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t8767.22017-02-01Language TranslationI doubt it's a full fledged language like Klingon, but if you played the game at least twice, you'll notice that further playthroughs allow showing
t8456.22016-11-14From which VN is she?Some google images'ing says she's from Hakoniwa Logic
t6463.632015-05-11Should we keep the site translated?"Also, I should properly document the process and stuff on how to contribute to translations, that alone would help a lot I'm sure."Hmm, I don't
t6463.612015-05-11Should we keep the site translated?"I think there is an ideal amount of translators and it is likely 2 or 3." Yep, I agree on this one, but, well, this depends on the number of people
t6463.582015-05-10Should we keep the site translated?one of VNDB translators here~ While the idea of mass-translation technically sounds good, I doubt it's a good idea overall. I have experience with
t6148.12015-01-30Differences between English and orig PC versionWell, for some reason I happened to play through this game twice in a short period of time (4 months or so) - once for English version, and once for
t4857.252013-12-04Why so many Russian VNs/translations?"and a bunch of PROMT machine translations published about 7+ years ago by a couple of companies."Really now, even machine can translate BETTER than
t1287.12011-03-26Relation with animeI wondered for a while now, how much connection GA anime and VNs have? I heard that the first season of anime more or less corresponds to Milfie's
t1195.52011-02-10VNDB 2.18: Calm Before the Storm>sexual content related tags are invisible by default on VN pages, which makes VNDB slightly more work-safe. what about ability to enable them by
t1066.292011-01-01Happy New Year!lol, 100k+ wishlist entries vs 50k- mylist
t385.102010-02-07Opinions about gamehm, too bad. Empress is fine too! ^_^ well, at least I won't play it four more times :D
t278.222010-02-06Message = English please! (it says so there!)развели тут Вавилон...
t385.82010-02-06Opinions about gameShiva&Vanilla spoiler: Looks like that will she become empress or not depends on the main route as well. With Vanilla Transbaal becomes republic
t441.32010-02-06Bad englishwell, it's not bad itself, but when repeated many times it becomes... somewhat irritating. Thanks
t441.12010-02-05Bad englishCould you please not use that phrase in each and all posts anymore? No one cares about English ability as long as meaning is understandable
t429.32010-02-02anyone know where this is from?Your link has an extra slash... also, we already have "What VN is this image from" thread - t70, please post there next time. Though, sorry, but I
t406.62010-01-08Suggestion (length field)well, there are several tags describing game's routes (see g26), but many players read all or most of the routes anyway (and for some games, v17 for
t405.52010-01-07Classic Ruined >.<Dunno what you're talking about. Da Capo and Shuffle are (save for the few typos) fine. I haven't played others so I won't talk for them. But I'll
t324.42009-10-31Just a questioneither from v5 (little busters) or.. dunno
t282.22009-09-30About v2680That is probably for their English users. Please look here - Minami kara no tegami is the second one from the top and it has kanji name. I agree
t248.52009-08-28Mixed up voices...hmmm.... Regarding Ayu in the end of Nayuki's route, both scenes when Yuuichi and Nayuki meet her going to school and where she's like 'I found my
t248.22009-08-26Mixed up voices...looks like ndt's fault... though it may be that your voice patch is messing up just in case: there is one more voice-related problem - around the
t242.92009-08-19Did planetarian meet your expectations?oh, there were Drama CD? Got to listen... Ending was in a bit unexpected place, I'd surely like to see what that guy is going to do next and Yumemi's
t241.22009-08-19Kanon English patch helpJust copy patch's contents to Kanon's folder (with overwriting) and run reallive-patch, that's it (you'll need to hit 'patch' button, of course). You
t187.22009-06-12English patch?link, look for "here's something..." (just don't know if I'm authorized to paste direct links there) ed: sorry, didn't mean to. Mood and all
t103.32009-02-07English?That 1.11 patch is original patch for the game, it doesn't contain any translation, as they say. It looks like they didn't abandon translation
t97.72009-01-17VNDB 2.2: We're so popular!and get banned and all votes nullified in no time ^) also, I'm not sure, if things are just as I explained, so don't believe it too much ^)
t97.52009-01-17VNDB 2.2: We're so popular!I think it means, if a user gave the game rank that is higher than other game's ranks (for example user voted 8 while giving 6, 5 and so on to others
t59.62009-01-04request for additional catergoriesI second spoiler idea, but it also can be good to let people select if they want to see some tags or not (for example, 'happy/sad ending' is a
t77.32008-12-20VNDB 2.0: Not to be confused with Web 2.0!Shocked as well, but got used to this skin quite fast. Thanks a lot! But I think it would be better to restore ability to change release status (I