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t7180.162015-12-11Green and purples"the rules you are talking about are the rules that were made and can be changed" So just change them then? Rules should be universal and pre
t5100.262015-12-11Boob Wars 2 -GD-those dragons are epic, can it replace one of the existing 10 shots? maybe remove one of the H ones?
t7259.32015-12-11Ellie - Help me out...pleaseaccording to link the Android version 1.4 (requiring Android 2.3.3 and up) was released 6 December 2015. according to link the iOS version 1.0.3 was
t3508.132015-12-11Boob Wars -GD-Manabu could use an entry here. When I saw the NSFW screenshot link the hair looked a lot like the way Haruto's does in this other NSFW image: link
t7259.12015-12-11Ellie - Help me out...pleaseThe idea that this game should be perceived as a VN has been floating around before I made the April 2015 entry for it and minah deleted it 3 days
t7258.12015-12-11MonoRoom appealIn the GoogleStore description at link the creator Kewlz makes some statements I think suggest this is part VN. "This anime horror escape room game
t7257.12015-12-11Deletion reviewHere is a thread post from the creator: link In it they describe they say: "It's a point-and-click visual novel. " I found it had a decent amount of
t7256.12015-12-11Scarlet Fate in Shall We DateEven though there is no same-series relation in terms of the original 2012 Japanese release... Seeing as how the 2014 release is part of the "Shall
t7255.12015-12-11Takeda ShingenRegarding Takeda Shingen and t2108.903 there is something a bit confusing here... I had linked to link indicating that I had made her for Sengoku
t7180.142015-12-11Green and purplesI am forbidden from editing VN/char entries but so far not from engaging in discussions so am utilizing that freedom. I am definitely trying to help
t7239.52015-12-11Voicing edit invisibilityYour edits are more work than not creating the character at all, but the end result was that the character got identified, and that is a good thing
t950.1902015-12-11VNDB Suggestions!(takata) >You're not supposed to add info that you _know_ will _probably_ have to be _replaced_ later by someone who knows the game better than you
t3617.7662015-12-11Tags suggestions/fixesHuh, I seem to have confused the ongoing debate for them having reached a decision. I guess that means only pre-puberty is disorder-associated then
t6373.72015-12-09Chars to makeI understand the writer/pronunciation bit just not the ordering of middle names. First/Last is a simple order swap but middle names jumble it up
t7180.122015-12-09Green and purplesHarah is correct, I'm trying to navigate Getchu as suggested but can't read Japanese so have to rely on that to use the engine. Once I can actually
t7242.32015-12-09Stellaren pentalogyI'd been putting off playing 2-5 until I got through 1 so not sure about the protag, all I know is you play a guy named M in the first one. Kind of
t7248.142015-12-09Need translation!One gets the sense that one party is mad because they think the other is defending Gtranslate when in fact that are saying it's not even worthy of
t950.1852015-12-09VNDB Suggestions!You are setting up a strawman to knock down. There was not 'no information'. Your 'loli in stripes' example had a picture, showing how the character
t7244.12015-12-08DishwashingNagashima Kumiko is shown in link washing a dish next to Narusawa Misako Cleaning does not mention dish-washing explicitly but I think it would fall
t7180.72015-12-08Green and purplesI may have to lead the resolution of the Risa's hair to the more experienced... in the meantime I am going to practice Getchu researching on VN
t6373.52015-12-08Chars to makere minah : ACDB normally goes first>last while we go last>first. So what you're saying is basically, I was wrong to think that the middle name
t5613.32015-12-08Keikogi guy"it is better not to add a character instead of using just image galleries" There is no harm done in adding what is apparent in an image. All we can
t7243.12015-12-08Discerning eye colorRegarding Katou Minori prior to caio adding a new image I had link up which allows you to see behind her glasses. Which reminds me, we ought to add C
t5660.32015-12-08duplicate character"Miyama Shuichi hero is, but seemingly normal college students living in two sand and Tung sister, but, in fact, I had a question and big trouble
t7242.12015-12-08Stellaren pentalogylbs21 mentioend you at t6826 regarding Stellaren from what I remember seeing in Google Store I am wondering if we should consider different entries
