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t1955.72012-11-21Please stop!First thing, I do use google translate with romanji as echo as suggested. This often helps. Secondly, I was retired before October, then just came
t3106.52012-08-26About the animeSo overall the anime is ' loosely' based on the game? Sounds about right.
t3006.32012-07-30Little Busters' animeIt is okay to be cynical at first. This series is not on trial yet. It is even uncertain whether a sequel series or ova or even movie would be in
t2906.62012-07-30Anime Inaccurate Date?Well that is same as any adaptions from games, novels, manga etc. It's all up to the writers. Planetarian may have something in the works and
t2906.32012-07-08Anime Inaccurate Date?TBA is right. And chances are that it would remain that way until the official KEY website and producers would say it so. (Anime Expo made that error
t2906.12012-07-08Anime Inaccurate Date?I do not know nor think of giving the LB anime an air date is appropriately accurate. One may argue about this article from ANN: link BUT: There
t2826.22012-06-17AnimeWell, one can only hope. I would've thought this would be likely. Even as a hentai OVA.
t2334.202012-05-24Seiyuu/VoicesIf this is to be, then it would need to focus on the voices in only the games, not accompanying anime or radioplay. It is only fair to keep in
t2715.372012-05-21Retro VNs - More info available?Thanks to all you folks with sensible answers. These really do help. Keep it up with many suggestions as you can.
t2715.252012-05-20Retro VNs - More info available?And also let's not forget the unique PC-FX.
t2715.222012-05-19Retro VNs - More info available?Tell me about it. If I wanted fighting over a simple question, I would be placing bets. ENOUGH WITH THE FLAMING!! I just wanted to know where I can
t2715.52012-05-19Retro VNs - More info available?I am aware of the suggested titles and are more or less familiar with them. But with so many 80s & 90s VNs out there, there is still more ground
t2715.12012-05-18Retro VNs - More info available?I noticed that information about a lot of retro, old-school visual novels from say 1980s to late 1990s are more or less scarce. Sure there is the odd
t2421.82012-02-14AnimeAlready knew something like this is a reason. Still, no one can predict the future, so a LB anime could be possible. Depends strongly on whoever gets
t2421.62012-02-13AnimeGood Question. Well I could guess that it can have a new school semister element as well as the wonder and anxiety that comes with moving up a year
t2421.42012-02-13AnimeAutumn might be a future game setting for Key. As for the topic on hand, who can say. There are other Key titles (very good ones too) like LB and
t2333.12012-01-08Concerning Originals & RemakesVNs and eroge games have gone through many changes. The noticable are original titles receiving an upgraded remake after a few years when the
t1377.1952011-11-01Request for Character Database TestersStill don't understand, what this dilenma could be. I type a word in and no suggestions are shown. This was only recent. Any advice anyone?
t1377.1932011-10-31Request for Character Database TestersSomething seems to be up with the trait selection on the 'Add Character' section. Like for example, type Violet and a selection of traits are
t2076.142011-10-12protag creatorsIn gabe's defence, I like the profile on an ideal protagionist/vn plot. I love it when people put on their thinking caps and let rip, I am a writer
t2017.72011-08-28Memories vs MelodiesWell I kinda like both. Latter tale has more in storyline and more answers to this enigmatic from the first one. And the first tale because it
t2017.42011-08-25Memories vs Melodiesonemanarmy Why expect some hate responses? You are right considering this a vn board. So it appears more kin to debate on games more then other
t2016.62011-08-25Rewrite sells 24,424 copies... Appallingaaeru, I believe you left out Kud Wafer. As for the sales, it's not the game's fault. This has been a problematic year for Japan. Beyond that, Key
t1981.132011-08-07That is it!Here I am. No. The title was an impression that I had enough of making mistakes which I hardly see. I'm neither a jerk nor self-serving. Thank you
t1981.12011-08-07That is it!I'm aware that I have and currently making mistakes with char adding. A suggestion of certain translating tools was offered to me yet I can either
t1955.32011-07-25Please stop!Well whar could I say? Never said my method using copy/paste kanji in gooogle translate was a good idea? I apologise if these slight errors are
t1377.752011-05-16Request for Character Database TestersThat is so true. But what I also meant as playing their game that trait may be mentioned but not seen.
