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t12994.42020-02-17WHERE IS SAKURA NO TOKIConsidering that there is a sequel... how complete is the novel anyway?
t13539.52020-02-14A defense of the remake@1 You are very wrong. "Looks dated"? Almost all indie games look dated nowadays. I played it without any nostalgia and did it in the 2014-15 year
t13505.82020-02-14hiBasic grammar you could learn online. IDK how much, a lot of my knowledge just from reading a lot.
t13505.62020-02-13hiYeah, but without some basic knowledge of Japanese it would be not possible to read comfortably as the language used in the game isn't simple.
t974.1462020-02-13Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]@142 This is actually good writing to make a person emotional. For example, the Harry Potter storytelling is absolutely the same - "Hard work, effort
t8188.242020-02-09NTR@22 I can imagine that for some incels the fact that their 2-D waifu was raped by tentacles make her "impure trash", so this is why instead of
t1223.762020-02-09Ever 17 GD@72 Many people consider it one of the best plot-twists in existence. It isn't just a solution for the mystery, it is the whole reason for everything
t13505.42020-02-09hiI'm currently writing my own novel in the LitRPG genre. The last VN I've read was Muramasa, but I postponed completing it because of how much I was
t12889.222020-02-06Has anyone played this?@20 There is literally 86 reviews on the steam and one right here under N2. It seems to be a decent story, but with not so good translation and some
t13505.22020-02-06hiHi. I completed Megami Zero using VNR and some basic knowledge of Japanese. Before it actually got full machine translation. Though I hear that it is
t12849.42020-02-04The ending was kind of lackluster. (SPOILERS)@3 I think the twist itself is golden and it is the premise of everything that should happen in the sequel. Just, it should be made more reasonable
t13290.262020-02-04Awesome@25 The most absurd thing is that the knowledge he actually used to "solve the mystery" was given to him out of nowhere. There literally weren't any
t12316.22020-02-01ntr tag spoilersThe only "real" ntr I remember is with this girl. link And it is also avoidable. The thing is - depending on your choice she can return to her ex
t13483.22020-01-31NBR incest tag@1 There are both blood-related and NBR tags, but only one sister so I'm pretty much sure that one of the tags is wrong, and, based on character
t13290.242020-01-30AwesomeHere is my own idea of how to make a "Feast perfect for humans". Chie and MC make it so they are chosen as Spider and Monkey. Then they cooperate
t13290.232020-01-30Awesome@21 Lol. By your logic this rule should apply each fucking time a spider guesses right. And in case looper is a spider then they would be able to
t13469.122020-01-29Annoying Japanese moral through the story?@10 This is a visual novel with a heavy emphasis on philosophy and morality, so it made perfect sense to discuss those things here. Anyway, it
t13469.72020-01-29Annoying Japanese moral through the story?@6 Well, I really can't understand you, because imho this first chapter is worth 9/10 even if it was a separate mini-novel, dialogues in the latter
t13469.52020-01-29Annoying Japanese moral through the story?As about the novel itself. Take away the curse from MC and everything he did was the right thing to do and everyone he killed - deserved it. At
t13469.12020-01-28Annoying Japanese moral through the story?I'm currently at the fifth chapter of the Ichijou route, basically, it is just the first part of the game and I liked it a lot, dialogues and plot
t13290.202020-01-26Awesome@19 It seems you forgot how Miguruma used incense to make all the wolves lose their consciousness in the open air. There are many poisons which can
t13459.102020-01-25What do you look for in a good VN story?Lol, it is some severe case of "I have a unique taste and can't understand why the vast majority of people aren't like me". If it was a snooze fest
t13290.182020-01-25Awesome@17 If you can't see why Myth route is nonsensical after completing the three routes and "infodump" mini-chapters before that and it doesn't annoy
t12739.52020-01-25Should Niita Yuuhi be tagged as "protagonist"?@4 Ok, thanks. Now at the second chapter and it is made obvious that Minato doesn't care so much about his identity as Warrior being leaked and he
t12739.32020-01-25Should Niita Yuuhi be tagged as "protagonist"?I just completed the first chapter, it is amazing (and depressing). I kind of liked, based on what you said, there wouldn't be a route in