t7172.132015-12-08Your deletion"there's a general philosophy with rule creation that is required for efficient forums moderation, and to an extent this carries over to database
t6329.92015-12-08Takashiro sibling confusionBrothers Conflict has 11 brothers so there's 9 examples right there
t7180.52015-12-08Green and purplesJAST has mindfucked me today with their artist's interpretation of how lighting changes color... Still does that mean that we should list Risa's
t7207.32015-12-08Games you referencedLocated Digital Media Mart at link and Getchu at link have shortcutted them both for future reference. MAL thread link mentions EGS ie EroGameScape
t7239.32015-12-08Voicing edit invisibilityAh I see, at Doukyuusei 2 will keep that in mind for the future. I guess I thought I remembered there being a 'voice' field when I was editing
t6329.72015-12-08Takashiro sibling confusionAh okay, still though, there's probably a guy out there with both an older brother and a younger brother for an equivalent. Having some kind of
t6751.52015-12-08white hair red eyesI mix up the terms a lot, I know one is the spelling and the other is phonetics. I guess I haven't yet gotten to the point where I can instinctively
t7208.32015-12-08Archive of creator site seeking info on chars.Nice, running that through Gtranslate I see it listed as "The Getchuu to Kimi" as the 11th thing on the page. There is a link to: link "「きみはおもちゃ
t7192.72015-12-08Lukas and LillianMy guidelines for choosing "main" characters is usually whether or not they appear on the cover. It's easy enough to change if someone disagrees on
t7180.32015-12-08Green and purplesI had only checked JastUSA linked from the description. GameFAQ usually lacks data for older games, didn't even think to check it, nice find. These
t7171.32015-12-08Grey or whiteRegarding Hiiragi Kaede can see the eye resemblance, possibly some greenish bordering on the white, maybe her hair shines white at some point in the
t7120.102015-12-08Locked changes neededI see that Beskonechnoe leto does come up as a result when searching "Everlasting Summer", I guess that means it isn't needed to duplicate under
t7115.32015-12-086 of 7 girlssorry bout that, NSFW images hosted at link It looks like savagetiger already came and rescued them though. Thanks ST! :) I did not know about
t7240.12015-12-08Instances and developersRegarding the emptying of Hollow Days -The Four Days of Sakura- sorry if I did it wrong I just was getting flack for making new char entries so I
t7098.32015-12-082-3 unidentified girlsI don't think I created character profiles for them... I am aware that the Fate series has char transformations so I wanted to make sure profiles
t7082.32015-12-08Unidentified blondeYuka Takeuchi is the only character currently tagged for this game. Thank you for providing the useful name, I searched it and found that prior to
t6329.52015-12-08Takashiro sibling confusionI guess I'm just wondering if we should tag them as full siblings or half siblings. Nana is only tagged as a younger sister, Natsume only as an older
t7031.32015-12-081999 reviewI used archive because link failed, I think this was posted in one page about the game. I am not sure where to find this review by ^_^ on the site
t7034.32015-12-08MayumiFor Mayumi only 1 char so far listed, I made an entry for Mayumi. I wish I had thought of it at the time but I could have probably added to Mayumi
t6998.42015-12-08Characters to undeleteThank you! Now if only I knew if there was ever at least a partial of Ken or something. I only started the first few acts before it crashed my tablet
t6923.32015-12-08Bust size chartSorry was not aware Hitomi had that, I'll try to remember to link to the page the image is embedded on there than directly to in the future. In the
t6921.32015-12-08Namina eye colorSorry about that, I added one of the shots to link where it looks blue
t6827.32015-12-08Ujaku spoiler NSFWCan only tag them one at a time, may as well start somewhere. Wold Butterfly be the most appropriate? Not sure if it might also be Bathroom Sex
t6753.32015-12-08Yokubari Saboten cameoAyane Nanatsuki is described as a shopkeeper not a waitress... Good catch with the edit note but... Looking at the char list at Yokubari Saboten
t6751.32015-12-08white hair red eyesI saw the caption but... (1) can't read kanji, is there an app for getting that from iamges? (2) sometimes the char depicted onscreen isn't the one