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t12275.32019-05-15H-Codecan someone explain what is h code?
t11678.12018-12-17game issuedoes the screen go black for anyone else after like 3 scenes
t7394.12016-01-21SaveAnyone know where i can find a save for this one?
t6053.32014-12-31Happy New Year anyone?Damn people who live in the future
t5968.12014-11-29VoicesJust out of curiosity does this have the same voice actors from the anime?
t5952.102014-11-24VN or anime first?Clannad should be an obvious one too
t5952.62014-11-23VN or anime first?Shuffle.
t5939.32014-11-16WalkthroughThanks alot!
t5939.12014-11-16WalkthroughAnyone know of a walkthrough for this one?
t3261.82014-10-30Voices QuestionYeah will do lol tomoyo was my fav heroine from clannad
t3261.62014-10-30Voices QuestionAww too bad i really liked her voice
t3261.42014-10-29Voices QuestionDoes this have the original tomoyo voice actress from the anime?
t904.172014-10-28English TranslationAhh so many good vns and most of em arent translated
t5890.32014-10-28Dead?Woops misspelled that one. Well thats too bad kinda liked the art of this game oh well..
t5890.12014-10-28Dead?is the translation for this dead?
t5391.72014-10-26TL project dead?Meh and here i was about to start the first one but it seems the sequel is dead damn