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t11478.12018-11-06Thank you for the translation!Been keeping my eye on this one and never thought I'd see the day. I hope to see more VN's with unusual fetishes getting translations, really
t11395.22018-11-06Link is downSeconded, would love a mirror!
t11312.22018-11-04What is this true ending ??? (SPOILERS)I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for a happy ending, but at the same time I think it's often the bad ones that are memorable. I didn't
t10791.92018-06-28Hajimete no Okaa-san - a misunderstood gemWhatever depth you choose to see in this "gem" the fact doesn't change that fucking your little child is the central focus. This is a fetish VN for
t10413.52018-06-08Best girlUnlike the other commentors I just voted for the girl whom's personality I liked the most and who'd I'd rather date IRL, so I went with Amane. It was
t6592.192018-05-24What is it that draws you to this game?The art is great and I like scat, it's hard to find a VN with good scat scenes that isn't completely shit (pun not intended) in every other aspect
t4985.52018-02-26Yukito Unvoiced Patch?Well the good news is you can delete voice files without crashing the game, the bad news is they seem to be sorted by chapter with no specific
t3764.72018-02-08[Guide] Running Gibo on Windows 7lol, what's with the hate? It definitely has it's flaws but it's not that bad as far as Nukige goes, I thought it was pretty funny at times with a
t10242.12018-02-07Way grindy or cut?So I unlocked every scene in the collection, bought everything in the shop. Then played an additional few dozen days getting a handful of agonizingly
t9958.62018-02-06Machine translation again?Definitely a machine translation, it's pretty bad. That said the VN itself is not that bad - solid voice acting with a good range of none vanilla
t10181.12018-01-23The best shota VN?Try as I may I can not find any (translated) shota VN that quite lives up to the quality of this one, to list some pro's: +Excellent art/graphics
t8711.42018-01-11is this out yet?Here I am a year after the last comment and it STILL isn't out, huhu, I also fell for the "2016" bit in the extras. Kinda funny they trolled
t6129.22017-11-28Regardless of bad feels.I wanted to rate it higher too, I thought some of the scenes were really nice and the art was great. But the cuck shit at the end really killed it
t621.72017-10-22Why, Japan?Overall I slightly prefered Narcissu 1 to 2nd storywise, what really brought 2nd down was all the catholism talk.. I know maybe it's just a personal
t3039.162015-02-12Funniest moment in game?But.. He's a guy.
t175.1312015-01-12Katawa Shoujo: Favourite RouteHmm, from best to worst in my opinion it's: Hanako, Lily, Rin, Shizune, Emi. I hope I didn't forget anyone.. I honestly liked them all but the first