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t16261.32021-06-24To run this gameI've tried it on 8 and 10 and both can't run it.
t16261.12021-06-17To run this gameThis game is old AF. To run this game without the game crashing, you'd need to VM out a windows 95 or windows XP.
t8399.422021-03-05Eiyuu*Senki English patch completeOh... Do you know of a way or a patch to remove it? Not that the scene is bad, but I'd much rather read the original text than have something
t8399.402021-03-05Eiyuu*Senki English patch completeSorry to resurrect this thread. Just wanted to ask surferdude why was Gawain's scene included in the patch? Is it because ES and ES gold have the
t15058.42020-11-21Bug due to the removal of this pageI'm dumb. Thank you guys for helping me out!
t15058.12020-11-21Bug due to the removal of this pageI added this VN into the wishlist before, but now as it has been removed, there is no way to remove it from my wishlist.