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r24941.12013-01-03 at 11:27space-rangerRance 4: Legacy of the SectRance Translations' progress status tells translation started. No other real info is given at this time.
r1476.122012-09-22 at 17:11space-rangerTomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~Added more platforms Doki uses rlvm to support platforms not supported by Key, though rlvm should work even without Doki's patch.
r10241.52012-07-02 at 21:51space-rangerHarukoi Otome ~Greetings from the Maidens' Garden~Added MG's own release estimate
r593.142012-06-06 at 20:36space-rangerFortune Arterialtranslation update
p120.102012-06-05 at 13:35space-rangerAlice SoftThe clay mascot is called a Hanny, not a Honey. Rance prefers chasing the latter though :p
r8789.62012-05-14 at 15:09space-rangerConcerto NoteTranslation status update
r593.122012-05-12 at 22:37space-rangerFortune ArterialTranslation update