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t15098.142020-12-06Lol, really?@13 So, logical arguments and facts just got deleted now? If going against freedom of speech and censor opinions is the only way to protect your
t15098.42020-11-29Lol, really?@2 This is an interesting thought, though it is the first time I read an opinion that mainstream male H gamers were interested in a BL game that isn
w54.22020-11-29Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro@1 IDK why you ignore the rest of the reviews, each of which considers this game as the best in the series, lol.
t15098.12020-11-29Lol, really?So, this is an otome game with, literally, slut protagonist... I mean, it isn't rare for otome FL to be sluts, but, usually, they at least try to
w989.62020-11-29Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen@5 A "character's arc" isn't necessarily about the development of their personal traits, it can also be an expansion of their character or just a
w1064.42020-11-29Dohna Dohna -Issho ni Warui Koto o Shiyou-Okay, this review is really long but based on the parts that I've read the game has shitty gameplay, shitty plot, decent characters, art, and sex
t14862.212020-11-25General discussion.@19 Well yeah, but he gives a fuck in a different sense, it doesn't make you feel bitter like actual ntr. In Rance X he fucked Crook while she was
t14862.182020-11-24General discussion.I'm more than sure that, like in any Alice Soft game with ntr tag, it is easily avoidable and, in fact, it is harder to actually get this ntr content
w530.12020-11-24Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai - Under the Innocent Sky.Your review is spot-on. There is something I would add though - even if it is a very slow "charage", the most interesting character in the whole game
w970.172020-11-24Saya no Uta@13 Lol, dude. Do you really think that everyone is as serious about this discussion as you are? My points are already made and they can't be refuted
w970.112020-11-22Saya no Uta@10 If you didn't see anything wrong with Dr. Stone other than petrification then you aren't as good at science as you think you are. Anyway, the
t15035.62020-11-20eushully new titleOther than that, one of the silhouettes has a rabbit doll. link If you look carefully, then ALL of the shadows correspond to one of the main
t15035.32020-11-20eushully new titleYeah, I just checked characters page and it is totally 100% them. I hope that it isn't a fan-disk, but instead is a proper sequel. Castle Meister was
w970.62020-11-19Saya no Uta@4 This game is closer to be inspired by Lovecraftian horror stories. As you said, it is exactly an unconventional horror story and this is why
w989.32020-11-19Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen@2 It is enough to check the ratings for two of those games to see that most people consider the second SDR as the best in the series, but of course
w989.12020-11-18Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou GakuenInteresting, so there ARE actually people who liked the first Danganronpa way more than the second one? Most of your points are reaaaally subjective
t14448.212020-11-06Best place to start in the Rance series?@20 Why you assumed then that the script between the original Kai and Kai Kai is different if you didn't read the latter? Most likely they have the
t14903.102020-10-29That kind of nonsense?@9 Relax, 99% of Russian releases are pirate ones. Piracy isn't illegal in Russia, everyone here is a pirate.
t14903.72020-10-27That kind of nonsense?@3 "Not literal translation" is completely different from "rewritten story", so it was perfectly reasonable for people to assume that it has
w778.52020-10-26Rance 10@3 It is interesting that you mentioned Hawzel because this "hero kills random cute and kind demon lord just because" event was more frustrating and
w824.32020-10-25Corona Blossom@2 Even though 9 is episodic, each episode is as long as a full-fledged game, so it doesn't really counts.
t14867.182020-10-25Which Graphics Do You Prefer?@17 Who the hell says she is 13/14? She is officially 15, this is too old to be considered as loli, and in the original sprites, both she and Mion
w773.62020-10-25Higurashi no Naku Koro ni@5 I'm not sure why something like this should be "establiished" because it is probably just common sense for Japanese people. Also, most people
w773.42020-10-21Higurashi no Naku Koro niI've read your whole review and I can't see any arguments there, as if things you claim should be obvious, but they are really not. If your inability
t14738.92020-10-20What If? this game gets anime adaptionThe end results would depend on a studio doing it. Kanon, Clannad, and Air DO have great adaptations, Little Busters is decent too, they even have
t14867.162020-10-19Which Graphics Do You Prefer?Body proportions aside, the original graphics have cute and expressive faces. In comparison, new graphics are really bland and low-level, almost any
t14794.242020-10-17Plant Sex additionThere are already categories for sex with monsters and tentacles, I'm not sure if scenes with plants are so common that you'd need a separate
t14848.262020-10-14Why Don't More People Read Visual Novels? Analysis@7 I hope that you don't really think like this, lol. The difference between VNs/books and anime/movies is in details, a perspective, and engagement
t14850.62020-10-14Kanon's should have been the true endingI think that the true end of this game is shit, but simplifying a complex story is always stupid. Kanon is just not a "true heroine" material and her
t14839.72020-10-13I need start learning japaneseLol, for Japanese games TS is always about gender-bender, not about actual trans.
