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t8498.122017-12-26New Generation GDThis vn is very "meh" What's with the art? It's annoyingly awful now.
t7439.82017-08-25There's any chance of a PC version?#7 Why would anyone with a brain support a cancer? I would buy it if it was on pc but now I'll never buy it. So, I'll wait until it works on an
t7748.92017-08-24good storyline#7 Ew, go play a yaoi game. Stop trying to squeeze your fetish on normal people. Traps are gay.
t2185.52015-03-20My rating(Spoiler)I feel like this whole site cares too much about necroing posts. Honestly if it's such a problem the person who is in charge of this site should put
t6224.12015-02-14psp or ps2?How do they differ if at all? I'm not going to play both and when the full patches come out/if they ever do I want to know which one to wait for. I
t6206.12015-02-10Neko Para Vol.1 -gd-I don't know if I should be making a GD but since I don't see an equivalent I will be making one. If needed a mod could just lock anyway. I wanted to
t6201.32015-02-10endinghaha xD
t6201.12015-02-08endingI wanted an ending with Michiru! What a horrible game! :P
t6200.12015-02-08Kango Shichauzo -GD-Guess I should make a general discussion for the game. The voices in this game are super quiet. I noticed it has a voice patch so maybe that is why
t2867.112015-01-2618+ Trial, 15+ Full?I believe that if you have to wait more than 2 years from original release for a translation from the company you shouldn't feel bad. I mean, they
t5017.112015-01-26The MC's cluelessnessI don't understand why people care if some people know about other cultures or not... I mean usually when people don't know specific things or even
t6129.12015-01-25Regardless of bad feels.Regardless of the disillusionment of the heroine and the straight netori humiliation that just gave off the netorare smell all the way to the roots
t5262.62015-01-23Oh, goodie...Wow you people get mad at what people decide to translate? Go translate yourself kid. Sad.
t6121.12015-01-21Walkthrough.(girl of choice) Maternity Yoga To help relax and train muscles for growth (girl of choice) Lactating moms should its easier for the baby (Girl of
t4288.62015-01-19Desire Dungeon -GD-I gotta admit the wolf was charming.
t2529.112015-01-19Boob monster quest...Necroing again!~ I just wanted to say, when I voted I got the "1 is a severe rating blahblah" So I was thinking and was like "Totally, I will give