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t10506.122018-09-02Incoming HD+Full voiced version.The new chapter is still definitely missing. The new sprites and dog CG, I'm not sure. The sprite issues in the first iteration of the patch may
t10506.102018-08-31Incoming HD+Full voiced version.Did a quick search and found an updated version of the previously posted patch. V2 patch - link Hotfix for people who already have the old patch - li
t10697.412018-08-06Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGameIIRC Traditional Chinese is used mainly in Cantonese-speaking regions like Taiwan and Honk Kong, while Simplified is used in Mandarin-speaking
t10697.362018-08-06Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGameI heard SakuraGame's Chinese translations are actually ok, definitely not machine translations at the very least. Also, SakuraGame is probably from
t10670.382018-05-19Steam bans visual novelsI mean in an economic rather than political sense. A country's nominal income per capita is usually a key determinant when it comes to regional
t10670.332018-05-19Steam bans visual novelsSteam prices for different regions can vary a lot. As an example, here are the steam prices for Kindred Spirits for a few select regions - link. So
t10648.22018-05-19English mirror?Here you go. All 3 versions (win/mac/linux) in a single archive. link
t5191.132014-04-03Ayakashibito -GD-Hmmm, someone alerted me to this release. I haven't read any eroges lately but this one interests me. Anyway, there seems to be a bugfix patch on
t3943.1222013-12-23troll voter(also a third, wow I'm feeling generous: bayesian averages are completely different from what you are proposing which is literally just trimming
t4773.872013-11-13Dlsite sale 2/3 offI think 98% of people hate studying, and only do it to for the end result of getting money, me included.I think those numbers are made up without
t4773.802013-11-13Dlsite sale 2/3 off@ #76: Good answer. Yes, in a lot of countries, without a mid-class family supporting you, it's hard to even come up with college fees. Though I
t4773.752013-11-13Dlsite sale 2/3 offEnjoy your ignorance once it lasts. The real world might be too harsh on you and it will shock you. Why do you think people in southern Europe (Spain
t4773.702013-11-12Dlsite sale 2/3 off^ it entirely depends on how one will effectively use his money. Like your example, a dropout who started making a company and now is probably
t4773.662013-11-12Dlsite sale 2/3 offAnd the most reliable method to obtain money is to go through the system, whether you like it or not.It's nowhere near reliable. What's more reliable
t4773.602013-11-12Dlsite sale 2/3 offI don't really want to go on a long rant, but I just have to get this out of my system: FUCK THIS ATTITUDE! Forcing everyone to go through the
t4773.552013-11-12Dlsite sale 2/3 offI think you are overestimating the conditions in the first world. Warfoki's description is not far off from how "first world jobs" work. Most good
t4773.482013-11-12Dlsite sale 2/3 offI don't know what you mean by "flexible". If you mean you can just rock up to work at whatever time you feel like, and randomly take days off.... if
t4773.462013-11-12Dlsite sale 2/3 offEven in rich countries where a 15yo girl (my sister) can earn $10 an hour standing in front of a counter serving people, there are still people who
t4773.442013-11-12Dlsite sale 2/3 offI actually never did research before. But I did some just now, out of interest. Wiki states "The economy of Hungary is a medium-sized, high-income
t4773.412013-11-12Dlsite sale 2/3 off^ Sir/madam, I don't believe you understand how "jobs" work. You see, when one is employed by a company it is in fact very rare that they get to
t4773.352013-11-11Dlsite sale 2/3 off^ Then you should distribute more of your time to working your job, and less time to arguing with people on VNDB, lol.
t4751.32013-11-03Best VN title ever.No, this one. link
t4698.92013-10-24Rewrite = Fate/Stay Night(Possible Spoilers)I come back to check this site every couple of weeks, seeing this kind of stuff makes it worth it.
t1427.662013-09-01This game really needs the remake.what? what tsukihime? there is no tsukihime anime.It's really pathetic how retarded TM fanboys always have to bring up this crap everywhere they go
t3202.122013-08-13how to cheat/not grindExp, moeny and materials come easy, but getting weapon mastery to M for everyone is sort of annoying, and might be worth cheating on.
