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Title ▴StatusReleases*Vote
After The Bell RingsStalled1/15
2015-10-28  After The Bell Rings - Chapter 1Obtained
A Game of ThreesStalled1/1-
2013-09-28  A Game of ThreesObtained
Air PressureFinished0/06
Ai Suru Tsuma, Mariko ga Rinshitsu de Dakareru Made ~Anata ga Shira...Stalled1/1-
2016-09-30  Please Bang My WifeObtained
A Little Lily PrincessFinished0/07
Always Remember MeStalled1/1-
2011-04-22  Always Remember MeObtained
Always The Same Blue Sky…Finished1/16
2013-08-09    Always The Same Blue Sky…Obtained
2012-10-17  AmarantoObtained
Ame no MarginalStalled1/1-
2015-07-07   Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal-Obtained
2015-08-25  Amnesia: Memories - Download EditionObtained
A More Beautiful WorldStalled0/0-
2017-09-05  AMPLITUDE: A Visual NovelObtained
Anaheim Girl's Love StoryStalled2/2-
2011-02-01  Anaheim Girls's Love Story - Complete EditionObtained
2013-02-10  Anaheim Girls's Love StoryObtained
Analogue: A Hate StoryFinished1/17
2012-04-27    Analogue: A Hate StoryObtained
Angelic Orbs: Broken MemoriesStalled1/1-
2009-05-25  Angelic Orbs: Broken MemoriesObtained
Angels with Scaly WingsStalled1/1-
2017-01-31  Angels with Scaly Wings - Digital Deluxe EditionObtained
Animal LoverStalled1/1-
2017-02-14  Animal LoverObtained
An Octave HigherStalled1/1-
2015-03-27  An Octave HigherObtained
2017-08-22  AnomieObtained
2008-11-21  AoishiroObtained
2009-09-18  AoishiroObtained
Aozora MeikyuuStalled1/1-
2016-01-27  Aozora Meikyuu - Steam EditionObtained
April was a FoolStalled1/1-
2015-04-01  April was a FoolObtained
Artificial MansionFinished1/16
2019-04-24  Artificial MansionObtained
2014-02-28  AsherObtained
2015-08-04  AsphyxiaObtained
A Wild Catgirl Appears!Stalled1/1-
2016-01-05  A Wild Catgirl Appears! - Steam EditionObtained
A Winter's DaydreamStalled1/1-
2018-10-15  A Winter's DaydreamObtained
Backstage PassStalled1/1-
2016-08-23  Backstage Pass - Steam EditionObtained
2014-04-04  BasiliskaObtained
Beach BounceStalled1/1-
2016-02-19  Beach Bounce Remastered - Steam EditionObtained
2014-07-31  BermudaObtained
Beskonechnoe letoFinished2/27
2014-11-19   Everlasting Summer 1.2Obtained
2014-12-30   Everlasting Summer DLC: One Pioneer's StoryObtained
Bionic HeartStalled1/1-
2009-07-22  Bionic HeartObtained
Bionic Heart 2Stalled1/1-
2014-09-22  Bionic Heart 2 - Deluxe EditionObtained
Blackberry HoneyFinished1/16
2017-10-24  Blackberry Honey - 18+ EditionObtained
Bloody ChroniclesStalled1/1-
2019-08-01    Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of DeathObtained
Bloody Chronicles Christmas Eve EpisodeStalled1/1-
2017-01-31   Bloody Chronicles Christmas Eve EpisodeObtained
Blossoms Bloom BrightestFinished1/16
2017-04-09  Blossoms Bloom BrightestObtained
Blue RoseStalled1/1-
2013-08-17  Blue RoseObtained
Boku no Mesu Hisho wa DoukyuuseiStalled1/1-
2008-07-24  My sex slave is a classmateObtained
2017-12-09  BondsObtained
Brilliant Shadows - Part One of the Book of Gray MagicStalled1/1-
2015-11-02  Brilliant Shadows - Part One of the Book of Gra...Obtained
Bunka no Kenkyū -Revival of Queen Leyak-Stalled2/2-
2017-09-14  Bunka no Kenkyū -Revival of Queen Leyak- Act 1Obtained
2017-12-01  Bunka no Kenkyū -Revival of Queen Leyak- Act 2Obtained
Butterfly SoupStalled1/1-
2019-06-09       Butterfly Soup v2.08Obtained
Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~Stalled2/2-
2015-01-29  Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ Japanese Voice Add-OnObtained
2015-01-29     Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~Obtained
Carpe DiemStalled1/1-
2015-11-30              Carpe DiemObtained
Carpe Diem: RebootStalled1/1-
2017-09-30  Carpe Diem: Reboot - Download EditionObtained
Catch CanvasFinished2/26
2016-10-14  Catch Canvas - 18+ PatchObtained
2016-10-14  Catch Canvas - Steam EditionObtained
2018-06-30  Chaos;Child Improvement patch (Steam & DMM)Obtained
2019-01-22   CHAOS;CHILDObtained
2008-04-25  Chaos;HeadObtained
2008-12-31  Chaos;HeadObtained