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t13247.12019-12-03Genre?What is this? It wasn't bad per se but the overall still left me the impression 3 - bad is appropriate :thinking:
t8165.32018-12-26GDgood to know, was about to use skip.
t8230.152018-09-08You think it will be voiced?I loved the art of original Tsukihime. Hopefully it doesn't change to the bland art most new VN's have.
t1917.242018-04-22GDSkip doesn't stop at unread text, this makes final scenes annoying to read. Luckily i knew when they started and could stop skipping in time.
t6297.32017-11-25Font ProblemI know this answer comes late, but in my case the crash was caused by Windows 7 updating Segoe UI font which led to access violations. Luckily I had
t2180.152017-11-04Conquering the Queen -GD-That must be the reason. I'm about to finish it, and it's a solid work. Beautiful soundtrack and art, with story.
t2180.132017-09-13Conquering the Queen -GD-Why are the reviews so low for this one? I'm in chapter 11 and so far it's been way above average. Does it get repetitive or something later on?
t4599.142017-07-29Eroge! ReviewI couldn't get past overly long h-scenes and ANNOYING voices during them so rating 4/10 (without them would be 7/10). There are some interesting
t950.3522017-07-29VNDB Suggestions!I think My visual novel list needs "Last modified" column for status. It's not the first time I wanted to check which 'playing' games in list was
t6542.22017-07-28Does the special edition have the dark routeAny news if someone is going to pick up Special Edition, in order to bring dark route to English audience?
t9434.32017-07-26Undelete this pleaseAccording to KS post development of ch 2 gets restarted too.
t9343.312017-06-30The worst protagonist so far..."I doubt anybody can surpass Emiya Shirou stupidity.."Even though I hated ES it makes reading more bearable, if Shuuma in fact turns out to be
t3617.9162016-09-04Tags suggestions/fixesIs there a suitable tag for Red Spider 2? Character sprites don't have faces.
t8154.792016-08-29Dies Irae English LocalizationBasically what #78 said. I'd happily buy it even from KS if the original version was announced.
t8053.42016-08-01What VN producers do you like?Akabei Soft2 is my all time favorite. Active Soft and Pulltop have nice titles too. Last two are subject to change since I haven't read too many VN's
t7996.32016-07-05RIP Translation...after gutting them.
t950.2732016-05-21VNDB Suggestions!More flexible filter capability would be nice. Specifically I want to see list of all vn's with certain voice actor and see which ones have English
t5514.52016-02-22If Utawarerumono is running too fast#2 Battles are too fast despite affinity change, but CE works.
t950.2322016-02-12VNDB Suggestions!There is producer page in link but no way to list VN's from single developer in list so you can compare their popularity/rating/languages etc. in one
t7198.42015-12-05this game is comedy goldRika's meal and some of the screams (some others are really annoying though) are pure gold.
t2050.62015-08-10No hope for TLed remake?how bad is the cg censorship in remake?
t5910.232014-11-25Literacy in Visual NovelsAs pointed before, you can learn languages through games. I've learned English this way as a child and Anime / VN's have taught me basic japanese
t5833.92014-11-25Short reviewEverything except omake + houzuki is boring and low quality just to fill the disc.
t5674.582014-11-24Automated Online VN RecommendationsMAL has nice recommendations page which i'd like to see in vndb although its not automated iirc.