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t10302.3512021-11-22Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink troll vote or just trying to be funny i guess.
t17300.82021-11-05PC Version?@4 I never said that, i was showing rokitoru that the game actually exist (for pc) and it's easy to get (that's my youtube account)
t17300.62021-11-05PC Version?Well the really impossible ones are not even on vndb or egs, like link or from Software House Parsley Parsley SELECT/ぱせりセレクト (I can't even find a
t17300.42021-11-04PC Version?Game is very easy to obtain compared to any other older game. link
t15238.42021-09-19[Spoilers] Name of the childShe named her Maou . Jokes asides, the name itself is not relevant, the important thing is that it was meaningful to him.
t16054.1362021-09-04Reporting MTL releasesRight now the translation is MTL, they say it's a "placeholder" and want to do a real translation but so far they haven't gathered a team even so
t16054.1062021-08-24Reporting MTL releasesall versions are the same, and that phrase that randomly appears saying "call us at the web site" or something like that, is probably from the
t16054.1022021-08-24Reporting MTL releaseslink this is MTL (at least the spanish one, i'd bet the rest is the same) and also terrible in general since there are mixed dialogues in between
t16854.42021-08-23Is Amagami worth playing?@3 what are you talking about, have you ever played tokimeki? How is it not a visual novel? Every heroine has its own particular story that
t16854.22021-08-23Is Amagami worth playing?If you think the translation of this game is coming out soon (or at all) then you are mistaken, imo it's a big trolling but that's just me (and the
t2108.39892021-08-22Candidates for deletionI see, never mind then.
t2108.39872021-08-22Candidates for deletionthis entry link should be deleted, website is dead and cant even trace what info had since link doesn't have anything, they don't talk about that
t16791.202021-08-18Sekai Project talks about their Kickstarters"I have only met one single genuinely intelligent person other than myself ""Hey Alexa, define narcissist".
t16054.982021-08-18Reporting MTL releasesWell it's relevant if it was indeed confirmed that they used MTL (I guess it was since it was removed because of that) since that gives us proof to
t16791.162021-08-18Sekai Project talks about their Kickstarters@14 No one told me anything, baldr was one of the "unstranslatable" visual novels because of its length (or so everyone claimed), same with the rest
t16791.132021-08-18Sekai Project talks about their KickstartersNot only there is already a huge library to pick from but the top tier vns out there (according to the masses) were translated or are in the process
t16054.962021-08-18Reporting MTL releases@95 then that translation should be added back again but as MTL, not that I care really xD. From what you say and from what I've seen they mostly do
t16054.932021-08-17Reporting MTL releases>Do games that were partially MTL'd qualify for this? Like the old Clannad fan translation which MTL'd After Story and some of the Higurashi console
t16811.112021-08-17Is there a way to hide the staff descriptions?>Because rape is just a genre of porn. That doesn't matter, you are generalizing things out to your convenience, we are not talking about a random
t16811.82021-08-17Is there a way to hide the staff descriptions?How is it fine for you to spoil things out for everyone because you think everyone should know how a certain writer writes about in his stories or
t16811.62021-08-16Is there a way to hide the staff descriptions?@4 Rape in subahibi is under heavy spoilers tag, if you want to debate something do it but stop spoiling things for others. And that's not true, YOU
t16811.32021-08-16Is there a way to hide the staff descriptions?well I think people should avoid blatant spoilers like the one that is appearing in subahibi, it should contain basic information, such as h-scenes
t16804.192021-08-16About that TL project"We've been blatantly lied to before. I'm starting to be of the opinion that everything should be markted as MTL until we have tangible evidence of
t16054.892021-08-11Reporting MTL releases"Este loco mundo" <-this one more as an expression prob "este mundo loco", both are technical right thou one sounds unnatural. (btw I translated
t16054.862021-08-11Reporting MTL releases@85 can you explain a bit more, from the screenshots alone I can't tell to be honest, "Ahora... yo finalmente.... podré ir a casa...voy a ser
t16768.142021-08-08Otakon 2021 AnnouncementsBut isn't Seventh Coat freeware? Is the only good thing in the list really but it seems wrong somehow...
t16750.12021-08-06Magical HiyorinWell, I did this translation a long time ago and forgot about it, my plan was to translate all of the magical hiyorin from the different nekoneko
t16748.22021-08-05machine translation questionThe issue by reading machine translation is that even when it has great editing and the text seems fine what you are actually reading is something
t16647.192021-07-25Which release of Higurashi should I play?I'm talking about this link , which does not contain any censorship since it's based on the 07th mod (they are basically porting that pc mod to the
t16647.152021-07-25Which release of Higurashi should I play?Well the 07th Mod restores that content, you can tell because those lines are not voiced (like in the beginning when mion and keiichi are joking
t16647.122021-07-25Which release of Higurashi should I play?@11 They don't say which translation are using but they do state that they are using machine translation on some recommendation is to
t16647.82021-07-22Which release of Higurashi should I play?you should play this version for sure link it restore the censored content of consoles (and some pc versions) adds many many stuff and you can change
t12102.192021-07-14Should i wait for steam version?"Is this really so bad though?"Basically what you are saying is that you didn't know how to properly read the language and that you were wrong
t12102.162021-07-13Should i wait for steam version?The new translation seems to be great, for example Oone Touka as Ohne Toka, lol It also seems to be translated in a very veeery liberal way. Never
t16054.802021-07-13Reporting MTL releasespretty sure this r54440 is MTL'd
w1261.22021-07-10Tsuisou no AugmentThat part were I said that "one can only assume that he was lying and only pretended to accept her" I wrote that half as a joke because I'm sure the
t15637.92021-03-07VIsual Novel ManagerYou don't get it, the point is to crap on others work not to try to improve them.
t15637.52021-03-05VIsual Novel Manager#4 I know, this is an old game that works perfectly fine under xp and 7 but on 10 for some reason it will give errors on loading certain parts of the
t15637.32021-03-04VIsual Novel ManagerI'm having an issue where the exe needs to run with admin privileges or it wont work, if I set the exe as admin via properties >compatibility then
w24.22021-02-11Natsuzora KanataWhen I read Chihaya's route at first it was like a clone of the movie "50 first dates" lol and I was actually glad with that then they throw the
t15523.22021-02-10no dvd patchthe game cant run
t15384.112021-01-13VNs that make you wanna live in their worldsIn Hinamizawa most def.
t15279.182020-12-30Suggest to me a really good NTR game to playfhc I hope you find the cuckoldress you deserve.
t15260.112020-12-28Do not waste your money in this shit game (SPOILER"this is not something that degrades me like a man or a human being"Are you sure about that buddy?
t15071.22020-11-24Searching Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai Raw Versionwhy did you apply a patch to translate the novel if you wanted to read it in Japanese? Just re-install the game and it should be fixed...
w905.52020-11-07Marco to Ginga RyuuTrying to make sense of the plot of this game is pointless. The plot was all over the place, same as the characters and how they behaved, a shame
w19.32020-09-01Your DiaryNvm, good review.
t14327.32020-08-31Shiho spoilersHer route spoiled (with Satsuki's since they are interlaced): Basically she was raped for a long period of time and blackmailed to not say anything
t14606.82020-08-28Amakano 2Could you elaborate a bit more regarding why is it so good, is it like giniro haruka for example? and does the main character has a name as in do the
t14451.52020-08-04Important Yuzusoft Game-Plot wise is not bad. -Each heroine is unique and their subplot is not something you read every day. -The heroines are not chasing the MC like