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t14306.22020-07-07Special intro voice linesBe sure to apply the System Time Events tag which is way too underused right now
t13050.802020-07-07SalesDLsite summer sale started today (also got a -15% coupon) and DMM summer sale starts on the 9th
t8242.2752020-07-06The how to edit threadIinchou wa Shounin Sezu! ~It Is a Next Choice~, capital letters in the subtitle "It Is a Next CHOice" spell out "I-I-N-CHO" which is relevant to the
t2108.32482020-06-29Candidates for deletionr24996 seems to be a duplicate of r19994, however the latter's info is all over the place. I think it's supposed to be the PSP limited edition, yet
t2520.4412020-06-28Minor error/sIn standard Japanese there's no difference in pronunciation between ず and づ link VNDB uses Hepburn romanization, which prioritizes pronunciation
t14263.142020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffsThe current system needs to be replaced with a user vote based system that averages out different reading speeds and habits, and actually gives an
t3314.21622020-06-27TraitsInsightful description needs to be gender-neutral
t8242.2662020-06-26The how to edit threadIt worked since day one. I used the code and downloaded it on July 6, before the DL edition came out on July 25.
t2108.32322020-06-23Candidates for deletiondelete r72648 and r72649, they were already listed under titles that don't actually exist
t13050.762020-06-19SalesDLsite time sale, plenty of copies remaining at the moment link
t8242.2462020-06-14The how to edit threadRight, incrementing their character id by 1 suggests that they had alternative form instances, which have since been deleted as duplicates.
t8242.2442020-06-14The how to edit threadHow can I find which instances are linked to a character? Specifically, Ellis Xillia and Houshou Kirika. The edit pages for them say This character
t2108.32232020-06-12Candidates for deletionInoue Karin is duplicate of Inoue Karin
t2520.4142020-06-12Minor error/sIn r66005 the description falls outside of <p class="description"></p> where it should be, making the margins look awful. There's also an empty
t14142.82020-06-09Handle non-canonical links in the release editorSupport for all-ages Gyutto ( instead of would also be nice. e.g. direct link to link isn't recognized but redirecting through l
t2520.4112020-06-09Minor error/sMy custom CSS broke partially today. The cause seemed to be the > selector (e.g. .elm_dd > a)
t14116.22020-06-03The DescriptionThe whole story is in those character descriptions. It's not a very long VN.
t14087.22020-05-30filesGARbro works fine.
t14080.22020-05-28Senren Banka animation?Some scenes with SD graphics are animated. The last couple of pages in the CG recollection menu.
t14040.42020-05-23Correct romanization / pronunciation for 澤田なつ?Sawada is correct. link
t2108.31792020-05-19Candidates for deletionDelete r71900, I made a DL edition entry but turns out whoever did the "DVD" edition is completely clueless since there is no such thing to begin
t12755.812020-05-14Linking Databases, part 2DMM affiliate page is region-locked to Japan only
t8242.2312020-04-25The how to edit thread1. Why is 覇王 (Haoh) romanized Haoh instead of Haou? Someone did change it to Haou, only for it to be reverted because of "official" romanization used
t2108.31342020-04-19Candidates for deletionr27346 is identical to r11803. seems to be a test by some user
t13797.22020-04-10Releases for Toaru Hahaoya no Ayamachi ~Yukari SonI tried the DLsite trial versions for both games (ver1.48 for 1st game, ver1.51c for 2nd game) and they both had voice acting for the heroine. There
t13050.372020-04-03SalesDMM sometimes rejects my card for no reason. Removing it and registering it again fixes it for me. Also you can use PayPal to buy points and pay
t13727.172020-03-26Flagging ImagesHow obvious does the NSFW content have to be to count as NSFW? I flagged link as NSFW since there is semen between her legs link only for it to be
t13610.322020-03-15Release the EditsDo doujin DMM (Fanza) links not work for others without the www part? e.g. clicking "DMM" on link just redirects me to Fanza top page, but adding
t13050.162020-03-12SalesNewton to Ringo no Ki regular version (without soundtrack) is currently 100 yen on DMM.
t13634.112020-03-09Bonjorno! ... really?The closest hint I could find without playing the VN that it should be buon giorno is link
t3617.20822020-03-04Tags suggestions/fixesSpeaking of century tags, why is 90s defined as "1990-1999" yet 2000s is "2001-2010"? There's a certain VN that takes place in year 2000, so I had
t13499.42020-02-03Should this be added?It's just short (mainly H) scene excerpts from those two if I remember correctly, in attempt to cash in on Huniepop's success
t13271.32019-12-09Reflection Blue announcementthey corrected it on twitter afterwards link
t11272.42019-11-22Localization announcementgames, especially visual novels, are always more expensive in japan
t13023.22019-10-14I found an image that implies a sequel.It's just an illustration that the artist did for 2D Dream Magazine Vol. 62
t2108.29252019-09-29Candidates for deletionI think this might be the demo link
t3314.17992019-09-26TraitsIMO "desu" and "-ssu" should absolutely be separate traits I had to tag Tsubomi Gumi with "desu" even though she only ever uses "-ssu", and it feels
t12829.22019-09-06Kazuto have a voice?Takahashi Shin'ya
t12808.22019-09-01"All Ages" vs CERO AI'd like to see a precise rating system that also shows the rating organization, or at least an explanation of each organization. There was a guy
t12755.392019-09-01Linking Databases, part 2Lilith, Norn/Miel/Cybele, Gyuunyuu Soft come to mind. Norn/Miel/Cybele in particular has over 200 games released as both doujin and pro on Gyutto
t12755.372019-09-01Linking Databases, part 2If a release is available on both the doujin and the pro sections of the same site, which one to link to? e.g. Taimanin Asagi Zero Gyutto doujin: li
t2108.28802019-09-01Candidates for deletionedit: nevermind, I'm going to make the appropriate changes
t6779.102019-08-30LengthThe data files contain 8 hours 43 minutes worth of voiced audio combined. I'd say it's possible since most lines in the game are voiced.
t12755.292019-08-26Linking Databases, part 2Is there really any point in linking to non-DL Getchu pages? In most cases the physical release has been out of stock for years and years and the
t3314.17762019-08-17TraitsCan Sokutai be renamed to Heian era court dress? Or at least link to link or something so that people can tell the difference between sokutai and
t12474.52019-06-16Downloading Games, DMMRight-click save as. Like it says in the message box.
t2108.27732019-05-17Candidates for deletionSouichi Sakagami is a duplicate (western name order) of Sakagami Souichi
t2108.27702019-05-06Candidates for deletionAyana Marina is a misspelling and duplicate of Ayana Maria Ayana Maria mentions her role as Kyouko in Bakunyuu Oyakodon on her Twitter
t2108.27422019-03-31Candidates for deletionLooks like it was also a free download and ~2 hours long. So the vndb page has wrong information.
t2108.27362019-03-24Candidates for deletionAh you're right, the prologue is not bundled with the full version unlike in other Venus games. In that case it makes more sense to keep as separate