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t1365.52012-06-13Reason for your 1 voteThat is not a flaw in just my system. My system is based on feelings and technical (story, graphics, etc.) merit. I don't have to remember every
t2797.22012-06-13Fonts that are installed with English Patch 6.0?That error is probably caused by the lack of administrator privileges, so the rest of the system should be safe from any problems. The fonts aren't
t2286.22011-12-18Little Busters -GD-We have released all of our patches whenever they were finished. It just so happens that we finished the week before December 25th.
t1365.32011-05-01Reason for your 1 voteMy voting technique is different to most other people. The 1 vote is _in comparison_ to the other 9 games. That's not saying that it's the worst
t324.82009-10-31Just a questionIgnis from v400
t227.22009-08-07The way of rating...I vote for a game once I've finished the majority of the "good" ends. The vote I give a game is relative to the other votes of other games that I've
t70.292009-06-26The "What VN is this image from" threadlink4 v1272
t70.282009-06-26The "What VN is this image from" threadlink5 looks like an anime. the link says anime, so it probably is. EDIT: I found it with a comment "Eve-Miel Phoenix". HTH
t174.42009-05-28Licensing of text on vndbyou have to remember that even though a description has no citation link it probably is a direct translation (e.g. v1500), which means it is
t159.22009-05-03Bugs?Deleted VNs are not really "deleted"; merely hidden. Anyone can edit deleted VNs (we used to use it, but it is discouraged). Also, since the
t149.62009-04-17Two Games"has a 'new' ADV/VN style story mode" That should be "does not contain any of the VN/ADV parts of the original". If it has new stuff, just say so in
t70.222009-04-15The "What VN is this image from" threadv1568
t70.192009-04-14The "What VN is this image from" threadIt looks like Amamiya Sayuri from "Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love", although I'm not too confident about it.
t152.22009-04-14Urgent Need of Programmers!"This will be a bit tedious work at first, but once you have it running I can guarantee you'll enjoy it." I haven't enjoyed ImageMagick...
t150.62009-04-14Information exchangenot exactly an industry (yet) [note: i don't want it to become one either]
t150.42009-04-13Information exchangeこんにちは (僕も日本語悪いけど、頑張る。二カ国語失礼します) 外国でビジュアルノベルありません。日本だけ(ね?) 君は質問がありますので、よければ問います。 *cough* <translation> Hello! (My Japanese is bad, but I'll try my
t149.32009-04-13Two GamesAFAIK, they are 2 different games. I raised the same concern before, but was too lazy to split it myself.
t144.22009-03-28Screenshots <> CGs?The CGs are screenshots; I'm not sure why Yorhel removed them. However, screenshots should not solely be plain CGs and should focus on a range of
t70.152009-03-21The "What VN is this image from" threadv310
t70.112009-03-21The "What VN is this image from" threadv100
t131.42009-03-05Delete, double entry?I see... I didn't look at the URL, and the furigana is too small on the image. So, I took v1369 to be the proper one (because its page has more info
t132.22009-03-03Voice actinglink It is Midorikawa Hikaru..
t131.22009-03-03Delete, double entry?done.
t100.22009-02-02Sorting wishlist by priorityRight now, no. However it will be available in the next version (unless it is rushed through).
t99.82009-02-01Feature requestSuch a feature was available in VNDB 1.x (before the rewrite). The reason why it was removed was because very few users took advantage of it, and it
t52.222009-01-30Your opinions on namingThis feature has already been requested (see t98.3) many times. While there is the huge benefit of choosing your preferred language, it is very
t25.102009-01-30LB <3It runs... VROOM!!!
t97.172009-01-27VNDB 2.2: We're so popular!"This update is really very good with the system's popularity to get an idea of how the visual novel may be good or bad." I think you've missed the
t97.152009-01-27VNDB 2.2: We're so popular!"So popularity means quality in this case....?"Well, that was the aim, but unfortunately not. A popular game will get more votes because more people
t97.122009-01-27VNDB 2.2: We're so popular!Voting should only be done when you have finished the game. If something is on your wishlist, it means you _haven't_ finished it, so you couldn't
t25.42009-01-27LB <3As you can see from the VN page (v5), the English patch is TBA, which means it doesn't exist (yet). The group doesn't make any updates, so I don't
t98.42009-01-22Customize VNDB!(Partial credit to Yorhel) This does 3 things: 1) move the menu to the right hand side (like the old style) 2) increase the size of the boxes at the
t97.32009-01-16VNDB 2.2: We're so popular!In a nutshell, it's the number of votes that a user, who voted for the visual novel, has that are lower than the vote for the game. When you (I mean
t91.22009-01-13Protagonist ageAnd what would the point of that be? Most of the games here would be considered 美少女 games, but occasionally, some female characters are not beautiful
t84.12008-12-29Secret Game <=> Killer Queen relationIs v1099 just a release of v105 without sexual content and ported onto the PS2? The only major difference between the two is the length...
t76.22008-12-18Drama CD'sd2#1 says "If a game is an official fandisk or sidedisk, it should also be added for completeness." A drama CD is not a 'game', so it should not be
t75.42008-12-17r1989.1 : no GN software?actually, looking at what you've done, I suppose it was an oversight on my part. I used "goodnavigate" in the search box, which came up with nothing
t75.22008-12-17r1989.1 : no GN software?lazyness
t71.42008-11-26Name of the companyShakunage is their official name. I suppose if you really wanted to use Rhododendron, you could use "Shakunage -Rhododendron-" or something similar
t71.22008-11-26Name of the companyUsing Hepburn (which is what we use on VNDB), the name is "Shakunage". Rhododendron is the translation, which is also used as a subtitle in their
t66.12008-10-22SD Eng trialSummer Days had an English translation of the trial edition released as an April Fool's. If I remember correctly, 0verflow took it down and haven't
t53.32008-10-04Prelude statusActually I delt with this some time ago, ~Prelude~ does contain the prologue, but the main feature is a prequel to the main game (v1141). I'm not
t58.12008-10-04D.C.II P.C. relation and releasesI was just wondering how DCIIPC relates to DCII (v266). The old DCPC is just attached to DC (v264), so I was thinking this would be the same
t52.202008-09-28Your opinions on namingFor releases, the original title should be obvious; this would not change which one to use. As for romanising release titles that do not use the
t55.12008-09-26Feature request: original titles on VN pageCurrently, the original title of a visual novel is held only in a release entry, and is usually accompanied with other text specifying what type of
t54.12008-09-25Your opinion on ASCIIASCII characters are (very loosely) alphanumeric or punctuation characters. Some games have non-ASCII characters in their titles. While this site
t52.182008-09-25Your opinions on namingThanks everyone for your opinions (and TIA for those that will continue to give opinions). From what has been said above, and from a more detailed
t52.82008-09-25Your opinions on naming"Planetarian ~ちいさなほしのゆめ~".is the name the game's developer uses. I don't see why it's trolling. This change would only affect the VN title. Maybe
t53.12008-09-24Prelude statusI believe ~Prelude~ is just a partial (first few routes or something). I think a rename is in order, make link the main VN. any objections?
t49.12008-09-07Common mistakesHi everybody! Thanks for making VNDB as it is now: over 1000 visual novels, over 2000 releases and almost 500 users. The staff and regulars of #vndb