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t14522.12020-08-14General Discussion (Spoilers)Whenever I finish a VN its always nice to see a thread talking about the game...its a shame Forest doesn't have one here! But hey its never to late
t13308.122020-03-26[SPOILERS] I have some questions about the endingGreat, thanks!
t13308.102020-03-26[SPOILERS] I have some questions about the endingI didn't feel as though the final answer was headed toward Pricia(Patricia) being the true killer. Purin(Pudding) showing up outside Stolemans house
t2095.1692019-10-20YU-NO - GDSo in the beginning the game, Takuya receives the reflector and a mirror that was said to be his mothers, was there any point to the mirror? Or did I
t6494.22015-05-19Some things I never understood. Anyone know?Towards the end of the game Youko explains the phenomena as one of two things, a more sci-fi explanation that has to do with quantum physics and
t515.82015-05-01Tower Of Friends -GDSo just finished ToF, but its been awhile since I completed CC. Reading ToF has made things alot more complicated. After reading up on some stuff
t6346.12015-03-23Light NovelIt's been awhile since I finished this, but from what I researched, and from what I can remember, this VN was made to help promote the light novel