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t14746.12020-09-18Unable to saveHello everyone, recently I found out that the closing chapter has been fully translated, so for nostalgia I have decided to read the VN again. The
t14315.22020-07-14Discussion [SPOILERS]There's only one correct answer. Eternal love is eternal.
t7639.22016-04-08Official Localization from FrontwingI like how they bother to re-translate VN that's been translated for ages now, rather than picking a VN that's not translated at all...
t7612.22016-04-01Translation announcement was a lie?April Fools.
t7482.22016-02-21Route writersUh... Maeda Jun?
t6702.152016-02-04What's your opinion and at what age did u read?I think I was 16 or around that, when I tried Saya no Uta.
t7425.312016-02-02MG 2016 Licensing SurveyAngel Beats! Fortissimo EXS//Akkord:Nachsten Phase Dracu-riot! (for the giggles)
t7215.972016-02-01Yet another Sekai Project prefundiaBecause I thought it's not permanent? Duh. Why would I complain at all? I'm just saying it's shame.
t7215.932016-01-31Yet another Sekai Project prefundia1. That's a matter of opinion. I think the game is great. 2. Apparently each beat should take about 6 months + time if they will make any other VNs
t7215.912016-01-31Yet another Sekai Project prefundiaAnd here I was wondering why they won't translate Angel Beats. They are busy with title I've never heard of. Still, it doesn't look like the funding
t6843.42015-09-01So what exactly is this?It's not really a remake but sequel.
t5983.132015-08-01Like...Seriously?I think 18+ would work if they decided to make routes for heroines like they did in the first game. Furthermore, Amamiya should get a route o/
t5983.102015-07-24Like...Seriously?Wait... so there won't be any H-scenes...?
t6688.42015-07-05Iwasawa routeBut shouldn't the story be already different already because Iwasawa didn't disappear?
t6633.22015-06-19Connection between this and Princess EvangileHow about neither?
t6602.92015-06-16Why is the MC tagged is bisexual?"Yurippe Bra Revealed" I lol'd. Also not to make extra thread/topic/discussion about this; 10 days left!!!
t6602.42015-06-12Why is the MC tagged is bisexual?Ugh, rather not.
t6458.102015-05-03Changing Username?Thanks a lot!
t6458.82015-05-03Changing Username?plaisanterie
t6458.62015-05-02Changing Username?I don't want to sound rude or annoying but, I'll ask anyways. Can you also change my name, please?
t6226.942015-04-26Demo Impression + GDI really loved the VN. Gave it 9~ P. S. I started to love the opening theme.
t5983.42014-12-06Like...Seriously?It will get ported (probably), question is how long will it take.
t5839.42014-11-17YanderellaJust added it. v16320
t5919.12014-11-09Satomura's route?Could anyone tell me which choices exactly do I have to pick? I already finished Sayuki's and Sakura's route, but I can't seem to get Satomura's
t5912.102014-11-06I need help for choosing a visual novel!How about Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo? It's shorter than Steins;Gate (which would be good too), but it has some sexual scenes (teacher doesn't