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t12781.12019-08-27Majo koi nikki:DragonxCaravanFrom what vndb says, this release of majo koi nikki has: a new scenario that takes place after the original game's ending, a new scenario for Himuro
t1223.702019-05-15Ever 17 GDJust finished ever17. I'll be honest, it was not worth my time. Seriously Coco's route was good(generally) but it isn't worth my time for the 4 other
t11038.162019-02-03Terrible writing (spoilers)O gee I'm sorry for going off topic and giving my opinion. You also think I was arguing his point? I agree to most of them but I don't feel the need
t11038.132019-01-29Terrible writing (spoilers)I don't agree with everything you say OP but I agree with quite a few point, this VN sure could be annoying to read sometimes. I haven't read much
t11754.42019-01-25Confusing parts. (Spoiler)For your first quesiton, yes everything was an act. The VN likes to make you believe something(in the case of your first question it's about how
t11754.22019-01-11Confusing parts. (Spoiler)This VN is a real piece of work, I'm surprised you're confused at this part, brace yourself for the rest... I'll try to make it simple. I'll call
t10380.222019-01-04Karen's Ending - WTF?@21 the VN is all age so it doesn't apply here. I've only read Karen route and there's no H scene or implicit H scene in it.
t11106.12018-08-23Two voice tone for one line?I've discovered a weird thing... Sotetsu, the main character speak with a formal tone all game, like really professional so a scene in Hachiroku
t10686.52018-05-22(spoilers) about Mayuri and Suzuha after vegaYeah they went into the time machine, only Okabe use the time leap. Time leap is only transferring the memories from the future to the past while
t10686.32018-05-22(spoilers) about Mayuri and Suzuha after vegaBut since she went back to the past with the time machine she has to be physically there. So wherever she went to there would have been 2 Mayuri and
t10686.12018-05-22(spoilers) about Mayuri and Suzuha after vegaSo I just finished steins;gate 0 and I have one question. What exactly happened after mayuri's route(vega and altair)? So Suzuha and Mayuri went to
t9442.72017-07-26Opening movie?I see! Thanks! It's kind of weird since the first op plays right after the end of chapter 2, and then another opening plays just after chapter 3. It
t9442.42017-07-25Opening movie?As I have now completed ch2 I can confirm the first op plays after the 2nd chapter, so my question now is... does the latter tale op appear in the
t9442.32017-07-25Opening movie?I think I'm pretty close from completing ch2 but if that the case, that sure is a weird moment to show it xD
t9442.12017-07-23Opening movie?I have some kind of obsession with opening movies so I like to see them in game, the thing is while reading ef I still haven't seen the opening movie
t9355.42017-06-30I have a question about the epilogue(spoilers)#3 I see I forgot about that reward, it makes sense now thank you!
t9355.12017-06-30I have a question about the epilogue(spoilers)In the epilogue, Kyousuke talk to every heroine in a prison cell. In Tsubaki's discussion she says that she got 50 millions yen from "Maou". Now it
t9009.12017-03-31Nishizono Mio's locked room murder case?!I have found a translation of that mini game in VN format and I had my fun reading it, I just thought about sharing it since I don't think it's well
t3063.982015-12-24Majikoi S -GD-I'm done. I only liked 3 route, -Monshiro route -Koyuki route -Takae acquaintance route.
t3063.972015-11-28Majikoi S -GD-I finished the majority of the route. I prefer to get out of the way the small route to let place to the big one so there is only Tsubame and Koyuki
t6676.12015-07-01About the hair color...I'm still reading Kira Kira but it's the second time that when they are talking about the hair color it's completely different than the picture
t6620.92015-06-27Difference with Da Capo 1 and the 2 and 3@8 alright thanks for that. I think I will do them all except Nemu and Sakura lol. I don't really have any dislike except maybe for tsundere but they
t6620.72015-06-25Difference with Da Capo 1 and the 2 and 3@6 Well the soundtrack was good but in Nemu's route and Sakura's route it progressed so slowly that the soundtrack became repetitive way too fast
t6620.42015-06-24Difference with Da Capo 1 and the 2 and 3@2 alright I will read the second one thx @3 Well I hate it because the common route was really nothing special and the cast wasn't that great
t6620.12015-06-15Difference with Da Capo 1 and the 2 and 3I'm honestly curious since I dropped the first one since I couldn't stand it. The 2 others have a better score and I can give them a shot but do I
t2301.722015-04-13Little Busters EX#69 I have been... watching this chart for more than 6 months now... and I think it hasn't been getting progress since recently before to go on
t6389.32015-04-10After stories worth reading?If I remember only miyako's one doesn't have H-scene but it's just fluff so if you feel like it you can.
t1895.1242015-03-25General Discussion [spoiler heavy]@123 wow you are good, I don't think I would have found it until way later.
t1895.1222015-03-25General Discussion [spoiler heavy]Okay so I finished the game, the agave route was great exept for what everyone already said with touma father, and how the conflict started and
t1895.1212015-03-23General Discussion [spoiler heavy]@120 actually that the first thing I did, the easter egg. I kinda stop at like the 60th time since it didn't change anymore lol. Because of that I
t1895.1102015-03-20General Discussion [spoiler heavy]@109 are you saying forcing someone to love you with a hostage is better than making the person fall in love with you...? That just...
t1895.992015-03-17General Discussion [spoiler heavy]@98 I'm reading Capt's route right now and I confirm that it's from that route.
t1895.972015-03-17General Discussion [spoiler heavy]Okay so I'm playing Moro's route and in it Yamato mention his "trump card" that has a link with Azumi. He said that it will appear in some other
t6236.412015-03-16So the translation is finished technically?Except some quirk I honestly think this TL is good. Or at least the same as most VN TL out there.
t1895.902015-03-15General Discussion [spoiler heavy]While I was playing a question popped in my mind, does Yamato has a part time job? I never see him work and I know he get money from his parent but
t2301.682015-03-15Little Busters EXNow it has been 98% for a while now, can someone tell me if the staff said anything?
t6282.12015-03-06Character's personal actionI'm still playing the game but now that I started Chris route, I never saw her personal action in the "choose your character" phase. I only did
t2826.952015-01-17AnimeIf it was with Yuuji and Makina I don't think the world "airmail" would appear. I admit that her surviving might be unnecessary, but that what I get
t2826.932015-01-14Anime@91 watch the episode again. JB clearly say this: "A Cheshire cat and its owner are linked to one another" She is refering to Makina and her mother
t2826.902015-01-13Anime#89 1) she is not dead she is still alive, just watch again when Yuuji is discussing with JB Annnd what don't you understand when they said it again
t2826.872015-01-07Anime@85 the anime is a fanfiction. 1 route rewritten, 1 completely butchered the others a huge mess because of the pacing and rush and lack of
t2826.842014-12-30AnimeThis anime doesn't exist.
t5967.72014-11-29About michiru's routeI see. Thanks it was bothering me.
t5967.52014-11-29About michiru's route In her route when Michiru talks about her past, she meet one girl, she becomes her best friend. Then one day she doesn't go to school for several
t5967.32014-11-29About michiru's routeShe was actually talking to the phone when her best friend didn't come to school for 2 week if I remember so she wasn't really "insane" yet and when
t5967.12014-11-28About michiru's routeAbout her route, I remember there is a scene where she is talking to someone in the phone and doesn't know who it is then when she is buried she