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r59850.62019-03-28 at 03:49myougaunzenGyakuten Saiban 123 Naruhodou Selectionadded english language, (this is definitely true with the switch version, couldnt check the xbox or ps4 version since i obviously only own one copy
c81624.12019-03-18 at 07:02myougaunzenNagata​-kuncharacter of rance 10 (also appears in evenicle 2 rance)
c80492.42019-03-18 at 06:50myougaunzenYubacharacter in evenicle 2 rance
c80490.62019-03-18 at 06:50myougaunzenYana Heinleincharacter in evenicle 2 rance
c80482.102019-03-18 at 06:50myougaunzenSpartan Clarkecharacter in evenicle 2 rance