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t17206.12021-10-18About how to do MTLsFirst of all i would like to thank everyone involved in this awesome project, you are truly doing something amazing for all of us to enjoy and for
t8087.32016-08-19Searching for a VN + character traitrofl thats so very specific af this guy knows what he wants man i'm dying btw i want to know how to do that, too
t2108.15742016-08-03Candidates for deletionSo what the fuck happened to fading hearts parallel
t7442.2922016-08-01Game inclusion in the DBThe only thing i do wish would exist is a tag for all those bunch of fan-made visual novels with crap-like art and crap-like story. Like "FanGame" or
t7442.2892016-07-13Game inclusion in the DBIt wouldn't be a valid argument if the rules didn't state that hybrids are welcome here as well
t8011.22016-07-08Criminal Girls inclusionIn my opinion it looks like just an rpg. I wouldn't deem it hybrid either. Looks nice tho, like kinda Persona with girls. I wish there was a database
t7462.62016-07-08Removed?I already did in the main discussion. Just let me ask one thing here: i see this shit's still on my list. Can i leave it there and no worries, or do
t7442.2852016-07-08Game inclusion in the DBTo gahbezul who answered me: That exactly was my point all along: That people do not come here for "pure VNs". Me included. Heck, starting with me
t7442.2722016-07-06Game inclusion in the DBYou're right. I'm sorry. Back on topic, yeah i agree, that's an exaggerated difference in gameplay/narrative. Although not completely agreed, 'cause
t8001.12016-07-06The King Of Fighters: KyoWhy was this game removed in the first place? It's a visual novel, and it has kind of a fighting-game system, but definitely less gameplay than, say
t7442.2702016-07-06Game inclusion in the DBThe rule about time is so damn stupid: Just because a game has more gameplay than narrative it's not considered a VN? You must be fucking kidding me
t7472.22016-07-06Dark Hunter ReviewThanks, looks like someone did his homework nicely. Here, a star to your forehead
t7462.32016-07-06Removed?These modifications are so damn silly. If they are so fixiated they could be deleting half this site, such stupidity is hilarious.