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t2108.27302019-03-19Candidates for deletionlink there was never even an image or description and the developer's page+twitter hasn't updated since 2016
t11979.482019-03-15Minori is no moreso on the one hand, you have a handful of negative western articles, something that happened routinely and continues to happen routinely every now
t11979.452019-03-14Minori is no moreTo this day, there's few examples of professional Japanese eroge companies self-publishing eroge for Western consumption. but there are far MORE of
t6094.1412019-03-12Steam saleThere's definitely link at least. I don't know for sure. But generally there's something suspicious about a site offering prices that low that aren't
t6094.1392019-03-12Steam saleThat's a key reseller site, not an actual sale offer. It's one of those places where people who've bought games in bundles are trying to sell the
t12028.102019-03-10Steam Release?There is no rule banning high school games on steam. What is true is that Steam is denying a lot of eroges for unclear reasons (no, not all are
t7380.12016-01-17Kendo Crush / Ace Academyrelating to link Since as far as I know they completely cancelled Kendo Crush and made a new game in a different setting instead, shouldn't these
t2108.9402015-04-29Candidates for deletion@937 the official webpage for the game still exists but again no updates since 2013 link other than that i can only find a japanese yuri blog
t2108.9362015-04-28Candidates for deletionat what point can you consider a never-released game to be dead if no official statement cancelling it is ever released? link was supposed to be out
t6287.12015-03-07girls love only?Looking at the CG gallery for this title on e-hentai several pictures seem to clearly feature an invisible penis rather than a strapon, complete with
t5876.92014-10-23VNs with another competing male?Not exactly VN but in the Tokimeki games your friends can also be your rivals for the girls you're trying to win, although if you're lucky your
t2763.92012-06-02On Steamyes, there are events all the time. There's a full event guide here: link