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t2108.48212022-08-16Candidates for deletionToyomasu Takahiro is a dupe of Toyomasu Takahiro.
t18741.42022-07-10Has anyone heard about the deleted VN: 姦肉蟲川3"Wicked Flesh Insect River 3"? May not be real but there should be some games that would be similar in subject matter.
t18693.162022-07-04Sekai Project New TitlesI mean Entergram IS Giga (Giga is merely a brand name of Entergram; previously TGL Planning), it's literally the same company.
t18696.22022-07-03Jast USA's Anime Expo 2022 announcementsGood, now I won't need to read GSS in Japanese.
t2108.47462022-06-11Candidates for deletionIt seems like this release probably doesn't exist. See t18557.
t18557.52022-06-11About DOS/V version.I presume he just made an assumption, tho it is weird it says it was published by Aquaplus, when the PC-98 version says just Leaf. And feel free to
t18557.32022-06-11About DOS/V version.I based it on this, link. I don't know where that info came from tho, and the person who contributed that made his email private so I don't know if
t18391.192022-06-11Questions on the tags for companiesActually I have no intention of participating in any edit war with you, as I have no interest in taking your bait. I'll leave it to the mods to
t18529.22022-06-06What's your source for those two DOS releases?The PC-98 releases had been marked with both, so I separated them. If they don't exist then delete them.
t2108.47112022-05-12Candidates for deletionI was under the impression GUN BLAZE, Hana Yori Dango, Hana Yori Dango 2, Mahjong de PON!, and Hanafuda de PON! weren't VNs but feel free to correct
t18330.92022-05-08Tutorial: How to use Erogamescape aka Japan's vndbIt seems to fluctuate for me. Sometimes I can access without a VPN, sometimes not.
t2108.46882022-04-22Candidates for deletionPure Pure Peropero Princess ~Junshin Mahou Oujo no Dosukebe Kairaku Lesson~ is a dupe of Purepure Peropero Princess ~Junshin Mahou Oujo no Do Sukebe
t7442.9272022-04-09Game inclusion in the DBSomeone should probably check u207952's additions, he's been adding a lot that seem like they might not be VNs.
t18125.22022-04-05VN Game/Scripting Engines Tags/TraitsThe engines are listed in the releases.
t18106.282022-04-04Suggestion: to add a feature like Similar Game"Predicting VNs similar to ドキドキ文芸部! Doki Doki Bungeibu! School Days euphoria 君と彼女と彼女の恋。 Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. School Days ひと目惚れ
t18106.262022-04-04Suggestion: to add a feature like Similar GameI am using 3, and I'm referring to my system locale.
t18106.242022-04-04Suggestion: to add a feature like Similar GameWhen running in Japanese locale I get this error "UnicodeDecodeError: 'cp932' codec can't decode byte 0xef in position 145: illegal multibyte
t10302.4442022-03-27Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread#442 Pretty sure that's a bot.
t6138.3172022-03-27VNDB 2.24: Staffing The DatabaseShould "キャラクター原案" be translated as Original Character Design rather than Character Draft? I think that's how anidb does it. Also I've run into a few
t18051.42022-03-25is it nukige?I don't think Whirlpool is particularly known to make nukige.
t18040.22022-03-23Sengoku Rance connectionI don't know much but Rokka Rika (aka Tori) (who of course wrote Sengoku Rance and many other Rance and Alicesoft games) is one of the main writers.
t2108.46392022-03-22Candidates for deletionYou say it's unreasonably high and yet you rated it 9 lol.
t18038.22022-03-22Minor Staff RolesApologies for reverting the CG credits, I wasn't aware.
t8242.9702022-03-21The how to edit threadThere's no reason to remove cover or logo design.
t7442.9202022-03-16Game inclusion in the DBAfter going through the annoying process of setting up Japanese Mac OS, I can confirm it's a VN, and I'll add it later when I have time to take
t7442.9182022-03-15Game inclusion in the DBSo I found an old Mac game that purportedly is a VN, called Twisty Night (well 3 separate installments). But I wasn't able to see many screens or
t8242.9642022-03-15The how to edit threadAlright, I disagree with this but I'll go along with it. I just want to say that, while I know it doesn't matter, since it's not my site, I as a user
t8242.9612022-03-15The how to edit threadAlternatively we could just drop the rule.
t2108.46212022-03-15Candidates for deletionReipurei. Not a VN and not even transliterated correctly.
t17975.62022-03-11PANDAThe game hally mentioned in the tweet, Lagrange Point. Sorry, I should have been more clear.
t17975.42022-03-11PANDASupposedly PANDA actually personally told Hally he composed on it (plus Hally was in charge of mastering on D4 Enterprise's soundtrack), and also
t17975.22022-03-11PANDAWho's to say Nakayama Yuki is not another alias?
t17953.22022-03-08How do y'all get this game to run?You most likely will need to use a VM with VirtualBox or similar, given it's a Win95/98 game.
t2108.45452022-02-23Candidates for deletionThe troll edits have returned. From one guy: u213354.
t2520.6272022-02-22Minor error/sI believe that's caused by the title of this release.
t14811.682022-02-19This seems pretty hypeFortunately there is only one other eye★phon VN. And it's not yuri so they probably won't bother.
t2108.45172022-02-04Candidates for deletionKigurumi is a dupe of Kigurumi. Didn't appear when I searched since there was no kanji alias.
t13727.3882022-01-28Flagging Imageslink This shouldn't be flagged as violent right? I think suggestive is correct tho. (I don't think people are very good at reading the guidelines.)
t2108.44882022-01-28Candidates for deletionGanma Seiju is an alias of Gamma.
t14811.642022-01-28This seems pretty hypeIt seems like they probably have been teasing a sequel for a while, but this tweet makes me think we'll find out later today. link Edit: And it's a
t17673.72022-01-21Please tell me it's not another Johren releaseJohren is their own store so that's why.
t17666.62022-01-19What's up with all the delays for this game?It's certainly no Black and White. lol :(
t8242.9232022-01-17The how to edit threadAll of the sexual content tags are child tags of it, so they will appear in a search of that tag.
t8242.9212022-01-17The how to edit threadBecause it's redundant with other sexual content tags already there.
t14811.622022-01-12This seems pretty hypeI'm not sure why you're comparing them, they don't seem at all similar other than having magical girls.
t14811.572022-01-09This seems pretty hypeThat's what I'm saying, unless you mean on GOG.
t14811.552022-01-09This seems pretty hypeWhat are you talking about? It's been out for a while.
t13727.3832021-12-29Flagging Imageslink This isn't really brutal right?
t13050.1442021-12-19Salesr85458 link This bundle is odd because it doesn't have the original Toriko no Shirabe. It's also a bit odd having an ensemble, propeller, or Pulltop
t14811.532021-12-16This seems pretty hypeThe localization has been announced for Jan. 7th. link It's available for pre-order which gives you immediate access to Gaiden. Price is ~30 USD/~26