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r85098.12021-12-05 at 07:23lucumoShuka - Download EditionAdded download edition.
r84683.32021-11-18 at 19:53lucumoNijiiro CanvasAdded developer/publisher.
r12917.72021-11-18 at 19:50lucumoFutaba☆Channel - Download EditionCorrected release date for first download version link
r84683.22021-11-18 at 19:39lucumoNijiiro CanvasForgot rating.
r84683.12021-11-18 at 19:38lucumoNijiiro CanvasAdded physical release. link
r12922.42021-11-18 at 19:36lucumoNijiiro CanvasCorrected the release date (download version has a different one) link
v6512.92021-11-18 at 19:34lucumoNijiiro CanvasAdded DLsite alias. link
r83892.12021-10-16 at 12:01lucumoMuboubi de Mujakina Meikko ni Yokujou shite ShimattaAdded release
v32536.12021-10-16 at 11:58lucumoMuboubi de Mujakina Meikko ni Yokujou shite ShimattaAdded VN
v23407.262021-06-17 at 00:22lucumoUmineko no Naku Koro ni SakuThat's not mentioned in the guidelines though but here you go: Official cover art as used everywhere + title of the game.