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c29224.22022-08-06 at 20:11lucumoTiana von ZweiselSince it's a German name, it follows those rules.
v131.232022-07-08 at 10:15lucumoAnimamundi ~Owarinaki Yami no Butou~Changed to original cover which is a lot cleaner and not nearly as dark.
v6931.292022-07-07 at 10:12lucumoBibou Vintage Kaikan 2No clue why the correct title was changed. It's how it's named on the game and also in the Japanese sphere (though, without the "ィンテージ" part on EGS
r91360.12022-05-14 at 17:58lucumoOku-sama no Kaifuku Jutsu - Regular EditionAdded the regular edition.
r67570.22022-05-01 at 09:41lucumoKagiana Satsujin JikenJust emulated, like all the other games.
v33349.22022-01-12 at 23:37lucumoGibo Shimai / Shin Aniyome Mini FandiskFixed
r86081.12022-01-12 at 23:35lucumoGibo Shimai / Shin Aniyome Mini FandiskAdded release link
v33349.12022-01-12 at 23:33lucumoGibo Shimai / Shin Aniyome Mini FandiskAdded VN link link
r85968.12022-01-08 at 21:26lucumoHitozuma Sakunyuu Hanten - Limited EditionAdded release from link
r85868.12022-01-03 at 21:21lucumoRinshitsu no Bishoujo Shimai o Tenadzukete tsukkomi Houdai O○nko Shimai ni Sh...Added release link