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t19090.82022-09-12If anyone wondering about "that" wordYou forgot to mention that it's apparently not really a word that is used outside of Twitter, so it makes absolutely no sense to use it. (And like I
t19075.152022-09-11Inexcusable translationNever heard of the word before. No clue why anyone would include it...but then again, it's NekoNyan, so not exactly surprising.
t18960.262022-08-29Fuwanovel is alive again?IRC is pretty great but over the years it has turned into always staying online for a lot of people (who then use BNCs). Mahjong is fun but Tenhou
t18960.232022-08-28Fuwanovel is alive again?To be fair, VNs are somewhat connected to anime in the way that some of them get anime adaptations. Though, funnily enough, I came to VNs from the
t18960.202022-08-28Fuwanovel is alive again?OZ ftw :P
t18990.172022-08-25A New EditionThen those display preferences lists are bugged. Both lists have apparently everything marked (except "Hungarian" in the release section for some
t18990.122022-08-25A New EditionSo is there any reason why the translation stuff doesn't stay collapsed when I reload the page? One could also tie it to the release section of the
t18960.92022-08-19Fuwanovel is alive again?Same OP who wanted to clean up the descriptions of that MTL guy? Hah, funny. Never really used anything apart from the HongFire forum and never will
t18854.282022-08-01VN development statusNot sure why you quote that because it's in line with what I wrote (not to mention Yorhel's reply right below that), as it has nothing to do with it
t18854.262022-08-01VN development statusNeither of what you wrote makes sense. First of all, I don't have a "0 discussion record". Second, I used him as an example. "People" generally
t18854.242022-08-01VN development statusAnd look here, stupid people editing something, not giving a damn: link Time between first and second volume: 3 1/2 years. Time since the second
t18854.232022-08-01VN development status@21: The whole VN/release thing is a complete mess anyway with releases being put together and voted on (rating, length) that have missing/extra
t18854.92022-07-30VN development statusLike I said, that seems too misleading to me. And whether it's "1.0" that goes up to 4.3 or "0.2" that finishes at 1.0, it's basically the same, as
t18854.62022-07-30VN development statusSeems pointless, considering that releases and release dates exist. Not to mention it would have to be changed every time some company announces a
w4761.92022-07-28Gaman ga Dekinai Doutei Aniki to, Sunao ni Narenai Hankou ImoutoSure, then the play time is ~10 minutes though. So that comment is pointless. That's not how deviation on a scale of 0-100 works...same with the
w4761.72022-07-28Gaman ga Dekinai Doutei Aniki to, Sunao ni Narenai Hankou Imouto"Significantly below average"? It's 77 on EGS and he rated it 6 (60) which seems to be not much of a deviation. The reasons for that are also
w4761.52022-07-28Gaman ga Dekinai Doutei Aniki to, Sunao ni Narenai Hankou ImoutoI never said how it's in this case as I haven't read it but from the review, it's also not something I'm interested in, as it apparently lacks meat
w4761.32022-07-28Gaman ga Dekinai Doutei Aniki to, Sunao ni Narenai Hankou ImoutoThe review isn't too long. Don't let people tell you otherwise. Also, why wouldn't you come inside your sister? It seems like the natural thing to
t18832.22022-07-27Ileca plz return to vn.infoWhy are you spamming "general discussions" with this?
t18772.82022-07-16Gripes with VN'sThis reads like a complaint out of ignorance. If you don't want to read low quality, mass-produced trash, then don't do it and spend your time on
t13050.1542022-06-30SalesDLsite (Early) Summer Sale has started. link link Ends 16.08.2022
t18486.32022-05-30Anymore websites to buy eroge/VnsToranoana too, and of course stuff like Yahoo Auctions, Mercari, Netoff, Fril etc.
t18270.442022-05-28Separating love route and NTR routeThe interesting part is that the English version on DLsite is DRM-free, while buyers of the Japanese and Chinese versions get screwed over.
