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r81910.52021-11-25 at 19:42shukumeiteki1Asatsugutori - Regular Editioninfo
r81764.72021-08-23 at 14:32shukumeiteki1Saiaku Naru Saiyaku Ningen ni Sasaguinfo added
v3144.832021-08-16 at 07:39shukumeiteki1Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~spoilers please...
c60051.52021-08-16 at 00:11shukumeiteki1Touma Mioname fix
v22783.272021-05-06 at 15:28shukumeiteki1Musicus!stop editing the length.
v22783.252021-05-05 at 23:35shukumeiteki1Musicus!This is a long visual novel, even in egs many say it took them around 50 hs to finish, the ones they said 2hs for example is because they didn't
r52324.42021-03-22 at 15:11shukumeiteki1Girls Nite Outfix
v93.712021-02-26 at 00:04shukumeiteki1Muv-LuvPart of the fun of reading muv luv is experiencing the genre shift that happens on unlimited which is completely spoiled in the description... it
r78121.22021-02-25 at 21:28shukumeiteki1CITY LIGHT re-floatfixed
v30523.22021-02-25 at 21:27shukumeiteki1CITY LIGHT re-floatadded some screenshots
r78121.12021-02-25 at 21:14shukumeiteki1CITY LIGHT re-floatadded vn
v30523.12021-02-25 at 21:12shukumeiteki1CITY LIGHT re-floatadded entry
p11612.12021-02-25 at 21:07shukumeiteki1Double B.added new producer for a vn entry
v18642.132020-12-25 at 08:45shukumeiteki1Getsuei Gakuen -kou-this is not a 10-30 hours game by any means...
r21104.52020-12-24 at 05:44shukumeiteki1Happyfixed, since the game is only partially voiced as in, a few lines are and the rest is not voiced at all.
r75923.22020-11-20 at 17:38shukumeiteki1Plastic Memoriesedit
r75923.12020-11-20 at 17:37shukumeiteki1Plastic MemoriesNot sure if I can add the source link in the notes of the game (for obvious reasons) so I'm adding it here: link
v26773.182020-10-11 at 03:56shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2info added
r21748.52020-09-07 at 01:41shukumeiteki1WilL! - Trial Editionlink to the trial added
r70239.92020-08-23 at 00:29shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2info added
r70239.82020-07-25 at 00:40shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2info added
r70239.62020-06-30 at 10:43shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2release date added link
r70239.42020-03-21 at 07:25shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2added website
r69727.12020-02-23 at 01:25shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2english release date link
s781.72020-02-21 at 20:49shukumeiteki1Yoshida Hirohikofixed
c26448.82020-02-16 at 09:02shukumeiteki1Shichijou Katsumifix
c26416.132020-02-16 at 09:01shukumeiteki1Shichijou Sasarafix
c26441.32020-02-16 at 09:01shukumeiteki1Rokkaku Goroufix
r66997.72020-02-14 at 18:11shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2info
v26773.152020-02-14 at 01:01shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2fix
r66997.62020-02-14 at 01:00shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2edited
v26773.142020-02-14 at 00:59shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2fixed, english title is the original name of this game.
r23256.62020-02-05 at 02:50shukumeiteki1Grand Finale ~Final Funfair in 7 days~info
v26773.102020-01-26 at 23:44shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2edited the description because of way too many spoilers and also "papa killer" seems like a bad joke. All information taken from the short intro
c87471.22020-01-26 at 21:21shukumeiteki1Touyama Maiedit
r66997.52020-01-26 at 20:24shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2fix
r66997.42020-01-26 at 20:23shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2info
c84010.52020-01-16 at 20:46shukumeiteki1Tokiwa Sumikainfo
c84005.62020-01-16 at 20:46shukumeiteki1Mizunashi Aratainfo
c84011.62020-01-16 at 20:46shukumeiteki1Lydia Nolaninfo
c84038.22020-01-16 at 20:46shukumeiteki1Munakata Natsuoinfo
c84037.42020-01-16 at 20:45shukumeiteki1Asukaze Rininfo
r68149.32019-12-30 at 16:51shukumeiteki1Hatsuyuki Sakurarelease got delayed for the common route, I'm also not sure if this is a full project or not.
v20521.142019-12-29 at 17:39shukumeiteki1Natsuiro RamuneReplaced low quality screenshots with some decent ones.
v26773.32019-12-04 at 05:25shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2info
r66997.22019-12-04 at 05:22shukumeiteki1Death end re;Quest 2info
r32143.32019-11-10 at 04:09shukumeiteki1Soukoku no Tsuki ~Aoku Kagayaku Tsuki no Yoru ni...~info
r32144.32019-11-10 at 04:07shukumeiteki1Valentine Memories ~Mai Furu Yuki no Naka de~info
r32142.52019-11-10 at 04:06shukumeiteki1Review of Brind Summer Vacationinfo
r32145.42019-11-10 at 04:05shukumeiteki1Gakkou ni Ikou!! -Lose One's Heart-info