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s599.42022-02-13 at 05:21pik3robOkada EimiRemoved the twitter link since she deleted her twitter and someone else took the handle. She's also no longer affiliated with Mausu Production, so
c89598.92021-08-26 at 08:16pik3robpikthis is me. i do what i want.
c89598.82020-12-06 at 00:57pik3robpikChanges the whole thing because it's me and I can do what I want.
c89598.72020-07-19 at 06:20pik3robpikformatting
v28731.32020-07-10 at 18:30pik3robMama x Holic ~Miwaku no Mama to Ama Ama Kankei~Game cover from advertisements
c89591.32020-04-01 at 21:49pik3robNowItsAngeTimeHe appears as the character SuperAnge in the /r/visualnovels visual novel
c89598.62020-04-01 at 21:39pik3robpikadded a common trait of mine
c89598.52020-04-01 at 21:39pik3robpikTypo fix
c89598.42020-04-01 at 21:38pik3robpikI am pik3rob. I understand this character's lore and backstory more than anyone, and have added it in so that it isn't blank.
c63811.22018-06-17 at 01:49pik3robKousaka SumireHer last name is Kousaka, which is revealed early on in the story.