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w2627.132021-11-16Study § Steady@vempele They do not give a shit. I wrote three emails and @ staff on their discord and nothing ever came of it. @doragon24 Doesn't work, still
w2627.92021-09-02Study § SteadyThere is no Font pack mentioned anywhere in the product page. This is supposed to run on English Locale.
w2627.72021-08-19Study § SteadyFixed the selected version, thank you for pointing that out. This was supposed to be the International Release. Again, those are the different
w2627.52021-08-19Study § SteadyIt IS Japanese. The non-JP error looks like this: link
w2627.22021-08-19Study § SteadyDon't bother me with the armchair analysis, I know what I'm talking about link
t12979.42021-08-19Technical mess>Judging from EGS reviews im lucky to not have encountered crashes. Welcome to crash hell, your host Study § Steady. Or how I'd call it: Scam