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t12368.12019-05-240 for weight?Could we enable 0 weight for characters, like this one (link)? It shouldn't much trouble, given that it's not a trait, right? From what I see, weight
t11877.22019-02-02Be careful with Alice Soft romanizationsI'm fully aware of their inadequacy on English, that's why I've been giving alternative spellings as "aliases". Thing is, I'm not aware which
t9571.32017-08-26On some origin traitslol, totally forgot about that. Whatever then, maybe it was just useless.
t9571.12017-08-25On some origin traitsI'd like to request that the trait "Native Canadian" is created as a child trait of "Canadian" (for link link and link), and "Madagascan" (or
t9541.12017-08-18Original name of curious, is 氷 really the correct spelling of her name as per the game (could be in kana)? Or did you just look it up in the dictionary?
t9086.12017-04-16Shouldn't Native American be child to American?Just out of curiosity, shouldn't Native American (link) be a child trait to American? Because Native American only refers to Aborigines living within
t9085.32017-04-16About translating パニバーナ from BunnyBlack2"it's a bunch of sounds which form a name" That is a fair argument actually. Some names in this game make obvious sense (Mary, Meryl), others
t9085.12017-04-16About translating パニバーナ from BunnyBlack2I've proposed the translation "Panivana" for パニバーナ (link) as it seems to be the most logical (from the word "nirvana"). User harleyquin (link
t5993.22014-12-11TraitsSorry. I'm all new to those terms. But I believe "fingering" is already a form of "masturbation", so adding both would be redundant.