hakura's visual novel list


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Title ▴StatusReleases*Vote
Chou Kagaku Dasshutsu Story ~Zekkai no Gouka Kyakusen~waiting to take out my 3ds againStalled0/0-
Dandelion ~Neoege Buneun Baram~played tall bunny man's routeStalled0/0-
Himawariboring as all hellStalled0/0-
Katawa Shoujoi always get in the middle of a route before stallingStalled0/0-
Monster Promplaying every once in awhile with friendsStalled0/0-
Muv-Luvstopped at unlimitedStalled0/0-
Mythnani the fuck is this gameStalled0/0-
Purrfect Datewaiting for skip functionStalled0/0-
SeaBedluhgit one of the dullest stories. sloooowly making my way thru itStalled0/0-
VA-11 HALL-Ai dont remember why i stalled thisStalled0/0-
Will: A Wonderful WorldStalled0/0-