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v3528.42019-05-30 at 05:02teirachanRosarium ~Tsunagareta Shounen~des
c9457.62019-05-23 at 03:36teirachanLiutenant Lladrochanged name and alias order based on how it's arranged for other characters
c14698.122019-04-25 at 08:29teirachanSakamaki Raitoi'd say this goes for all the triplets...
v25460.32019-04-08 at 04:33teirachanBishounen Punishment Showscreenshots! decided against using event cgs because there's so few of them and the game is so (regrettably) shot
v25559.22019-04-07 at 06:41teirachanTrauma A La Carteadding a little more stuff