t4299.42013-07-04checking playtime?lol people actually jack off to LB?
t3943.62013-06-20troll voterYou guys are way behind the times. Voting by cover art before the game is even released is the way of the new decade.
t4122.332013-06-03Too bad they are ruining this game.I don't get that much pussy, but the level of desperation you guys exhibit is on a totally new level, hard to comprehend. I mean holy crap that other
t4122.302013-06-03Too bad they are ruining this game.2 or 3 complain posts I can understand, I mean I would prefer if they didn't censor anything either. But some of you faggots have been bitching
t4066.52013-05-09AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!Hmmm... there seems to be a demo on the page izmos linked. Anyone want to give it a try?
t3990.22013-04-20Greetings from another ChineseAre you one from Baidu Galgame Bar, as I assumed?Nah I'm not from the Baidu Galgame Bar. And can you tell me about the ongoing progress of "Itsuka
t3932.42013-04-02How to rate a VN?Weren't you the guy who was claiming to work in software development and testing?
t3807.392013-03-08Mounted games don't work?MPC-HC is a good lightweight media player no doubt about it. But it isn't the least resource heavy, after the introduction of Win7, it runs light on
t3780.62013-02-26Your Rank for the Top10 VN'sI think you're confusing "top VNs" with "VNs with more than a certain arbitrary amount of votes". Top VNs on vndb - link.
t3780.22013-02-26Your Rank for the Top10 VN'sI think you're confusing "top VNs" with "most popular VNs in the west that are in English or have English translations".
t2367.142013-02-24Can't do tutorial missionI expected I had to keep fighting, and didn't realise that going back to base to heal up is a recommended strategy, as opposed to a final resort.It
t3749.252013-02-19Did I miss something? I'm not a great fan.On the bright side, we'll all be able to read a proper, polished translation as soon as Doki releases it. In about 5 years or so...It's Doki we're
t3752.622013-02-19"Patch"Lol this crap just got blacklisted on vntls. link
t3752.512013-02-19"Patch"Of those that come to mind, I believe r17820 is marginally worse, r21718 is significantly worse and r9792 is gargantuanly worse. There are probably
t3752.482013-02-19"Patch"@yirba I really don't think this translation is so bad. I have seen far, far worse translations.Ok, name one such "far far worse translation", that's
t3748.122013-02-18時計仕掛けのレイライン -残影の夜が明ける時-reviewOvermage, you need to carefully reread what I wrote. In no way was I saying G-sen is a masterpiece. Also, if you remove the side routes, it's still
t3752.232013-02-18"Patch"@20, 21: Yeah, as some guy pointed out in the link you provided, C->E translation is only possible if there's an existing Chinese translation out
t3748.102013-02-18時計仕掛けのレイライン -残影の夜が明ける時-reviewNot saying the other guy doesn't have questionable taste, but.... If Ley-Line stands on the same level as masterpieces like Cross Channel, G-Senjou
t3749.182013-02-17Did I miss something? I'm not a great fan.It's not just grammar errors, the translation is extremely inconsistent and some parts are outright machine translation levels of bad.
t3517.162013-02-15Moe Games Award2012 wasn't a strong year for eroge.
t3517.132013-02-15Moe Games AwardHave some 2ch yearly rankings. link
t3145.202013-02-14Steam Greenlight gamesIs business really so bad for Mangagamer that they do not even have the confidence in making back $100? Lol that's kind of hilarious.
t3727.122013-02-11Incompatibility with Aero (Windows 7)Yeah ok, that sounds like a good idea. Thanks.
t3727.92013-02-11Incompatibility with Aero (Windows 7)@assassinator: Do you have the latest utorrent? there's a "stream" button. Come back again and try that.I have 3.2.3, which I think is the latest
t3727.52013-02-11Incompatibility with Aero (Windows 7)Aero is bullshit. better disable it if you're a "heavy" user. Well that's kind of vague so let me say some examples:"heavy" meaning "retarded" in