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t12599.72019-07-13Kirari is not a slutIf you want to discuss why is it more interesting to have a slut as one of the heroine instead of a virgin or a normal girl then that's fine but
t12483.42019-07-07WOW Just WOWIt's an amazing game if you like this genre in particular. People that bash this game is because they want or think it should have something else
t12384.132019-06-25Japanese Windows required to launch this gameIt's a form of protection (I'm not sure if it is even a form of DRM) that many games using the siglusengine have , an engine used in almost all the
t10390.332019-05-23YU-NO Remake on Steam and SwitchEdited, i dont want to create a war :D
t904.362019-05-23English TranslationRead the Japanese version, he doesn't swear, how can a "まさか" be transformed into a "In my fucking xxxx" I know he is trying to give emphasis to the
t904.312019-05-23English Translationlink (the font didnt fix anything) Ok I took a glance at the translation, it's a bit stiff but in Spanish is fine. --- "Wow...." "Now that I see
t11602.422019-01-10Tone Work's 4th project: Tsukikana#41 If you ignore what I said and only take what is convenient to you just to make your point there is no reason to continue with this. Even if we
t11602.392019-01-09Tone Work's 4th project: Tsukikana#38 You are taking things out of context and separating what I said, I said that everything as a whole makes me dislike her (specially she being a
t11602.372019-01-08Tone Work's 4th project: Tsukikana#36 I brought them to the argument along side with her being a slut, not alone but as a whole, not just her clothes. It would have bother me a bit
t11602.352019-01-08Tone Work's 4th project: Tsukikana@34 So a woman being slut is a sign of progress in humanity and society for you... right...ok let's leave this topic here. And did I ever say that I
t11602.322019-01-05Tone Work's 4th project: Tsukikana>Funny that you say that when you can find a lot of Tone Work characters lookalikes in Frill nukiges. So yeah Tone Work charactes always looked like
t11602.302018-12-31Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaSeems like they want to try new things and will add a bit of SF and fantasy elements to the plot... which would ruin the whole point of tone's work
t10896.32018-07-07PC releasehere is the h-code if anyone needs it /HBN-4*@412D02 prologue /HBN-C*@4128E4 after prologue
t9689.172017-12-24Review(Opinion)Sorry for the late reply xD (I lost track of this topic) Scores are a tricky thing, I prefer to give an actual opinion as I did here rather than say
t9714.142017-12-13Has the H Patch actually been released?At the start of the campaign: >Scenes of explicit violence that were altered in the original Japanese version of ~Amantes amentes~ will be fully
t9689.142017-12-08Review(Opinion)Yes basically that's the plot, after the 300 days passed she will be "forgotten" because of the deal with the teacher/devil, that's why the side
t9689.122017-12-08Review(Opinion)No, not really. There are far worse VNs out there, at least this one doesn't try to be philosophical about anything... If we are talking about
t9689.102017-12-07Review(Opinion)As for the side routes, there is really nothing to talk about since the fantasy elements don't kick in at all and it becomes a plain slice of life
t9689.72017-12-02Review(Opinion)@5 Yes, please use the spoiler tags xD Yuuya dies in the bus accident, since natsuki blames herself for it (she wrote that letter to him and ask him
t9689.42017-11-25Review(Opinion)Not recommended, it puzzles me how people can recommend or even like this VN. Is hard to talk about this VN without spoiling the whole plot but the
t9540.72017-10-09What to expect?@6 Do I need to be under the effects of alcohol to fully appreciate the VN too? Mmh...
t6468.122017-09-30Stop AIDS?Since there isn't a tag about aids and probably never will, I'm going to add another game that actually contains a theme about this topic Link
t9645.32017-09-19difference between the partial and final versions.I see. I should have checked the webpage, the " 一般" was clearly there D: . Thanks a lot.
t9645.12017-09-18difference between the partial and final versions.So is there any difference between Kouketsu no Monshou(2015-11-27)/Junkyousha-tachi(2016-10-28) and the double pack version that was released this
t9595.32017-09-13where can one find a copy of "ELLE"@1 read your reddit private message folder...
t4672.72017-09-04El (Windows version) + Window Mode@6 any way of contacting you?
t6744.222017-08-27Damekoi -GD-It's been a WHOLE year already, who are you even replying to at this point? Is it so important for you to win a LOST conversation by bringing up the
t9158.22017-05-22H-codeYou don't need any h-code, the novel is hooked "fine" without using anything, the only issue is that the text repeats itself a few times with each
t9063.62017-05-05Since it says 0 I can start with this game?this is not a sequel or a prequel either, it happens in between steins;gate, dont read it if you havent read the first one or you wont understand
t9152.422017-05-04Nyaa torrents is gone@31 What you are doing there is illegal, thinking that something is legal or being ignorant of the law itself doesn't turn what you are doing into
t8828.42017-02-13Are VN using Flash Player even hookable?Nevermind, it is hookable probably since I was able to find the text with cheat engine (kinda..) I just don't have enough knowledge to do it properly
t8503.112016-12-02Unofficial translationthey are already uploaded... link
t8503.42016-12-02Unofficial translationThe patch was deleted so I don't think I can upload it for you....... but maybe I can?
t8503.22016-12-02Unofficial translationworks fine, the option menu isn't translated but other than that everything is ok.
t8189.172016-09-06This is why you use proven seiyuus in big titlesHer voice acting is amazing. Btw, did you know this BIG SECRET?
t8141.32016-08-15How do I add a release?I see, thanks minah :)
t8141.12016-08-15How do I add a release?So Narcissu 0 was included on the Narcissu ~Moshimo Ashita ga Aru Nara version, any way to include it on the releases because technically this game
t7931.22016-06-18Anyone played this?I can only describe it as a meh vn, nothing extraordinary, some characters are funny the protagonist however is not. It's a chuuni doujin vn, with
t7795.192016-05-12h-code:O I love "autistic tirades" I'm sure VNR team is going to release it very soon too, so hang in there baby. ^^
t7795.62016-05-07h-codeby the time jast release the game(assuming that they do it in the first place) I would probably be able to read it easily without furigana or any
t7795.32016-05-07h-codeyou broke my hopes and dreams Tyr :( xD
t7795.12016-05-06h-codeAnyone knows if there is a code to hook the text? Thanks
t7508.22016-03-29What do you think about this game?I was going to give it a try but those huge deformed tits...they seriously put me off from reading it :( also the plot sounds like a mix between Re
t4012.52016-03-22Black screen bugI know this thread is really old but here is the solution for the blackscreen link just use that exe to start the novel. You can also hook the text
t6080.182015-07-12Getting Grisaia now with fan tl VS waiting for KSthe plot itself was censored, sex jokes were censored... dont play the all ages version.
t5857.22014-12-18Muvluv Unlimited Savejust hold the control key and skip everything, you dont really need a save file for this :P
t5870.42014-10-21Why is this VN not utsuge? (spoilers)Oh oh oh, I see! That's what the give me spoilers is(I've never touched it so far, I thought it was about the plot itself and the text and not the
t5870.12014-10-21Why is this VN not utsuge? (spoilers)So I finished the novel a few hours ago and a saw the tags and there isn't any utsuge on it, an in the nakige part it says 2.0 Let me explain myself
t5833.82014-10-12Short reviewyeah yeah implicit 18+ all the time I get it(and yeah they speak about mana age too), still I don't like it in this specific case because she is like
t5833.42014-10-11Short reviewThe ending wasnt bad for me, I mean it was an open one but knowing masaomi you know that everything was planned and he promised kenichi about seeing