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t3314.30322022-11-22TraitsShouldn't Hair > Afro be a child trait of Hair > Afro-textured? Otherwise I think that all characters with Hair > Afro will need both traits.
t8242.12842022-11-04The how to edit threadI updated r86562 to be the final release of Daddy's Little Girls but now I see that it has another old version (r87765) and I am not sure whether
t3314.30162022-10-20TraitsEngages in (Sexual) > Footjob and Subject of (Sexual) > Footjob have an incorrect Wikipedia link.
t18886.192022-10-18Flagging "false" tags (& traits)I think that the vn should appear when the search uses "Hide spoilers" and it should not appear when the search uses "Spoil me!". No extra search
t3314.29922022-09-29Traits#2989 I put Clothes > Dental Braces under Clothes > Headwear taking inspiration in Clothes > Glasses that is also classified as Clothes > Headwear
t3617.29012022-09-06Tags suggestions/fixesThe tags Clothing ON/OFF and Nude Filter are very similar and it is very easy to confuse them. Their pages should have a note mentioning how to
t2520.6982022-09-05Minor error/sSometimes the date ordering does not work when browsing reviews. For example: link
t10302.4842022-07-15Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadu221622 and u216424 have weird votes in image flagging.
t18670.62022-06-30Huge change of the tagging systemI very much prefer the new guidelines, especially regarding level 3 tags which I see as something that should only be used for a few selected tags
t6138.3572022-06-26VNDB 2.24: Staffing The DatabaseHave you considered having the staff in another tab, just like tags and characters? With this format it will use a significant chunk of the main tab
t3314.29142022-06-25TraitsRole > Crown Prince and Role > Crown Princess should probably have Role > Heir as a parent trait.
t3314.29082022-06-22TraitsIs it correct that the trait Subject of > Genderless is under the category Subject of? Reading its description it seems to fit more as a Role or
t18613.22022-06-22Regarding c10199.28I'm really sorry. I hadn't thought of that :-(
t950.12682022-06-04VNDB Suggestions!I know that this feature has already been selected, or at least it was mentioned in t16051.17 but I am yearning for some way of searching releases
t3617.28202022-05-09Tags suggestions/fixesI just wanted to point out that the current state of the tag tree is not coherent. I support #2817 @Ezezin proposal. #2816 Just removing High
t3617.28152022-05-08Tags suggestions/fixes* Middle School Student Protagonist, Middle School Student Heroine and Middle School Student Hero should be children of Middle School * Elementary
t2108.46542022-03-30Candidates for deletionWe have created c106073 and c106074 for the same character at the same time. Please, delete the first one.
t17596.652022-03-29Not Enough AnimationI see an issue in the opposite case: a VN that has fully animated H-scenes and no animations whatsoever during the story needs to mark the facial
t3314.28662022-03-29TraitsCommon Law Marriage is a bad name for a trait in my opinion, because the vast majority of the world does not use Common Law and does not understand
t3617.27772022-03-23Tags suggestions/fixes#2775 Thank you for your comments, I understand the issue now. Since the best approach is option 3, I suggest adding a clarifying note in Sugar Dating
t3617.27712022-03-22Tags suggestions/fixesI do not know about the subject, but reading the definition of Enjo-kousai / JK business it seems to be the same as Sugar Dating. However, it is not
t17804.952022-02-28<insert title preference>I may be in the minority but I hate that the "Alternative titles..." are now hidden by default. It feels weird to me because some other rows are