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t12198.22019-04-15English ReleaseYes, most definitely. ... No. In truth maaaaaaybe since it's apart of Grisaia. I'm sure they've sold well enough o.o
t10975.212019-04-11Zanki Zero Review@13, lmao here we go with the dumb as fuck name calling. People want the game as is, not a butchered fucking product. I'm not throwing money at a
t12175.22019-04-11Meme crapI agree, this shit is just plain fucking stupid.
t12166.162019-04-10What is it that bothers you the most w/ Netorare?@14 Yeah but you don't get that as much as vanilla nerds clicking on NTR and screeching to high heavens how this shit is disgusting and wrong and
t12166.112019-04-09What is it that bothers you the most w/ Netorare?What bothers me the most is when people come into NTR doujins, visual novels ect and gooooooooo............. WHY THE FUCK IS THIS NTR
t12165.72019-04-08Will it be removed from Steam?Trap will not and never has been an offensive term, people really need to get over it. I have yet to find a single person irl that causes Trans
t12141.42019-04-02SJW Sexual VN's?Fucking lmao, what the hell is this? Give me the Orcs need love visual novels please, can't have all those female heroines squealing for their
t10975.52019-03-31Zanki Zero ReviewThis game can get fucked along with Spike for their stupid as fuck censorship.
t12028.32019-03-09Steam Release?Steam...Eroges....Lmao.
t12005.162019-03-06MG Survey 2019Once again asked for Lilith/Black Lilith titles along with Orcsoft titles.........this'll be like what 7 years since.-. Meh whatever I guess, nice
t11893.72019-02-12Daru who?I admit, I had only skimmed and just woken up. In my defense I was dead asleep xD I agree, he's like a completely different character in 0 it's
t11893.52019-02-12Daru who?Why the fuck would you start Steins;Gate 0 first instead of Steins;Gate lmao jesus.
t11896.32019-02-06Translation ProjectOP how the heck are you going to say a translations being worked on if nothing's being translated? ?_?
t10751.52019-02-02UnnacceptableThis type of game is one you read for the story....not the h scenes lol, their nice bonus but it's not something I'm going into for fapping lmao.
t11854.22019-01-27Sequel or Prequel?Their completely separate characters, you can tell by the shape of their faces. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This miiight take place in the same continuity tho...maybe?
t11823.22019-01-18translationIt clearly says it's translated by MangaGamer. Buy it off their website-_- Also *there
t11801.22019-01-12English patchHow the heck are we supposed to know.
t11792.32019-01-11Washi Translation's voting pollI voted for Zero and one of Silky's projects. Hope he does longer VNs in the future from Silky
t11376.82018-10-15NTR?@Shinytentacool Lmao, don't group us Taimanin Asagi with the fucked up Guro shit. Lilith titles aren't gore fests like this. Check yourself before
t11175.732018-09-21The state of VNs on SteamNow if only SakuraGame could be removed, their the ones killing off official English releases. Yet casual(read most of the steam base) are gonna foam
t6269.222018-09-13Taimanin Asagi Kaisen has a Western Release! :3Say it with me now people... "NOTHING.IS.BEING.REMOVED!" ... /s Also had we not had a shitty vanillia loser mc, this game would be more popular
t10697.332018-08-06Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGameSakuraGame needs to die in a fucking fire already. Way to ruin another VN no matter how bad it is-_-
t10904.152018-07-08MangaGamer Announcements at Anime Expo 2018Coool, more Rance shit-_-
t10433.22018-04-03Full release?Well it clearly says partial on the page.
t10358.22018-03-15straight shotaconIt clearly says Adult Protagonist, come on lol.
t10249.32018-02-12Catgirl raising sim?Share it anyways!
t10162.342018-02-03MG Survey 2018Not like it matters asking for Nuikage thanks to the Rancefags-_- Screw you Lilith for burning your bridges with us! Wish MangaGamer would snag
t6997.102018-01-18more like this?Lmao at the haters of nuikages
t10162.112018-01-18MG Survey 2018I put in lilith and Orcsoft titles not that it'll ever happen cuz of RanceFags. SURE WOULD BE COOL IF WE COULD GET OTHER ALICESOFT GAMES! >_>;
t9993.12017-12-06Think will ever get these in English? o.oI hope some day we can get these in English, official or otherwise. Wish a translation group would pick these titles up or MangaGamer would! xD
t9904.62017-11-20All ages steam lolige? 0_0I can't even.......lmao
t9835.22017-11-02Should I translate this?Translate link instead please xD
t9823.22017-10-31Full translation?no
t9806.22017-10-26Translation??Translate it yourself :P
t9770.102017-10-16Translation coming soon !!Fuck off SakuraGames, rolf not even an actual english publisher like all their "efforts"-_- someone fan translate this please!!!!
t9560.632017-10-04Does not belong hereI like how we're still arguing about this, lmao.....
t9722.32017-10-02HelpMaybe buy the game instead of pirating it... ;)
t9680.52017-09-24Don't like NTR? Just watch the Extra Scenes.Lmao at all the people that have come out of the wood works saying they hate NTR. THEN DON'T FREAKING READ/WATCH IT JESUS PEOPLE-_-
t9646.32017-09-18Machine translation?and Japanese publishers wonder why people pirate their games. If you're going to put in shit work and not even try, then no; I will not be buying
t9560.482017-09-05Does not belong hereBelongs here. Yeesh, we're still arguing about this shit? Lmao, let it gooooooooooo people......both sides, seriously; who cares.
t9575.202017-08-29Machine translationWell I haven't bought it yet sooo xD I'm talking more of fan translated machine translations where it's just run through google translate or
t9575.182017-08-28Machine translationI feel machine translations shouldn't be on vndb. OH THIS IS TRANSLATED!....*Proceeds to try and read this.....gibberish*
t9560.42017-08-24Does not belong hereThis game has more text then Fate Stay/Night and the bible COMBINED. It more then fits if you were to strip away the gameplay, guess Blazblue and
t9554.52017-08-23English Release info?Can you link me to the patch? o.o
t7442.4092017-08-23Game inclusion in the DBBecause Fate Grand Order fits the requirements story wise. You have text in a visual novel format along with choices. There just happens to be game
t9554.22017-08-23English Release info?If it does, gimmie lmao. But I doubt it, 30-50 hrs..........I have yet to see an rpg maker game that's that long be translated into English :/ Yeah
t9539.22017-08-18VN recommendations with cute booty shots?Prepare for a ton of moe blobs yo xD
t9516.82017-08-12Otakon 2017 announcementsGreat, all crappy games imo. Where's Lilith damn it...*sobs* Wish they translated Alicesoft titles beside Rance Rance Rance now-_-
t9501.22017-08-06Please translate this !Translate it yourself, you do realize this isn't a forum to ask about that stuff right?
t9490.22017-08-03Regarding japanise sex culture...Stop thinking so hard about this, lmao