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t4594.82020-11-18Hard to play (a little too real)That sounded ever so slightly creepy as fuck... Just sayin'.
t950.8362020-11-15VNDB Suggestions!I think it's a step in the right direction, but things need work, both on Yorhel's side, and on mine. I meant to make a new main category and
t13496.102020-11-15FAQ: releases' producersWell, skimmed through that thread, but didn't see this being mentioned directly, so brought it up. Nevermind then. To actually address the original
t13496.82020-11-15FAQ: releases' producersWell, not an expert on data sampling, but if we are changing these anyway, I think we should have an original developer or similar field so that the
t8242.3522020-11-15The how to edit threadI have nothing relevant to add, except... "Don't worry, it's Yorhel field of expertise! He will find an elegant solution to all our problems!"
t8242.3502020-11-14The how to edit threadI have agree with Beliar, Rampaa & co here. Adding an extra image when nothing but the art direction is easy and simple. Making a new page for all
t950.8322020-11-12VNDB Suggestions!A quick workaround maybe: give a generic message that a mandatory field is left unfilled and mark mandatory fields with a red outline, asterisk or
t950.8302020-11-12VNDB Suggestions!Currently the "Submit" button on character edit pages does absolutely nothing if certain key features are not filled out (like name, or apparently
t2108.34202020-11-12Candidates for deletionNo, that's fair. Looking at it, it seemed like you accidentally pressed the copy release instead of edit, but since that's not the case, I undeleted
t950.8262020-11-11VNDB Suggestions!So... uhh, when looking at the trait list in the edit history of a character, previously the whole trait was highlighted red / green, when it was
t13050.1002020-11-10SalesEnglish version of 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ is on sale with 80% off on Steam for $10. link
t950.8082020-09-29VNDB Suggestions!So, maybe I'm just a dummy for not finding it, but it would be nice if I could subscribe for notifications about threads voluntarily, instead of just
t3617.24052020-09-24Tags suggestions/fixesNot trolling, just lazy. The default value for a tag is 2, you actively have to change it to vote 1 or 3, many people just don't bother.
t8242.2952020-09-22The how to edit threadI think the word you are looking for is incarnation... :D
t3314.23292020-09-20TraitsIf it is clear that it happens, tag it. That's about it.
t3314.23262020-09-20TraitsYes. I've been tagging like that from the get go. Like, I've seen cases where the CG only shows the naked heroine from waist up, but the text goes on
t3617.24002020-09-14Tags suggestions/fixesWell, depends, if it reuses music from the same series, for stuff like character themes, then that's logical. But if it just randomly reuses music
t3314.23042020-09-05TraitsLol, the spirit is here to haunt the place for a while, until he disappears again in the ether. :P Heel Face Turn is rather... sudden though. At
t3314.23022020-09-05TraitsSo, uhm, I guess I'm back. For now. Got reminded of not doing anything here for a while when I got invited to a VN related discord server earlier, so
t2108.32042020-05-31Candidates for deletionTo be precise: we do not care about the legality of releases. As long as it is a VN release of ANY kind, it's listed. This means that we list
t2108.31922020-05-28Candidates for deletionA partial release was actually released though, so it stays. A complete release is not necessary for a VN to be featured, ANY release, even a pre
t13727.2992020-05-26Flagging ImagesLink them in this very thread.
