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r75289.12020-10-25 at 01:53sempersapiensProject: Perfectly NormalAdded release and basic info
v29419.22020-10-25 at 01:51sempersapiensProject: Perfectly NormalAdded cover art from and also added the colon that was missing from the title
v23509.22020-06-09 at 17:34sempersapiensLove HuesUpdated this with the current summary from the full release page, as the other one looked like it was from earlier in development
r58128.32020-06-09 at 17:33sempersapiensLove HuesUpdated this with the release date
r70612.52020-05-06 at 21:40sempersapiensMetaWare High School (Demo)I changed this from "trial" to "complete" and made a note about why. It's a meta story about characters who are aware that they're in a demo. As far
v19449.42020-03-30 at 16:09sempersapiensTalk to MeI updated the image to the current cover art. I believe the old one was from back when there was only a demo.
r46391.52020-03-30 at 16:08sempersapiensTalk to MeAnother short update because I released that just leaving it as 2020 made it look like it still hadn't been released. I'm not sure about the exact
r46391.42020-03-30 at 16:07sempersapiensTalk to MeI'm updating this now that it's been released. I also changed the age rating to 17+ from the previous 18+, because while it does have descriptions of
r69281.12020-01-31 at 03:02sempersapiensKraeheAdding a new release to the database
v27827.12020-01-31 at 03:00sempersapiensKraeheAdding a new VN to the database