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t12455.132019-09-05Possible Update from Jast coming soonI hate to tell them this, but that would be Winter 2020, unless they intend to release it December 31st 11:59PM
t5996.392018-11-30Any news?This game has been in my wishlist since August of 2010. I've moved several times, started and stopped college, and have long since started college
t4839.52014-06-29Chaos;Head's sequel?My #1 Concern: How are you supposed to play it imported? It's not like original 360. You can't just buy a Japanese Console and pop-in the disk, you
t5440.12014-06-18General (And Not so General) Discussion: TDA 00The first half of this post is completely spoiler-free so long as long as you've already played through both Unlimited and Alternative. If you haven
t5353.42014-05-28Line CountsThanks a lot, orophin.
t5353.12014-05-26Line CountsDoes anybody know the total line counts for each route? I checked the translator's website, but didn't see it listed anywhere obvious. Though I might
t5065.12014-02-16Bokurano: The Visual Novel?When I was reading through the description for this, I kept thinking: "This sounds so familiar. Where have I seen this kind of story before?" And
t2089.202012-03-30Walkthrough for rooms with random clicking?Problems with not knowing where to click REALLY ruined this game for me. Sure there there was some fun and challenge involved but when you get stuck
t1239.102011-05-05Who will release the game? there a possibility of the game actually being translated to English? *Lunges into a trench to escape any criticism from moogy*
t1299.322011-04-04How epic does this look?I Dl'd the new demo. I didn't understand a word of it, but had the time of my life with the eye candy and the cool GPS interface thingy. I REALLY
t308.202011-03-30Chaos;Head -GD-In my opinion, If you loved Saya no Uta, you'll probably find something to enjoy in Chaos head. Honestly, I like the protagonist because he's sort
t866.32010-09-29Xbox VersionLol yes as I feared. Nice swift reply moogy. With region differences it would be nothing more than a shiny Frisbee to me. Well at least that is more
t866.12010-09-28Xbox VersionI noticed their is an Xbox version coming out just in time for Halloween! Xbox obsession + Sharin no Kuni otaku = EPIC WIN Seriously, I hope this
t338.822010-09-02Sharin no Kuni -GD-I really thoroughly enjoyed the plot of this game. The artwork left somethings to be desired (Some faces look unnaturally pointy, even for VN dolls
t286.442010-08-21Cross+Channel general dicussionI've never had my butt kicked so badly by a VN before! Seriously I counted it, 17 times! That's home many times I got killed by the chick with cross
t130.372010-08-19Saya no Uta endings (spoilers)Pure Spoiler: I'll be honest. I got the lone survivor with a gun ending because I knew if he called Fuminori than he'd probably wander ALONE with
t111.132010-08-18A review/comments on Yume Miru Kusuri by FinitosI was very impressed with this game. All three of the paths had a very sound plot with often times completely unpredictable twists and turns. The
t681.22010-08-16Eiden Fantasia ReviewI'll be honest. On it's own their is no way in hell it could stand up. But unlike Kira Kira Curtain call this game felt exactly what a fandisk/side
t650.92010-08-16GDOn it's own it is okay. Compared to kira*kira it's not. YOU CANNOT ENJOY THIS GAME IF YOU PLAY IT EXPECTING IT TO FEEL LIKE KIRA KIRA. In the first
t224.142010-08-15Edelweiss - Natsume's Route DiscussionI'll be incredibly honest this was my fourth visual novel although two of them didn't really count but that's not the point. It isn't as good as Kira
t523.172010-08-10My thoughts so farTo be honest I really enjoyed the true ending. I mean I do with it were written a little better but still: I'll be honest I freaking loved Kirari