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1000 Words2 minute long stuff, I wouldn't even call it a visual novel; anyway it's too short to leave an impact but the artwork is nice, worth a shotFinished1/14
2009-06-22  1000 W0RDSObtained
11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo-The first third is a slog, but it picks up the pace and becomes quite good afterwards. The "routes" of the heroines are at best afterthoughts unfortunatelly.Finished0/07
AbigailWhy have I read this again?Finished1/11.5
2005-11-06  AbigailObtained
Ace of Spadespractically strip poker with BDSMFinished1/13.5
2009-12-21  Ace of SpadesObtained
Air Pressurea short love story, with depression and shit; would be better if it was more elaboratedFinished1/14
2010-03-01  Air PressureObtained
Akai Majoa fable-like short story about prejudiceFinished1/16
2012-01-06  Red WitchObtained
A Profilethe comedy part is painful, the protag is a stupid idiot but the drama kinda-sorta delivers and 2 out of 3 heroines are quite likeableFinished1/17
2011-10-04  Sono Yokogao o Mitsumete Shimau ~A Profile Kanz...Obtained
Attack of the Mutant Zombie Vampire Frogswtf is this shitFinished1/11.5
2011-10-31  Attack of the Mutant Zombie Vampire FrogsObtained
Bandit QuestsOblivion fanfic, decent I supposeFinished0/03.5
Bible Black -La Noche de Walpurgis-good pr0n + good story = awesomness; protag is a whiny bitch thoughFinished0/07.5
Boku no Kanojo wa Joou-samaheavy femdom nukige, readable, but meh overallFinished0/04
Bűnös Világwords fail me with this one...Finished1/11
2013-01-04  Bűnös VilágObtained
Chikan Otori Sousastandard chikan nukige fare with a subpar translationFinished1/13
2013-10-12  Chikan Otori SousaObtained
Discipline -The Record of a Crusade-Story doesn't make a lick of sense, but the art and the H is good if you're into femdomFinished0/07
DORold as hell nukige; kind of funny at times, but also dumb and tiresomeFinished0/04.5
Dragon Knight IIIheaps of griding + awkward breaking the 4th wall jokes + typical early 90s asspull fueled story = good for a few laughs and that's it really...Finished0/06
Duel Savioran all around good one, both story- and gameplay-wise, except for Mia's route, which is terribleFinished1/17
2012-10-01  Duel SaviorObtained
Eishisu ni Norikonde DLsite no Mascot Chara o Ryoujoku Shiteyaru!!!the title tells everything you need to know about this one really...Finished0/04
Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-sloooooow build up and heaps of grating infodump but Coco's route and the true ending so worth itFinished0/08
Experiment PleasureUgly art, but surprisingly funny and witty dialogue, worth a tryFinished1/16.5
2010-02-22  Experiment PleasureObtained
Fate/Stay NightBest. Story. Ever. Period.Finished2/210
2008-11-01  Fate/Stay NightObtained
2009-12-16  Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] - Conversion PatchObtained
Gadget Triala tern based strategy with anime art, not a VN. It's decent, but that's about it.Finished1/17
2006-12  Gadget TrialObtained
Galaxy AngelPlaying1/1-
2009-12-20  Galaxy AngelObtained
G-senjou no Maouif you can just roll with it, it'll be one of the best stuff you've ever read, if you dwell on the plot conviniences, it'll ruin the experienceFinished1/19.5
2010-12-25  G-senjou no MaouObtained
Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ichi Yaemotional rollercoaster-ride: some episodes are almost Disney-like and some are SERIOUS nightmare-fuels...Finished1/18
2012-06-01  Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - The First NightObtained
Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-moege done well + messed up metaphysics where electromagnetic waves = magic -> awesome, if you like the characters, awful if notFinished0/08.5
Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidydungeon crawler + pr0n + lot of annoying little flaws = dunno but wasn't badFinished0/06
Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy 2an improved version of the first game, pretty good actuallyFinished0/06.5
Io [Christmas Eve]looks like someone's first attempt at wiriting a dramatic story with a "twist"Finished0/06
Jouka no Monshouthe rare case of fanfic being better than the work it's based onFinished0/08
Joushi no Tsuma wa, Motokano Deshita ~Iyagari nagara mo, Makura Eig...Finished0/05.5
Kaiki! Drill Otoko no Kyoufufun stuff with hillarious h-scenes but the gameplay is a painFinished1/16
2010-12-05  Kaiki! Drill Otoko no KyoufuObtained
Kanako-san no Yuuutsuan emo vampire some good 20 years before Twilight, and she's at least sexy :PFinished0/04
Kangoku Senkan ~Hidou no Sennou Kaizou Koukai~good for fap material, bad for anything elseFinished1/16
2009-01-04  Prison BattleshipObtained
Katawa Shoujothe first really good OELVN and still a very good story overallFinished1/19
2012-01-04  Katawa ShoujoObtained
Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o HirogetePlaying0/0-
Kougyaku no Kishi Milles -Boukyaku no Hate, Inshoku Jutai-tolerable tentacle rape nukige, it's untientionally funny because of the translation at timesFinished0/04
Kozukuri Youkai H Henka ~Otome o Okasu Hyoui Gattai~short and mediocre nukige, but some of the H-scenes are pretty funnyFinished1/15.5
2012-09-14  Sexy Demon Transformation!Obtained
Lapis Gunnertentacle rapeageFinished1/13.5
2014-05-09  Lapis GunnerObtained
Look Twicethe idea behind this one could have been the backbone of a beautiful story, but as it is, it's too short and mediocre to actually leave an impactFinished1/15
2010-10-31  Look TwiceObtained
Lunatic Fantasynothing extraordinary, but still worths a shot just for the novelty of itFinished1/15.5
2012-05-18  Lunatic FantasyObtained
Machijuu de Rape!!A few minutes long nukige, with some basic gameplay, cliché rape and subpar art.Finished0/03
Melting Pothorribad "translation" is horribadPlaying0/0-
Monmusu Quest! Chuushou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~Playing0/0-
Monmusu Quest! Zenshou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~not impressed, everything is pretty much averageFinished0/06.5
Mugen Yasoukyokuoldie but goodie, thought the first english release has several technical problemsFinished2/26
1998-04-15  Nocturnal IllusionObtained
2011-01-14  Nocturnal Illusion RenewalObtained
Mutant Uprisingzombie apocalypse and black humour, good for a few laughs but it's completelly forgettable and hasn't got anything really original going for itFinished0/05
Nakadashi Spy no Sounyuu Sousa -Shikyuu no Heiwa wa Ore ga Mamoru!-urgh, atrociously bad; probably the worst commercial vn I've ever read: unfunny, annoying, dumb, unfappable, sometimes even viciousFinished1/13
2016-06-03  SSSS: Super Secret Sexy SpyObtained
Neko-nin exHeartcompletelly unremarkable moeblob nonsenseFinished0/05