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v23407.262021-06-17 at 00:22lucumoUmineko no Naku Koro ni SakuThat's not mentioned in the guidelines though but here you go: Official cover art as used everywhere + title of the game.
r302.132021-06-16 at 10:26lucumoClannad - First Press EditionJust added a note about the extra content for the limited edition.
v23407.242021-06-16 at 07:59lucumoUmineko no Naku Koro ni SakuChanged it back to the original release rather than a port as well as the official cover art as used on their website link and across stores.
r74415.32021-03-24 at 09:51lucumoALICE’S COTTAGE 10Added catalog number.
r74410.32021-03-24 at 09:50lucumoALICE’S COTTAGE 9Added catalog number.
r342.122021-02-18 at 14:10lucumoTsukihime PLUS-DISCAdded catalogue number.
r77760.12021-02-12 at 09:52lucumoHashiri Onna IIlink
r77759.12021-02-12 at 09:50lucumoHashiri Onna IIlink
v30385.12021-02-12 at 09:46lucumoHashiri Onna IIlink link
r77267.12021-01-24 at 09:24lucumoKeiko-chan no HimitsuAdvertised in a magazine issue 1983/03, link Release around the same time as the PC-88 and FM-7 version apparently "One tape" being taken as info