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r17783.32022-09-27 at 21:57Jazz957Kekkou Kamen ~Oshioki Paradise no Maki~seems safe assumption
r17782.42022-09-27 at 21:56Jazz957Kekkou Kamen 2 ~Oshioki Densetsu no Maki~fix
v21863.92022-09-26 at 01:16Jazz957Captain Lovelink
r96079.42022-09-21 at 20:30Jazz957Inma no Meikyuu Retranslation - Hikyou no Chika Iseki ni, Kodai Bunmei no Inj...18+
r96079.32022-09-21 at 20:30Jazz957Inma no Meikyuu Retranslation - Hikyou no Chika Iseki ni, Kodai Bunmei no Inj...producer
r96079.22022-09-21 at 20:28Jazz957Inma no Meikyuu Retranslation - Hikyou no Chika Iseki ni, Kodai Bunmei no Inj...title
v32239.82022-09-18 at 13:10Jazz957Saiin Salon ~Otto no Shiranu Aida ni Haramase Revenge Sareru Tsuma~same as scenario
r95929.12022-09-15 at 19:22Jazz957Guin Saga ~Hyoutou no Kamen~Copied from r19033.3 link
v32677.92022-09-13 at 20:26Jazz957Nightmare x Deathscythe ~Hangyaku no Resonance~link
r27708.22022-09-10 at 17:53Jazz957Heartbeat Scrambledevs
s7316.22022-09-05 at 20:36Jazz957Nomura Marikalink "Marika Nomura"
v38070.32022-09-04 at 14:59Jazz957Mahou Senshi FINAL IGNITIONromanization
s1266.82022-08-22 at 02:34Jazz957Choir Co., Ltd.see link
s1318.212022-08-22 at 02:33Jazz957Witchproof link " Music 橋本 泰弘 MASH 額賀 晋治 佐野 博文 CHOIR/Witch 大網 剛 清水 洋一 須合 真樹 渡辺 靖仁" of course this adds even more confusion since they are listed
r59102.32022-08-19 at 19:08Jazz95717 Sai ~My Dear Angel~update link
r66505.32022-08-19 at 19:08Jazz95717 Sai ~My Dear Angel~ PC Game Best Series Vol.34update link
v10855.112022-08-16 at 17:31Jazz957Kunoichi Torimonochoualias
v10855.102022-08-16 at 17:30Jazz957Kunoichi Torimonochoualias
s6563.42022-08-16 at 17:30Jazz957Toyomasu Takahiroassuming it's same person
v3.1122022-08-13 at 05:03Jazz957UtawarerumonoReverted to revision v3.110 already a release title
v8763.72022-07-29 at 14:49Jazz957Ayumithat info came from his website
v19484.82022-07-18 at 15:32Jazz957Tokyo Twilight Busters ~Kindan no Ikenie Teito Jigokuhen~Reverted to revision v19484.6 there's no need to change from the original
r34291.82022-07-10 at 04:05Jazz957NecronomiconRestore bgm note
r93295.12022-07-06 at 18:23Jazz957Sora no Ao to Shiro to / Mabataki no Natsu - Special Pack EditionCopied from r93294.1
r93294.12022-07-06 at 18:22Jazz957Sora no Ao to Shiro to / Mabataki no Natsu - Download EditionCopied from r88181.6
v33721.102022-06-23 at 15:38Jazz957Mahou Shoujo Shoumou Sensen another record -Chiisaki Mono-tachi no Yume-the op credits "弐式" for arrangement but unsure how to romanize that
r88603.32022-06-17 at 18:02Jazz957Mahou Shoujo Shoumou Sensen -Cathedral Edition- Package Editiondmm, getchu
r86820.82022-06-17 at 18:01Jazz957Mahou Shoujo Shoumou Sensen another record -Chiisaki Mono-tachi no Yume- Pack...dmm, getchu
r91450.22022-06-17 at 17:39Jazz957Mahou Shoujo Shoumou Sensen -Cathedral Edition- Download Editiondmm
r88638.42022-06-17 at 17:37Jazz957Mahou Shoujo Shoumou Sensen another record -Chiisaki Mono-tachi no Yume- Down...dmm
r1672.102022-06-11 at 18:36Jazz957Meisou Toshidos/v is implied by the fact it's japanese on ibm pc dos
r92047.12022-06-04 at 15:11Jazz957Spice and Wolf: The Wind that Spans the SeaCopied from r9004.4
r75973.52022-06-04 at 15:11Jazz957Spice and Wolf: My Year with Holotitle
r75973.42022-06-04 at 15:06Jazz957Spice and Wolf - My Year with Holoofficial site
r87754.22022-05-17 at 15:29Jazz957Kami-sama no You na Kimi e - Extended Edition - Download Editionno reason it would be any different from the physical version
r91348.42022-05-14 at 15:05Jazz957Isekai H Itomassaji ~Ken to Mahou no Sekai o H na Shiatsu Sukiru de Musou Sei...platform
p378.142022-05-14 at 15:01Jazz957SAGA PLANETSReverted to revision p378.12 the relation still stays even if they aren't anymore
v33721.82022-05-06 at 15:14Jazz957Mahou Shoujo Shoumou Sensen another record -Chiisaki Mono-tachi no Yume-link link
s26410.12022-05-06 at 15:13Jazz957An Mitsukiadd
r90318.22022-04-30 at 06:24Jazz957Saimin Kazoku ~Gibo to Gimai ha Ore no Mono~title, platform
v35460.22022-04-30 at 06:23Jazz957Saimin Kazoku ~Gibo to Gimai ha Ore no Mono~title
v35348.72022-04-26 at 15:58Jazz957Shinsei Kourin Dacryon - Runa ~Daseibo Tanjoubi~producer is not director
r89980.22022-04-22 at 16:49Jazz957Mayonaka Montage 02title
r89979.32022-04-22 at 16:49Jazz957Mayonaka Montage 01title
v35276.32022-04-22 at 16:49Jazz957Mayonaka Montagetitle
v6023.82022-04-09 at 20:05Jazz957Magical Change Yuuki-kunlink
r11798.32022-04-09 at 19:56Jazz957Magical Change Yuuki-kun - DVDPGlink "株式会社天沼矛(アメノヌボコ)(企画、制作) "
r36014.42022-04-09 at 19:55Jazz957Magical Change Yuuki-kun - Download Editionlink "株式会社天沼矛(アメノヌボコ)(企画、制作) "
r11797.42022-04-09 at 19:55Jazz957Magical Change Yuuki-kunlink "株式会社天沼矛(アメノヌボコ)(企画、制作) "
v7021.202022-04-09 at 15:06Jazz957Love-Bride Evelink