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v821.102019-07-13 at 17:11zodikafkaYumemi HakushoAdded arist.
v25007.212019-07-05 at 20:01zodikafkaDead DaysAdded relation.
v25007.192019-07-04 at 21:13zodikafkaDead DaysAdded screenshots.
c81480.122019-07-04 at 18:26zodikafka6666 is a non-gendered AI and only becomes a woman in one ending.
c76168.22019-04-13 at 13:26zodikafkaHakone MiriyaMiriya is the perspective character for a majority of the game.
c62269.22019-02-17 at 13:37zodikafkaTokiAdded spoiler trait.
v22027.222018-07-26 at 11:06zodikafkaButterfly SeekerRe-adding an alias that got removed for being a joke since it's actually a useful abbreviation of the title and an alias that's used.
c68422.32018-06-09 at 19:57zodikafkaMitaka YahikoAdded trait
c68506.32018-05-23 at 00:42zodikafkaMaster CatFemale cat.
v21920.72018-05-23 at 00:30zodikafkaKoneko Neko NekoAdded screenshots.
c40541.72018-04-14 at 22:40zodikafkaKuzumi MisatoRemoved incorrect trait.
v22027.192018-04-08 at 12:12zodikafkaButterfly SeekerAdded screenshots.
v20498.122018-03-17 at 23:21zodikafkaMono no Aware wa Sai no Koro.Added screenshots.
v18790.232018-02-20 at 14:30zodikafkaSoshite Hatsukoi ga Imouto ni NaruAdded screenshots.
c60167.52018-01-29 at 23:40zodikafkaShouen NanamiAdded visual novel appearance.
c60166.52018-01-29 at 23:39zodikafkaRyuuguu SaraAdded visual novel appearance.
c59698.142018-01-29 at 23:39zodikafkaKirishima ReiichiAdded visual novel appearance.
v21852.302018-01-06 at 00:57zodikafkaKin'iro LovericheAdded alias.
v21620.92017-12-12 at 18:55zodikafkaNemurenu Hitsuji to Kodoku na Ookami -A Tale of Love, and Cutthroat-Added alias based on the name of the trial launcher, romaji of 羊狼.
c31490.32017-11-21 at 19:03zodikafkaSasha JMarked as spoiler. The character's identity is hidden until close to the end of the game.
c31482.42017-11-18 at 22:25zodikafkaMishaThe character is referred to as ミーシャ in the text box and by most characters. Screenshot: link
c27793.72017-09-26 at 23:11zodikafkaHinata HarukaAdded missing traits.
v21647.52017-09-21 at 21:59zodikafkaCross ConcertoIt's been stated by the writer that it won't be a sequel but rather just in the same setting. Source: link
c64335.12017-09-16 at 18:11zodikafkaYoshioka MasashiNew character based on c58977.2
v18489.102017-09-16 at 16:44zodikafkaOmokage RailbackAdded relation
v21522.32017-09-16 at 16:44zodikafkaOmokage Railback - Episode Hachi: Deiki no TsukiAdded relation.
c59698.102017-08-20 at 19:57zodikafkaKirishima ReiichiThere's nothing in the closet about this perversion.
c11018.32017-08-09 at 20:49zodikafkaMarume KuroudoAdded trait.
c9702.152017-07-15 at 15:59zodikafkaAsagiri KaitoAdded very important trait.
r52403.22017-07-03 at 16:36zodikafkaChronoBox Standard EditionAdded info I forgot.
r52403.12017-07-03 at 16:35zodikafkaChronoBox Standard EditionAdded release.
v20860.92017-06-09 at 18:15zodikafkaHikari no Umi no ApeiriaAdded voice actor credit for protagonist. Source: link
v16515.172017-06-03 at 22:53zodikafkaNatsuiro RecipeAdded more CGs since this page was severely lacking the gorgeous food art from this game.
v20144.142017-05-31 at 18:51zodikafkaChronoBoxReplaced potential spoiler screenshot, whoops.
v20144.132017-05-31 at 18:49zodikafkaChronoBoxAdded screenshots.
c60675.42017-05-24 at 08:00zodikafkaKimaneki NayutaFixed name.
r47484.72017-05-03 at 18:06zodikafka9 -Nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka KokonoiroAdded format details.
c60020.32017-04-10 at 21:20zodikafkaNiimi KakeruFixed name.
v19829.172017-03-28 at 13:58zodikafka9 -Nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka KokonoiroAdded alternate spelling of the romanized alias to make it easier to search for.
v19829.162017-03-28 at 13:53zodikafka9 -Nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka KokonoiroAdded alias sourced from link
v15744.292017-01-23 at 15:05zodikafkaAkiyume KukuruAdded VA for Noa
c56747.12017-01-23 at 15:03zodikafkaTasuki NoaAdded.
v19829.122016-12-19 at 17:41zodikafka9 Nine -Koko no Tsu Koko no Ka Koko no Iro-Added alias sourced from the author's blog link
c13083.82016-11-20 at 15:23zodikafkaMiki AkioRemoved the alias since it's a spoiler.
v19855.42016-10-11 at 19:32zodikafkaDotokoiAdded description.
v19855.32016-10-11 at 19:12zodikafkaDotokoiChanged length to very short.
v19855.22016-10-11 at 18:59zodikafkaDotokoiAdded screenshots and (roughly) estimated length, might be shorter.
r48417.22016-10-11 at 18:49zodikafkaDotokoiAdded producer.
p6400.12016-10-11 at 18:48zodikafkaKurochi RokoCreated Producer page for creator of dotokoi.
r48417.12016-10-11 at 18:44zodikafkaDotokoiAdded a release based on info from the official website