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t8668.22017-01-09German patch?Come on. There are 4 Routes, who I am interested in. So do it pls :)
t8668.12017-01-09German patch?Hi you guys. I wonder me if somebody is interested to patch this game in german. And don´t complain you about the question! I saw lots of
t8554.162017-01-04Troll patch! Please readingSorry, if I´m sometimes too offensive. I can´t change anything on that, that´s why I think, that I simply have to deal with the fact, that almost no
t8554.72017-01-03Troll patch! Please readingIf it were an fucking english translation everybody of you were interested and wondering, why the website doesn´t work. But now no one here cares -.-
t8554.62017-01-02Troll patch! Please readingThe website is offline all the time! -.-
t8619.12016-12-29Anime adaptation?Do you think this amazing VN will get an Anime adaptation sometime?
t8603.92016-12-27Reading although I was spoiled? (No spoiler here)@adormus Ja, aber wieso? Es wird doch auch jeder fucking 08/15 Anime gesubbt, was mich als only Ger Dub-Schauer ohnehin nicht interessiert. Aber
t8603.62016-12-26Reading although I was spoiled? (No spoiler here)If you believe or not: I mean this thread seriously. So answer seriously or let it staying. But for trolling and hating without any reason you have
t8603.12016-12-26Reading although I was spoiled? (No spoiler here)Hi. I was spoiled about far parts of the Story. Should I read this VN nevertheless?
t8597.12016-12-24Do you also read VNs in winter?Hi. I don´t know how cold the winter is in your country. But most of VNs plays in summer, that´s why I wonder me, if you play them also in winter? Do
t8584.12016-12-21Do you cried?That Himeko dies was indeed foreseeable, but this VN was nearly all the time quite sad and the OSTs strengthen the depressive atmosphere imo enormous
t8582.12016-12-21What do you think of my votes?Hi Guys. What do you think of my Visual Novel-Votes? Do you think they are ok or would you vote the Visual Novels different?
t8554.12016-12-12Troll patch! Please readingHey Guys. You propably saw on the main-page of this VN, that a German PSP-Patch is alledegly planned for 2017. But there is no Translation-Group
t8551.12016-12-12Yuri?Can I choose any Yuri-Route in this VN or there are just Otome Routes?
t8374.12016-10-23Any 3D customization Eroges like this?Hey Guys. I wonder me, if there any 3D customization Eroges like this?
t8269.12016-09-19Do you want to live in Sharin no Kuni?Hi you Guys. Probably everyone of you knows the "Sharin no Kuni". In my opinion it´s a fantastic country! The politic is good (Obligations instead of
t7971.372016-07-08Sharin no Kuni KickstarterWill Sharin no Kuni Merchandise coming to Europe now? :D
t7964.12016-06-25Give Will Griggs an VN!Hi. You probably know already, that Will Griggs isn´t on fire anymore. That´s a pity for him, but respect to Wales. In memory on this beautiful and
t7643.62016-06-13translateIn which language translating? German, Estonian, Macedonian, Polish? You must be more accurate!
t7864.12016-05-22Which choices are "Meaningless"?I saw in the Tags "Meaningless Choices". Can you tell me, which choices are exactly meaningless? Pls write them full out so I know it. NO Story
t7863.12016-05-22German localistion?When will come the German localistaion so western people can play it?
t7838.12016-05-18The best Route?What is in your opinion the best Character-Route? No spoilers!
t950.2702016-05-04VNDB Suggestions!"Until Dawn" should be added! In my opinion is "Until Dawn" a Visual Novel too. It´s an interactive movie with choices and different Endings, same
t3617.8512016-05-04Tags suggestions/fixesFalse Thread. Please ignore.
t7746.12016-04-29I have choices? (Important)For Steam Version: I saw in the Tags "Multiple Endings". Mean that, that I have choices or just refers to the fights?
t7713.12016-04-22Any unlockable stuff?Hi Guys! Can I after completing the VN unlockable CGs, Music or similar?
t7495.12016-02-23German Sunrider Patch?Is the German Sunrider translation still running? link
t7423.12016-02-01Is there the Visual Novel heaven?I´ve heard after death in heaven is every Visual Novel translated in every language and best quality! Is it true?
t6463.692016-01-10Should we keep the site translated?I´m not okay with that! This side shows international releases, so why can´t those languages are be available?!
t6791.12015-08-02What do you think of Zombie-samas?Hello Guys. I´m a big supporter of zombie-samas. I indeed not know completley what zombie-samas do, and I´m not know, whether it´s available for my
t6732.12015-07-16Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta niAre you still working in it? (link)
t6713.12015-07-11Fake VN!Here is a VN called "Another" - link (like the anime). But you can´t download it or visit the site of the developer. (Facebook Error).
t6704.42015-07-09KickstarterI would support it, if a german translation would included on it...
t6648.12015-06-24Lucy Heartflilia?Is there an addon or mod, where I can include Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail into this Game? If yeah, how to patch it?
t6242.82015-04-02German full version ?!German translations of VN are based on the English Translation. Once a German Translation Group tried to translate direct from Japanese, but the
t6360.12015-03-29Mainstream versus No-Name VN !Hello guys ! I think everybody here knows the well rated, mainstream Visual Novel (Saya no Uta, Fate/Stay Night, Rewrite ...). But there were lots of
t6293.12015-03-09Which is your favorite VN developer ?My personal favorite VN developer is "Nitro+", because I´m a big supporter of horror Visual Novel. And "Nitro+" had made some very good Horror Visual
t3678.1032015-03-08Why is Saya no Uta so well rated?Because "Saya no Uta" is something else than the usual school and summer romances junk ;)
t6286.12015-03-07Dead ?!The release date of the Demo Version ist soon already approximately 4 years ago. Since then was neither an English still a German, or Spanish full
t6242.12015-02-19German full version ?!It is believed that the German full version in the summer this year is finished. If you know more about it, please says me a note.