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t12339.182019-07-22A Password Policy UpdateTo be fair, I do reuse passwords on sites a lot, but not on actually important sites. My VNDB password used to be super crap, but since the mandated
t12635.22019-07-21I need 100% save, as always has it: link
t12630.52019-07-21Touka traits mistake? [Spoilers?]FYI: only visual novels counts for traits or tags. Promotional posters, drama CDs, adaptations and so on do not. So, yeah, if you don't know what's
t3314.17682019-07-18TraitsI'll look into it, but I'm busy irl until about Sunday, not gonna start organizing stuff when I1m only up here a couple minutes per day.
t12602.262019-07-15Which tags do you exclude by default?I mean, you have a point, but Katawa Shoujo is a bad example, as it actually has sexual content. Just sayin'.
t12599.132019-07-13Kirari is not a slutThis fucking topic AGAIN? For real? Ugh... Look, you wanna talk about wether the tag is misapplied or not, whatever, but stop bringing your nonsense
t12602.132019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?Oh, right, that button exists... nevermind then. Never used it as I regularly search for all kinds of stuff for moderation purposes, a lot of stuff
t12602.112019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?At the risk of looking like a complete moron: how do you exclude a tag "by default"? What does that even mean? Is this just a fancy way of saying
t12537.662019-07-11Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinction@Artumis: The reason why it's not called Gay Sex is because Gay is actually often used as a generic slang term for homosexuals in general, not just
t12592.22019-07-11That was... awful lmaoYou might want to put that in spoiler tags mate.
t11105.382019-07-10Another title to be butchered by SakuraGameAs a translator myself: ideally a translator should be highly proficient in both the source and the target language. However, generally the target
t12537.632019-07-10Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinction@Eacil: We don't have this issue, because we don't have both futanari and shemale tags, only futanari, but while it may seem ridiculous, the two tags
t12537.562019-07-10Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionTerms that actually do not precisely (yet possible be not 100% accurately) describe the supposed definition will make many more actually read the
t12537.522019-07-10Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionOh, ffs, this IS a headache, Eacil was right on the money with that... What if it is made explicitly apparent that these are terms used in hentai
t12566.62019-07-09Orcsoft localization pollIt's not like a low-visibility poll with a couple dozen votes will decide anything, but I'm kinda sad that my choice is the least favored and my
t12577.22019-07-09Tag disaprovedHoly shit, these were denied a year ago, took your sweet time to object. :D I probably wasn't the one denying these, since a year ago I was fully
t11602.812019-07-08Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaIf you see '[deleted]', then that *only* happens when the user themself requests their account to be deleted. Actual bans aren't visible like that.
t3617.17752019-07-08Tags suggestions/fixesI mean, while that is a possibility, I think the Cup Size traits are fine for that: they should be used only for official data and are search-able
t11602.762019-07-08Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaThat was Goblincrutch, basically one of the main reasons why the ban on this topic happened in the first place, so I'd imagine him being on thin ice
t11602.742019-07-08Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaUnless you make a neutral AI to mod things with nobody above it, the human element will always be a factor. Everyone has some sort of political view
t12537.452019-07-08Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionDickgirl (FtM & Penis & No Vagina) Shemale/Newhalf (MtF & Penis & No Vagina) And what to tag the characters, who never specify which are they with
t12565.52019-07-08VR option on the release pages?Thing is, this is release specific info, as some VNs might have a VR release on top of a normal one, so as a tag its far from ideal. It should be
t3617.17732019-07-08Tags suggestions/fixesWell, that decided that then.
t12565.22019-07-08VR option on the release pages?You might want to mention this in t950, as Yorhel watches that thread (and he's the only one who can get this added). This thread may or may not get
t12533.392019-07-08Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsThere's a reason why they don't get a replacement though. Assuming that you are talking about Teasing (I don't think anybody will miss Chekhov's Gun
t12537.432019-07-08Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionOh boy, I forgot those existed... Since this seems to be a sexual fetish based on looks, maybe change "transwoman" to "dickgirl" and add all the
t12533.372019-07-08Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsDeleted tags are not automatically removed anymore, I have to specifically select an option for that. FYI, this is how the current tag-edit interface
t3617.17712019-07-07Tags suggestions/fixesQuestion: are we applying a "closed doors" policy on game engine tags, similar to sex positions? I'm asking because while I personally see no issue
t12537.402019-07-07Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionBumping the thread to actually have things get done. So, currently my solution here: 1) Rename Futanari to Futanari (Penis + Vagina) 2) Repurpose
t12533.352019-07-07Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsOkay, so the discussion on these seems to have died down. As such I'll commit to the changes below on Wednesday (CET). If you have any objections or
t11602.692019-07-07Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaRight, because we can either go full Tumblr or have "all non-virgins = sluts" circlejerk threads on the regular and nothing in between can possibly
t12547.42019-07-05Translation?If we knew about a legit translation project, we would have added it to the database already with a TBA release date. Hence why it's redundant to ask
t3617.17702019-07-03Tags suggestions/fixesI disagree. It's like saying porn shouldn't be under high sexual content, makes no sense. High Sexual Content is not compared to the genre, but
t12533.332019-07-03Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsHonestly, if I just delete Teasing, I won't make Erotic Teasing either, it's too bloody vague to exist on its own right. The only reason I was
t12543.912019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?I understand mod solidarity, but it is truly hilarious to me that you complain in the same post about people bringing 3D into the discussion when it
t12533.312019-07-03Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsI had became a bitter, pessimistic cynic long before even registering for VNDB, so there's nothing new on that front. And I always considered the
t12543.822019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?Intentionally choosing a woman who has had previous sexual and romantic partners over one who hasn’t, provided you are equally attracted to them, is
t12537.392019-07-03Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionOhh... it's because I shifted around the example images to have one per line for a cleaner look, and then I clicked submit while completely
t12543.782019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?If you think promoting the idea that casual relationships are okay is not a feminist thing, I don’t know what to tell you. Yeah, because casual sex
t12543.752019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?No, my argument is that they are not inferior and the mindset saying otherwise spits in the face of sexual liberation. I'm not arguing about whom you
t12543.712019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?you're inconsistant people should be sexually liberated but your fetishes are wrong and stupid That's not what I said though. Fetishes are fine, no
t12543.672019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?when non-virginity is a societal expectation instead of a choice Is it though? I mean, yeah, during high-school rebel phase of one's life, it's cool
t12543.632019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?Because unless you are hermit in the woods who has absolutely nobody, suicide wrecks more than one life. It can create lifelong mental scars for the
t12543.612019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game? extreme masochismNo, that's not extreme masochism. That's one of too things: being too dumb for life or suicidal. If I'd actually do that the shock
t12543.562019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?Oh boy, I wake up and this thread is still going... In retrospect I should have just ignored it and let it fizzle it out instead of helping it stay
t12543.282019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?Nice dodge. Shame it doesn't address that actual point.
t12543.262019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?That's the thing no fetish is stupid, it's the way they are they shouldn't feel stupid for it. Oh, we are doing the entire post-modernist notion of
t12537.372019-07-03Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionIt's not exactly accurate to have a "Futa with no Vagina" but it's accurate enough considering most of the community doesn't differentiate well when
t12543.232019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?used goods connoisseurs I dunno, but maybe, just MAYBE your attitude has something to do with that? Just a hunch though.
t12543.212019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?What's wrong with liking virgins irl? What's wrong with having an irl fetish? I literally told you that half a line later, nice of you to ignore that