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t12165.82019-04-08Will it be removed from Steam?I don't even know why this is a thing. Traps in japanese anime/otaku fiction aren't even related to transgenderism at all, they are a completely
t7165.22015-11-22Where can I find the game ?You can try getchu link edit:seems like they aren't selling it right now
t2108.12222015-11-16Candidates for deletionOtoge Love! was obviously just intended as a joke. It's never going to be released
t6777.72015-08-04VN educational for learning jap languageI agree with Hanahira! Play it after learning the language for a few months and reading some easy not vn-related things. Just remember: It's not bad
t6419.52015-04-19English patchlink So why did he feel the need to translate it, if he thinks that it is absolutely awful.
t6242.22015-02-19German full version ?!According to the blog of the translators it seems the goal right now is "sometime this year", so I wouldn't hold too much trust in any specific date
t6229.22015-02-15I can not play the gameTry installing the game on another harddrive (should you have one) or in a different folder, preferrably one that is not a standard windows folder
t6215.72015-02-13Jumping on the Go Go Nippon bandwagonIt might be just me, but I feel like the quality of VNs on steam is slowly rising. This doesn't seem too bad.
t6131.32015-01-26English Patch"This game was released with the first DVD and Blu-ray Disc volume for the anime. This is a short, fan disc-like game that takes place during
t6125.22015-01-23( =_=)They sure did, seems obvious enough. But really, I wonder why you didn't mention the character sprites. Those should have stood out.
t6053.182015-01-01Happy New Year anyone?Happy new Year everybody~
t5975.42014-12-02Soo...Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Grindhouse just a new company/name that the same people from GrisGris work under?
t5900.322014-11-21First multilang moege release ever"Neko is how human cats are called."I never saw that before, but still, why not just translate it since it is easy to convey the meaning in english?
t5900.302014-11-21First multilang moege release everI made a few screenshots of the beginning of the trial and the translation seems OK so far, although what's up with leaving "neko" untranslated? link
t5900.172014-11-12First multilang moege release ever@15 yeah there's quite some problems with it. It seems like the sentences were translated without context.
t5893.82014-11-01A site were to find games made by certain enginesMake sure that you are using a proxy located in Japan and, if possible, not just one of those "enter url here"-proxies, but rather a normal http
t5892.22014-10-28KickstarterThis seems to be something the original developers might be interested in, rather than primarily Sekai Project. This game seems fairly unknown, even
t5868.52014-10-21Search bug: "No results found" [resolved]I get this bug on Mobile Safari on an iPod Touch with iOS 6.1.2 That might be considered outdated of course.
t5803.22014-09-30Regarding the release date...My account doesn't have any special moderating powers either, as far as I know at least, but I still fixed it. Did you try to click on the release
t5801.172014-09-30We're at our Prime!Happy birthday VNDB~ Good luck for the future~