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c71649.62018-06-18 at 12:33bruxaeSaotome Koufixed mistake.
c71649.52018-06-18 at 12:29bruxaeSaotome KouMore traits.
c71647.52018-06-18 at 12:29bruxaeSaotome ArisaAdded traits.
c71648.32018-06-18 at 12:29bruxaeSaotome RukaAdded traits.
c71649.42018-06-18 at 11:50bruxaeSaotome KouAdded traits.
c71649.32018-06-15 at 17:18bruxaeSaotome KouAdded eye color.
c71647.42018-06-15 at 17:16bruxaeSaotome ArisaFixed eye color.
c71649.12018-06-15 at 13:59bruxaesaotome KouAdded the protagonist.
c71648.12018-06-15 at 13:52bruxaeSaotome RukaAdded main character.
c71647.22018-06-15 at 13:46bruxaeSaotome ArisaAdded image.
c71647.12018-06-15 at 13:44bruxaeSaotome ArisaAdded a main character.