t1377.732011-05-16Request for Character Database TestersIn some sources like the official websites, where they are some information about several things about a character that is not shown in the
t1377.412011-05-08Request for Character Database TestersFor echomatera, it is not my intention for you to fix whatever trait I throw in, I do have these requests: 1. What real mistakes have I made or
t1390.42011-05-08How can I enter a trait successfully?Thank you both very much. Feel silly for not knowing that.
t1390.12011-05-08How can I enter a trait successfully?I have made a trait and after I submitted a notice said that the parent trait (mine was a child trait) needed to have space. Now the parent trait is
t1377.332011-05-07Request for Character Database TestersThe protagonist of some games is hard one to find on his/her own individually. I've recently added the only game-related pic of one protagonist and
t1377.252011-05-06Request for Character Database TestersI was wondering. Some character descriptions are in japanese format. Now some translation tools like Google translate only help a little. Are there
t1377.92011-05-03Request for Character Database TestersI'm very interested. I already have several titles in mind in which certain characters stood out. However, what did you mean by 'half-assed
t1350.162011-04-22Trouble with ScreenshotsI did it!! Yorhel's strategy worked. I like to thank all of you for helping me out. Much appreciate it.
t1350.152011-04-22Trouble with ScreenshotsWould you need write something in the edit summary, like a reason for the edit? That would make much sense and I apologise to everyone and myself
t1350.132011-04-22Trouble with ScreenshotsOK Here is how I can make this any clearer, I'm writting a step by step on how I submit a screenshot and what happens. 1. I first choose the VN of
t1350.112011-04-22Trouble with ScreenshotsJust the "Error" form. Like if you put a screenshot that did not follow all the guidelines. Only trouble is I already done what guidelines said and
t1350.82011-04-22Trouble with ScreenshotsI just added Chrome. And it works.....that is until.... My screenshot isn't allowed for some reason. It's 800x600 and not NSFW, so what gives? I've
t1350.62011-04-22Trouble with ScreenshotsMy browser is Internet Explorer (if that is a browser). My connection is by BT Broadband, which has recently been installed. Does anyone else had to
t1350.42011-04-22Trouble with ScreenshotsThank you both for your advice. But I already know how to catch a screenshot and send it in. The problem was that either the loading is so slow (My
t1350.12011-04-21Trouble with ScreenshotsMy attempts of adding screenshots of game footage hardly get off the ground. The screenshots were added but the loading process becomes an unecessary
t1292.532011-04-21VNDB 2.19: Building CharacterI congratulate the VNDB staff for this inclusion. And while me and (I assume) a lot of others are waiting for the claw clamp on character adding to
t826.222010-09-11Anime adaptions of VNsSome VN I believe deserve a chance to be anime. Such include: Key's Little Busters (Rewrite's a little early yet still a shot) Gindokei's Gakuto
t728.222010-09-07So I'm about done with Ef story 1(spoilers)Good Choice. Have fun.
t728.202010-09-07So I'm about done with Ef story 1(spoilers)If you finished with chap 1, move on to chap 2 (my personal favourite).
t826.192010-09-07Anime adaptions of VNsOne very important detail must not be forgotten when making an anime/hentai of a VN: The story and characters must be in there (even if characters
t826.142010-09-07Anime adaptions of VNsFunny thing is some VN based anime are pretty good: Several ecchi/hentai VN anime including some of my faves: Nee Chanto Shiyou yo, Kimihagu, Megachu
t816.12010-08-31Top Side CharactersHey-yo! There are top 10 or top fave/disliked protagionists, heroines and visual novels. And yet, are there some individuals missing? The best friend
t814.52010-08-31VN RequestsErotikill is right about what I meant. Specifics was the meaning. I'm aware of tags, but this is an idea I picked up from somewhere.