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t2108.28622019-08-13Candidates for deletionThe JP Wiki article for CanCan Bunny says Kojima Satomi is an alias of Kodama Satomi
t2108.27782019-05-23Candidates for deletionaccidentally duped r63858 with r63859, my bad
t12171.42019-04-11Reason why this was locked?Thank you. Will check it from now on, thanks.
t12171.12019-04-10Reason why this was locked?Have been wanting to add more seiyuu for a while but this game keeps being locked... is there any reason for it?
t11891.22019-02-05RomanizationOh, I didn't know. Thanks for the tip and sorry for the trouble!
t2108.26092018-12-14Candidates for deletionI think Kuuzoku Senki Sora is more of a (discontinued) card game than a VN... More info in link
t2108.25712018-11-13Candidates for deletionMMV is Marvelous Interactive, MMV is just the abreviated name
t2108.24742018-09-08Candidates for deletionAre Nagi Kaiji and Nagi Yagi the same person? They share kanjis and both have done otome game work
t2108.23122018-05-11Candidates for deletionShugo Chara! Spirit! Chara Formation-Rhythm♪ is a rhythm game with a few VN portions, I don't think it truly qualifies as a VN
t2108.21732017-11-12Candidates for deletionr15378 and r15379 should be deleted, since Alchemist went bankrupt
t2108.21402017-10-22Candidates for deletionIsn't Candy Stripe ~Minarai Tenshi~ just an all-ages release of Sweet ~Hanjuku na Tenshi-tachi~ under a different name? Should we merge them?
t2108.19732017-05-13Candidates for deletionMaki is a duplicate of Aramaki Youko, didn't notice since they didn't add her alias
t9129.32017-04-28Request for unlockThank you! The staff has been added.
t9129.12017-04-27Request for unlockCan this VN be unlocked so the staff information can be a bit more completed? I think people will have understood the lesson for the vn's length. In
t2108.18872017-02-22Candidates for deletionFukami Rica duplicate of Fukami Rika
t2108.18132017-01-17Candidates for deletionSugimoto Saori and Sugimoto Saori are the same person, I edited the second without knowing there was an original staff edit under that name, so I
t2108.18002017-01-14Candidates for deletionFeel Rousset is an accidential duplicate of Feel Rousset
t2108.14602016-04-28Candidates for deletionAll unreleased chapters of DoubleScore seem to be officially dropped after this statement from the company: link]
t2108.13392016-01-27Candidates for deletionr44762 is an accidental duplicate of r44761 (sorry!)
t2108.13372016-01-26Candidates for deletionNuriko is and accidental duplicate of Nuriko
t2108.11782015-10-15Candidates for deletionSushi to Koi Suru Ikkagetsu -Ikemen Sushi Neta to Doukyou Seikatsu- is a duplicate of Hey! Ren'ai Icchou, didn't notice because of different titles
t2108.11632015-10-10Candidates for deletionAccidentally made Natsumi Ooshita as a duplicate of Natsumi Ooshita
t2108.11582015-10-06Candidates for deletionConsidering QuinRose has suspended business and that all their unreleased games are no longer available for preorder, I pressume we must delete most
t2108.11472015-09-11Candidates for deletionMoeAPP is a duplicate of Moe App
t2108.5042014-01-27Candidates for deletionp3125 and p3126 aren't producers (with producer meaning writing the script, etc.), only groups that do the drawing. Should they be deleted?
t2108.5012014-01-23Candidates for deletionp4122 is a duplicate of p4121
t2108.4992014-01-20Candidates for deletion@497 oh, okay then. My bad. BTW, wondering if we should delete v7952. The maker hasn't entered in Lemmasoft since Aug and she centered all her
t2108.4972014-01-18Candidates for deletionShouldn't v13230 be merged with v362? It appears to be a simple remake with HQ graphics.
t2108.4632013-12-07Candidates for deletionp3957 it's a duplicate for p3064
t2108.3862013-08-30Candidates for deletionr28016 is a duplicate of r23883
t2108.3622013-07-31Candidates for deletionr28118 is a duplicate of r28117
t2108.2532013-04-02Candidates for deletionv8217 is a consumer port of v8533 and can be deleted.
t2108.2042013-03-01Candidates for deletionv12202 must be an accidental duplicate of v12201...
t2108.1932013-02-11Candidates for deletionShould p968 be deleted? It hasn't been updated since 2011, and there haven't been any releases.
t2108.1862013-01-28Candidates for deletionv5695 is a duplicate of v2818
t940.762010-11-28Where are you all from ?Spain. The country of paella, flamenco and *insert three more topics here".
t410.22010-07-20light novel/mangaOn Dengeki's novel page you can read the first few pages of the novel, but they are in Japanese. EDIT: Doremi translations has the third chapter of