Wife as well, presumably because there's usually little reason to tag both. Those characters
t10476.12018-04-11Title romanizationHi, I saw a few notifications pop up with some of your edits for titles which has given me some questions. Nothing really important so feel free to
t10410.22018-03-29Did the hire some artists from Bootup?They share the same artist, Shinonome Kazuhiko which is why they are so similar. Additionally Eroitto is hosted on the same site as Boot Up!, in fact
t10162.792018-03-29MG Survey 2018As far as I know Yuri is often near 50/50 in terms of gender. I'd expect SonoHana to skew more male due to being more nukige-like but that's purely a
t10194.112018-01-27About PatreonHuh... commissions are interesting. I think I'm okay with direct commissions, as I see it as paying the translator for a service. What they translate
t2520.2402018-01-12Minor error/sThanks! I had no idea searching by GTIN worked, that's super useful. I'm no programmer but I did notice link If I'm reading it right, does this
t2520.2372018-01-12Minor error/sNot sure if I'm missing something but searching for Cyclet 5 under releases does not find either r51637 or r53796. The VN search does correctly find
t9476.12017-08-01Rename or new producer?Atelier Sakura Mount Position looks to have changed name to just Mount Position. It also changed from being an imprint of Atelier Sakura to a brand
t2108.20482017-07-31Candidates for deletionI went blind and somehow added dupe r52857
t8242.172017-03-24The how to edit threadStumbled across Cats-Box which has shutdown and spawned Clear (link). As part of that, all the previous games have been made available free (looks
t8642.212017-01-07I'm not sure about the usefulness of tag ratingI find the concept of tag power rather than a binary applies/does not apply one of the most useful features of the site and would be sad to lose it
t8632.62017-01-05Why do I fail uploading pictures here each time?Just a heads up, the screenshots for Tadashii Shimai no Choukyou Hou don't look to meet the guidelines (which you can find here) as they are a jumble
t8229.72016-12-08Some server config changesNo idea if this is related or not, quite possibly just never noticed before as it's so minor. When editing it looks like any VN with a comma in it's