t14838.22020-10-10Ace Attorney release messAre you new here or something? New releases aren't considered as separate entries even if they add new content. Also, remaster doesn't really have
t14747.12020-09-18Any other games with a constructor mode?It is the only game I've seen so far where you can conveniently create your own h-scenes using assets from the game. It has an extremely easy
t14625.92020-09-17Best grillThis is the only "best girl" poll I've seen without any obvious winner. In all other polls one or two heroines win with a large margin, but here the
t14731.42020-09-16This is weak mother NTRI've played many ntr games (untranslated ones as welL) and it is one of the best when it comes to "mother NTR". Examples of any "strong mother NTR
w65.22020-09-11Baldr Sky Dive2 "Recordare"Just going by statistics on vndb, the vast majority of people rate it as either 10 or 9, so the probability that a person would totally love the game
t14644.12020-09-01Is it overrated? Maybe, but maybe not so much.Currently, this game has an average rating of 8,44. What the hell, I thought. It is just a nukige about raping teachers, it doesn't deserve to have
t14637.52020-09-01The censored scene in EN steam release [spoilers]@3 Why would they censor the gay scene? Westerners are only sensitive to anything related to minors, everything else is fine, even bestiality, let
t10973.52020-08-31Need to know one thing ...Oh, this work got translated? Not bad. @4 Nah, this one is rather mild and vanilla compared to other NTR-games. Ntr-guy here is a cool dude and isn
t14535.122020-08-26I think my opinion is quite different.....@10 The closest game to Sengoku would be Kichikuou Rance, after all, it is the game's predecessor gameplay-wise, moreover, it has some mechanics that
t14535.92020-08-25I think my opinion is quite different.....@8 I wouldn't say anything you mentioned is better, X-COM is of a different genre altogether and closer to FFT. And what the hell is Dragon Origin? I
t12445.362020-08-25Now this is what a true masterpiece should be@35 Rather than a "question" it is just my frustration over the fact that the nightmare's existence is meaningless. What is the point of it if Haru
t14535.72020-08-25I think my opinion is quite different.....@6 IDK, I'm yet to find any tactical turn-based strategy game which would be better than Sengoku Rance. Any examples? Total War, Crusader Kings, and
t12445.342020-08-25Now this is what a true masterpiece should beHere was some rant about Haru's route ending, but I decided to reconfirm if I missed something and if everything was justified, lol. Yeah, it seems I
t14535.52020-08-25I think my opinion is quite different.....@4 IDK how are you playing, maybe you missed something, but in Sengoku the damage of Attack 9 unit would be much higher than that of Attack 5 unit
t12445.332020-08-24Now this is what a true masterpiece should be@31 It has nothing to do with "easiness to understand", I didn't have a problem in understanding anything so far, I wrongly assumed before reading
t13581.132020-08-22Low Standards?@1 When I first read Planetarian it made me cry. I guess it is everything you need to know as to why exactly it is rated as highly as it is. It makes
t12445.302020-08-22Now this is what a true masterpiece should beUgh, I barely can force myself to continue Hiyori's route. The fact that she considered sacrificing MC against his will to revive someone only she
t14529.52020-08-22Is it worth it to finish? [SPOILERS]@3 IDK, I hated the ending. It is stupid beyond a reason. They could easily avoid any punishment. Catching Haru would be extremely hard for the
t14526.162020-08-22Why animated visual novels are so rare@2 Lol, when I just started I could only fap on animated scenes, but it was "cured" in a month or so. But I doubt that the problem is the price
t12445.282020-08-21Now this is what a true masterpiece should be@27 I didn't plan to skip any routes in the first place, I just wanted to know if they are incorporated in the story as a whole (like in Baldr Sky 2