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t16054.352021-06-04Reporting MTL releasesAll English releases by circle SOON are machine-translated, as mentioned on their DLsite pages r61336 - link r61337 - link r58572 - link r61335 - lin
t16158.22021-06-01New title romanisationJudging by the logo, シニガミ, Shinigami.
t3617.25392021-05-29Tags suggestions/fixesAs long as it's used only VNs that have voices so that people won't go tagging non-voiced VNs as having no voice replay.
t13050.1322021-05-28SalesThere should be a 90% off coupon for Last Run in your coupons. You can apply it to the complete pack which has everything Maitetsu related.
t16104.82021-05-28Suspicious reviews"Have a VNDB account? (If not, you totally should. It's the single best archive/database for visual novels on the Internet.) If so, please consider
t8242.5672021-05-24The how to edit threadAbout Magia Witch Iori ~Awakening~, I extracted the assets and they are in 1024x768, however the developer typo'd the resolution in config file as
t8242.5642021-05-21The how to edit threadCan someone who has the VN take better screenshots for Hakuchuumu no Aojashin? Currently it has 7 plain CGs out of 10 screenshots, which is well
t3314.24822021-04-22TraitsAsymetrical Sidehair asymmetrical is spelled with 2 m's
t3617.25092021-04-18Tags suggestions/fixes"Daishuki hold" as an alias for Leg Locking During Sex Wikipedia: link
t13727.3672021-04-11Flagging ImagesDoes link really count as tame? It's a dead body with visible strangulation marks. The dialogue says that she was strangled with hands since finger
t2108.37162021-04-06Candidates for deletionr25897 sounds like a machine translation to me.
t15790.22021-04-01Regarding r78948.2Unofficial releases are things like fan translation patches that are made without permission from the original developer/publisher. Everything sold
t8242.5012021-03-17The how to edit threadShould screenshots on link be removed since they seem to got FRAPS overlay's framerate counter on them?
t7442.7032021-03-16Game inclusion in the DBThere's a trial edition (17 MB) on link It tried it and it seemed to be mostly VN scenes.
t12755.952021-03-16Linking Databases, part 2DLsite English has been merged with the Japanese site (link) and the old RE links now just redirect to RJ pages.
t2108.36772021-03-04Candidates for deletionr55114 dupe of r8371 the VN is download-only link 配布媒体:ダウンロード
t2108.36562021-02-25Candidates for deletionr19508 is cancelled
t2108.36332021-02-22Candidates for deletionr28735 is not a patch
t8242.4612021-02-21The how to edit threadThey're definitely not straight outta DeepL either. For example, raw DeepL gives me this: "His family is an old shrine family that has been
t6248.82021-02-20Two requestsI can't find any source of there being an append scenario, and the website doesn't mention it either.
t12755.932021-02-19Linking Databases, part 2Toranoana all-ages links (ecs. instead of ec.) aren't being recognized for .jp E.g. link is not recognized Redirection via ec. + .shop works, e.g. l
t8242.4552021-02-18The how to edit threadr14516 needs to be unlocked & marked as unofficial
t15541.22021-02-14DLCWaffle DLC is always exclusive to Waffle store.
t3314.24102021-02-04TraitsIf vndb is to follow Hepburn romanization, hanyou and jinyou should be spelled han'you and jin'you. i.e. ha-n-yo-u はんよう and ji-n-yo-u じんよう not ha
t15501.22021-02-04What kind of studio?The mission statement is on link Remakes of their older VNs, with new graphics by new artists.
t3314.24022021-01-30TraitsThe way the height-related traits are implemented is pretty dumb. They are basically only useful if you know the rough, but not the exact, height of
t2108.35942021-01-29Candidates for deletionCrone dupe of Crone
t13727.3452021-01-28Flagging ImagesCan link be marked explicit since people aren't noticing the semen between her thighs?
t3314.23872021-01-23Traits1. Is there a trait for "wears a shirt around waist" ? e.g. link , link 2. Can someone explain the difference between a Corset and a Waist Cincher
t2520.5372021-01-18Minor error/sDeleted forum posts have just 1px top-bottom padding, which makes the mouseover report link spill out of the post area. Actually is there a reason
t15396.22021-01-14How can I filter release dates?link
t2108.35472021-01-14Candidates for deletionwhy are reports capped at 5 per day when there are zero precautions against mass spam from twitter maymaylords with brand new accounts?
t15359.52021-01-08Do you only get the fucked up scenes when you failIf you rescue your teammates in time and don't capture unique girls, sure. But that's an awful lot of content you're skipping.
t8242.3862021-01-05The how to edit threadIs Monokuma Project actually a company? Looks like a fan translation group to me, but I don't speak the language.
t15322.72021-01-03WTF is up with Google delisting .org for .com ? gets filtered if you have safe search enabled in the settings.
t13050.1152020-12-24Sales500 yen sale part 4 is up. Most notably Tomefure is 500 yen. link
t13050.1112020-12-17Sales500 yen sale part 3 is up. link
t15179.42020-12-14Adding a new shop linkI'd still like to see (all-ages) and (otome/BL) support added for Gyutto. The .com site already redirects if necessary (e.g. link
t15149.22020-12-07How does the garage work?It's a temporary space for newly acquired girls from where you can put them to work if you have empty rooms. Once you leave the hideout phase, any
t2108.34532020-12-05Candidates for deletionMistress looks like an accidental copy instead of edit of Mistress
t15123.22020-12-03Unable to add screenshotsThe error seems to come from the General Info tab "Release titles should not be added as alias." so remove the top alias first and add the
t13050.1092020-12-03SalesWinter sales have now started on all download sites DLsite winter sale: link DMM winter sale: link Gyutto winter sale: link Getchu winter sale: link
t13050.1072020-12-01SalesDLsite winter sale: link
t2108.34452020-12-01Candidates for deletionr53985 seems to be a dupe of r6408 as it's a download-only release
t13050.1052020-11-29SalesGyutto winter sale: link DMM winter sale starts on December 3rd
t15070.32020-11-25After stories?It's on the main menu, right above system config. Image: link
t8242.3642020-11-20The how to edit threadAstelight series (Astelight Jourantan, Astelight Nendaishi, Astelight Shissouki) all have a cut-down, half-priced "H-scene main" digital edition
t13050.1032020-11-17SalesSpeaking of which, you can get Akumakko wa Ijippari ~Anta nanka Atashi no Asoko de Sugu ni Toriko ni Shiteyarun Dakara!~ for free on DLsite
t8242.3532020-11-16The how to edit threadWhat's going on with releases on Castle Fantasia ~Arihato Senki~ ? How is there a Chinese patch for Windows before the VN came out on PS2 and way
t2520.5102020-11-10Minor error/sSites with multiple possible links (DMM, Gyutto) now show "[empty][empty]" when adding links. Is this intended? e.g. r26217.4