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t13050.1532022-05-27SalesWillplus 10 for 10000 yen going on DLsite, some decent VNs on offer. link
t950.12322022-04-26VNDB Suggestions!link The old Japanese title was copy-pasted from Steam where instead of using the character ペ (E3 83 9A) they used ペ which is two combined
t13050.1512022-03-31SalesThe doujin spring sale, yes. Spring sale on the pro section starts in 6 minutes. DMM spring sale starts in 10 hours. edit: and here's the DLsite
t8242.10112022-03-26The how to edit threadCan't wait to list myself on vndb pages because the credits listed "you, for playing the game" in the special thanks.
t17596.72022-01-05Not Enough AnimationSenren Banka has animation only for SD cut-ins, e.g. the sweatdrops and the exclamation symbol in link They don't take up the entire screen, so they
t10302.3732021-12-31Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI've checked the official website, DLsite, retailers, and searched Google & Twitter and I can't find any mention of there being a trial.
t10302.3712021-12-31Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadShuuchi Reijou Gakuen The download edition was originally planned for Christmas Eve (as can be seen in this tweet link) but it got delayed until
t13050.1462021-12-24SalesIf it's the -25% Christmas coupon then it can only be used once and on one product anyway, according to its description.
t12755.1192021-12-13Linking Databases, part 2How about booth? There are a bunch of doujin VNs there. link
t17472.22021-12-09Where to get the patch?Inside the game box. I doubt the download edition even comes with a code.
t17462.52021-12-07DLsite sales estimatesDLsite has a bunch of coupons that require 2 or more products, so people add some random 10 yen product just to activate the coupon for the product
t16986.732021-12-03This will be goodTrial is out now.
t13050.1422021-12-01SalesWinter sales DLsite link DMM link Gyutto link Getchu link
t8242.8762021-11-27The how to edit threadIs there a reason why Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles: Last Divers is plural "Divers" instead of singular "Diver"? The Japanese title uses "daibaa
t17376.22021-11-19Clarias can not Save /LoadProbably can't handle the "Ta?i lie?u" part of the path, judging by the question marks.
t17358.52021-11-16What are the most common errors of Deepl(MTL)?"はぁ、まったく……彰も彰だけど、一度尽くすって決めた相手には誠実にしなさいよ、世のビッチ達め。 I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea." If you google the above
t3617.26702021-11-12Tags suggestions/fixesBBW Heroine as an alias for Chubby Heroine, that's the common term in porn.
t16054.2062021-11-09Reporting MTL releasesTag r9784 as MTL too. The VN has two separate releases, one for DLsite JP and other for DLsite EN (back when they were separate) but both have
t8242.8152021-10-23The how to edit threadIf they're old enough to have a social media account (13+) then I don't see why not. Kids have been making free games since forever. Before the
t17120.32021-10-03Disable quotes at pages' bottomCustom CSS as well. Though I don't think there's a CSS selector for plain text nodes so you'll be left with the quotation marks.
t3617.26452021-09-28Tags suggestions/fixesVaried Title Screens The current description ties alternative title screens to progress, however there are VNs where it's just a random chance. For
t16991.232021-09-18Voicing: A ProposalSo what happens if you have, say, a voiced protagonist who is neither male nor female?
t17028.62021-09-18Regarding RomanizationTokyo is the established spelling in English, to the point where even puns get written as such, e.g. Tokyo Necro is 凍京 (toukyou, "frozen capital
t13050.1392021-09-16SalesDMM fall sale link
t16859.32021-08-23Exclude TBA releases when searching by date?link
t8242.7352021-07-31The how to edit threadIs there a reason why Big Ass is not applicable Surely these thighs can't go untagged link
t2520.5872021-07-28Minor error/sd2#4 "Images should flagged accordingly." Images should *be* flagged accordingly
t3617.25962021-07-23Tags suggestions/fixesHas Window Transparancy Setting transparency, with an e
t2108.39032021-07-18Candidates for deletionSHIKI and Shiki are the same person. See the list of his work at link
t16607.42021-07-15Performance questionFor Nekopara you need to go to Help > Display Advanced Settings in the toolbar, then Advanced Settings > Frame Rate Settings and set it to max 60 FPS
t13050.1362021-07-01SalesDMM summer sale link
t13050.1352021-06-30SalesDLsite summer sale link
t16246.222021-06-17Can't log into DLSiteI did some testing and managed to login with Opera after changing the user-agent. Specifically it seems that DLsite servers are failing to parse the
t16243.182021-06-14Do you prefer literal TL or liberal TL?"Literal TL" doesn't make any sense. Try translating おはようございます literally and see how well it goes. Japanese is not English with weird glyphs
t16054.352021-06-04Reporting MTL releasesAll English releases by circle SOON are machine-translated, as mentioned on their DLsite pages r61336 - link r61337 - link r58572 - link r61335 - lin
t16158.22021-06-01New title romanisationJudging by the logo, シニガミ, Shinigami.
t3617.25392021-05-29Tags suggestions/fixesAs long as it's used only VNs that have voices so that people won't go tagging non-voiced VNs as having no voice replay.
t13050.1322021-05-28SalesThere should be a 90% off coupon for Last Run in your coupons. You can apply it to the complete pack which has everything Maitetsu related.
t16104.82021-05-28Suspicious reviews"Have a VNDB account? (If not, you totally should. It's the single best archive/database for visual novels on the Internet.) If so, please consider
t8242.5672021-05-24The how to edit threadAbout Magia Witch Iori ~Awakening~, I extracted the assets and they are in 1024x768, however the developer typo'd the resolution in config file as
t8242.5642021-05-21The how to edit threadCan someone who has the VN take better screenshots for Hakuchuumu no Aojashin? Currently it has 7 plain CGs out of 10 screenshots, which is well
t3314.24822021-04-22TraitsAsymetrical Sidehair asymmetrical is spelled with 2 m's
t3617.25092021-04-18Tags suggestions/fixes"Daishuki hold" as an alias for Leg Locking During Sex Wikipedia: link
t13727.3672021-04-11Flagging ImagesDoes link really count as tame? It's a dead body with visible strangulation marks. The dialogue says that she was strangled with hands since finger
t2108.37162021-04-06Candidates for deletionr25897 sounds like a machine translation to me.
t15790.22021-04-01Regarding r78948.2Unofficial releases are things like fan translation patches that are made without permission from the original developer/publisher. Everything sold
t8242.5012021-03-17The how to edit threadShould screenshots on link be removed since they seem to got FRAPS overlay's framerate counter on them?
t7442.7032021-03-16Game inclusion in the DBThere's a trial edition (17 MB) on link It tried it and it seemed to be mostly VN scenes.
t12755.952021-03-16Linking Databases, part 2DLsite English has been merged with the Japanese site (link) and the old RE links now just redirect to RJ pages.
t2108.36772021-03-04Candidates for deletionr55114 dupe of r8371 the VN is download-only link 配布媒体:ダウンロード