t3314.21292020-05-23TraitsIt's a thing. It even has a fancy medical name, so you know it's legit: link
t13050.712020-05-21SalesSekai Project sale on Steam this weekend: link
t13999.242020-05-16The end of Windows 7?@22 That's lovely, but since I'm mostly using this laptop for gaming, Linux would be a downgrade, since I would need to use significant resources on
t13999.212020-05-16The end of Windows 7?On my end the Dell laptop I bought... 3-4 years ago didn't support Windows 7. Like, I put the installation USB in and the thing refused to run it
t13999.182020-05-16The end of Windows 7?"Back when win7 came out, people also weren't very happy and wanted to stick with XP. " Yep, that was me at the time. I only switched to Win 7 once
t13999.122020-05-16The end of Windows 7?I stopped Win 7 updates a bit ago, because it kept trying to install the same updates, failing to install them, then throwing me security warnings
t13999.102020-05-16The end of Windows 7?Officially not supported doesn't necessarily mean it won't run it. I switched to Win 7 from XP some 2 or 3 years after the support for XP ended and
t13727.2792020-05-14Flagging ImagesIt could help browsing the page in environments where you shouldn't be browsing it. Much easier to hide that you are weeb when, from a distant glance
t13980.22020-05-13Question about the steam versionI have NOT played it, but if the base VN is anything to go by, it's probably missing a competent translation.
t13958.162020-05-12Stuck"The game picks 1 random answer for each of the 30 questions and wants you to pay attention and learn about Miyuki during the loo" Based my post on
t950.7382020-05-12VNDB Suggestions!I mean, yeah, we don't lose much, sure, but at the same time what do we actually win by this? You just said yourself that there were only 3 entries
t950.7362020-05-11VNDB Suggestions!"I'll be "fixing" the form later on to disallow unrealistic dates" Why though? Like, I could understand it if this was database of real people, where
t13958.132020-05-11StuckSo, basically crap design that wants you to literally take notes of every insignificant little shit like you were in a college lecture instead of
t13727.2692020-05-11Flagging ImagesSo, I see that the character image filters are on now. Does that mean that we can upload NSFW character images now?
t13961.72020-05-11Does anyone know what "popularity" attribute mean?Without popularity being factored in though, we would have the ranking lists dominated by 10/10 games that got there after a single user cast a
t13954.132020-05-10Can I enjoy this vn with spoilersYeah, well, I try to stay away from spoilers for the most part, but I tend to run into them at completely random places anyway. And once I see that
t13954.112020-05-10Can I enjoy this vn with spoilers So, let me recap this: the game intentionally wants to make me angry, sad, frustrated, betrayed and depressed for dozens of hours on purpose and I
t13937.872020-05-10The MangaGamer controversyMy professors (translation studies guy here too), at least some of them were saying the same thing. With that being said, they also said a whole
t13954.92020-05-10Can I enjoy this vn with spoilers@Chaosharbringer: I mean this game kinda has a... reputation. I don't blame people not wanting to get into it. I first learned about the
t13954.22020-05-09Can I enjoy this vn with spoilersI mean... that really depends on you. How would we know what can you enjoy? It would have probably ruined my experience, but I know a lot of people
t13953.62020-05-09Free 3DCG assets for VN's@5 Just be be clear on this one: Yorhel is the admin and the site owner. If he says fine, it's fine. Generally advertisements are fine as long as
t13937.782020-05-09The MangaGamer controversy@Zakashi: I think you are missing the point of SENTIENT machines entirely. Here's the thing: the reason why machine translators will always suck
t13937.702020-05-09The MangaGamer controversy@68 Ehh, not happening. Not until we map out how the human brain works in great detail and can replicate it to create truly autonomous, sentient AIs
t13937.642020-05-09The MangaGamer controversyYeah, the average web-novel translation quality is BAD. If you get anything that even remotely resembles fluent English, most readers will be very
t13937.602020-05-09The MangaGamer controversyIf you have a community about ANYTHING, as in literally anything whatsoever, once if reaches beyond small-time, local little community, it's going to
t13937.532020-05-08The MangaGamer controversyI don't think multiple translations for a single title will ever become a normal thing. Animesubs are not really comparable here: making an animesub
t13937.472020-05-08The MangaGamer controversyI've read a whole bunch of like fan webnovel translations, mostly done by native speakers of the source language (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc
t13937.452020-05-08The MangaGamer controversy"using academic/scientific language to narrate an h-scene" I fucking want a nukige with this shtick now, it'd be hilarious. :P