t18445.72022-05-26Serial code for physical copy wont workTanuki Soft? Interesting, considering that Rune works are DRM-free on DLsite. Then again, their Tanuki Soft works are tied to DMM, so...maybe due to
t18445.42022-05-26Serial code for physical copy wont workYep, that's why it would be nice to have information on DRM included for releases. We had that discussion before but nothing ever happened from it
t18270.152022-04-29Separating love route and NTR routeYeah, they might have clarified it now. Then I guess they will have a single packaged version with two different covers for the DVD cases? Seems
t18270.32022-04-28Separating love route and NTR routeWhile separating it does make some sense, the physical release apparently comes on a single DVD which is why I would slightly lean towards keeping it
t18269.62022-04-28Launch japanese and englishIs it? Personally, I hate NTR and it would annoy me if I spent money on a game, only to then discover that it contains that fetish. Too bad that it's
t18269.42022-04-28Launch japanese and englishIt's double that for the "full game" though (or well, 3800 Yen for the physical version). Still, pretty disappointing showing after that long drought.
t18260.52022-04-26Is jlist serious about their prices?As someone that imports from Japan, yeah, owning your media is a big reason. You have something in your hand, something to look at and you can also
t7068.1482022-04-25The non-VN eroge discussion threadThe tone stays light? I remember there being a decent amount of rape, including the main character getting knocked out when trying to save her. Not
t18195.222022-04-21Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual NovelsQuality insofar as good music would/n't make a difference for/enhance comedy. Bad music is obviously just that, bad music. One never wants that
t18195.202022-04-20Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual NovelsPretty sure I don't have a favorite comedy VN because at best VNs (that I read) will have (as a part) comedy/gags in it, some more, some less. As for
t18195.182022-04-20Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual NovelsAs for music, you definitely can't forget the timing something sets in. Out of context it never really works though. So for the piece you linked
t2108.46842022-04-19Candidates for deletionlink and link Hint/Option disks aren't VNs by themselves. If anything, this is how it should be: link
t18203.22022-04-18Why delete a VN because it is fully voiced?No, it's not better, in both cases. It's simply different.
t18195.162022-04-18Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual NovelsNot something I've read. And considering the first one includes bad teeth and cat ears, it's not something I would read. Not familiar with anything
t18195.112022-04-17Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual Novels@8: Unfortunately, VNs only rarely have skilled writers. It also doesn't help that Japanese generally like beating dead horses. @9: I disagree
t18195.72022-04-17Lack of Zombies in Japanese Visual NovelsWere zombies ever horror? Seems more like they are for survival, if anything. Too many of them, so killing doesn't matter. Too many of them, so you
t13913.42022-04-15Where can I get this ?link link
t950.12132022-04-09VNDB Suggestions!Thank you again. Though, I guess it's impossible to bring it back to the right side, where basically all other information about the release are
t950.12112022-04-09VNDB Suggestions!Thanks, Ezezin. The only ones to have it, where it makes sense, are the 18+ uncensored VNs. And it was perfectly fine it was the way before.
t950.12012022-04-06VNDB Suggestions!I mean, I have given feedback on test versions before (even used to be in the IRC channels). I've also seen others do it but no clue how the overall
t950.11992022-04-06VNDB Suggestions!Well, don't ask me. At least it seems to be a specific browser issue which is good enough to know. But you have used test versions of the site
t18110.102022-04-06Inoue Kikuko / 井上 喜久子 RecommendationsHaha, ok. I was looking it up everywhere and couldn't come to a decent conclusion. I'm pretty sure you will notice him. It's so distinct and
t950.11972022-04-06VNDB Suggestions!You are wrong, Yorhel. I'm actually using my Firefox browser. Sure, it's an older version but that one is certainly not five years old. My second
t950.11902022-04-05VNDB Suggestions!What is that brown turd? Why is it on the left side (and not the right) and why is the 18+ symbol now not aligned anymore? link /edit: And also
t18110.82022-04-05Inoue Kikuko / 井上 喜久子 Recommendations@6: The "Ikuko faction" part is flying right over my head. Do you mind explaining that for me? I'm also not someone that actually cares about
t18110.42022-04-04Inoue Kikuko / 井上 喜久子 RecommendationsLooked her up. At least she has a more mature voice and not one of those squeaky annoying ones. As for roles, it seems like she is doing a lot, just
t18068.132022-04-04How do I see “yes” to “no” ratio of vn reviews?That's why I said in my first post that for non-Japanese VNs, I would go elsewhere. This also includes translated ones which I personally don't care