t13290.162020-01-24Awesome@14 No, I didn't. Mostly the scenes from four main endings and also the first bad end. This CG is way too detailed to be considered a costume or any
t8844.202020-01-24chaos;child -GD-@17 As I said - there is no real "true route",but rather epilogue/alternative end for common. The common route is the most interesting part of the
t13315.202020-01-24Does it get better? (slight spoilers)@19 The thing is, there is just no such thing in the whole world to compare to top VNs. Even the top visual novels can have some (sometimes
t13290.132020-01-23Awesome@3 Em, you disliked the work just because it was supernatural from the start? There a lot of mystery even in the first route, the question "how the
t12848.122020-01-21My Opinion/ Little Review@10 You can have a slice of life moments in any novel. For example, all games from Key have this tag. Almost all novels with top plot have a slice of
t12523.72020-01-21Ending?It never was stated that the first route is just a dream and can't be considered an alternative version of events. It is somehow similar to how
t13315.182020-01-21Does it get better? (slight spoilers)@17 Statistically, there is a whole whopping 10% of people who don't like the novel, so you shouldn't expect that you will love it just because it is
t13441.172020-01-21Not what it seems like a first glance ...?@11 Most games lose the average rating after being translated, only Bayesian one raises because of popularity. It is also higher rated on erogescape
t13441.92020-01-19Not what it seems like a first glance ...?@7 Em, what? Most people (including me) consider Alchemy Meister the best game in the series. It is the most popular and highest rated. Himegari is
t13381.142020-01-13Don't play this@12 You should try Japanese RPG-maker games - there a lot of them with decent gameplay and all of them have sex content, there also a lot of
t11899.162019-12-28Playing every Visual Novel (without ctrl)@14 Just because there are a lot of genres doesn't mean that they are equally common, lol. Other than Moege everything else you mentioned is very
t13315.52019-12-27Does it get better? (slight spoilers)I assume you just hate slice of life genre. It is one of the best-paced games in its length category with balanced SOL, action, and gameplay. Also
t13299.512019-12-27All h content cut@47 If you don't want to read/play 200 hours long VN - then don't. It is your problem if you were unable to check out the game's length before
t11899.132019-12-27Playing every Visual Novel (without ctrl)@11 Do you understand that 95% of all visual novels are just nukige with nothing much other than sex in it? So skipping routes wouldn't do much. It
t13299.442019-12-22All h content cutThere is a fcken restoration patch dudes, cmon. It would be impossible for this patch to be released the same day as the game did if it wasn't done
t7991.1312019-12-22Sekai Project translation confirmed@130 There is full restoration patch though. Which is, obviously, from the developer itself because otherwise it wouldn't be released at the day of
t11133.182019-12-17About NTR VNs, does "revenge" exist for Protag. ?@16 It isn't netorare though (cheating is just a part of the premise), it is half-assed netori. From characters page: "Her husband is the man who
t13286.402019-12-17List of all games banned by SteamWell, in many states of the USA the age of consent is fucking 18 and both men and women alike get in prison for having sex with 17-years old people
t12968.122019-11-09favorite heroineI would say that Misaki has the best overall route, it is also the longest one (surprisingly). But as a heroine, I like Asuka more. Romance
t12631.32019-11-05Too long@1 I don't think you were able to predict the main twist of route B and it was definitely one of the best ones out of all fiction stories I've read
t11973.162019-11-03RIP this gameRatings both here and on erogescape become normal as I predicted. Average 80/100 on erogescape is almost the same as this game's prequel.
t13046.62019-11-03The VN with most characters including space.@3 IDK, I've played COM3D2 with maid fiddler (opened everything possible) and I can't see how there could be so much text in there as most scenes are
t13068.172019-11-03Bishoujo vs Otome game@12 Obviously, because main audience of visual novels is men, also otome games are rather a small percentage out of the total amount of vns, also
t13068.112019-10-31Bishoujo vs Otome gameEm, what? Just check the top 50 of vndb. There almost no otome games out there. This fact says it all.
t13062.162019-10-28I just cant........@15 Lol, what? I haven't played the game yet, but it is not a nukige by any means. It even has different writers for plot and for h-scenes. Clock-up