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t17873.22022-04-06Fate of Yano MitsukiSo thats why one of them looks like Fia
t16113.22021-05-30Cheat engine tableAmazing, thank you
t13612.32020-03-01H-codeThank you!
t13612.12020-02-29H-codeI am once again asking for your H-code support sanders.jpg
t12623.52019-07-20Questions about this game1. Bittersweet comedy I guess 2.I might edit this later since I only finished Nono 1 but so far the game is mostly flashbacks and whatever is going
t12234.32019-04-27h codeYes, thank you /HSN8@14C796:aikagi2.exe worked for me
t12234.12019-04-26h codeAnyone has h-code for this?
t12150.22019-04-08H-Code for who needThanks
t12018.12019-03-07Quality CGlink link Dont put noodles in your magazines kids
t7581.2542018-07-07English localization by Sekai ProjectThey never bothered in the first place
t7581.2252018-07-02English localization by Sekai ProjectSome of them were completely cut
t9967.72017-12-05H-code PleaseThanks o7
t9112.212017-04-28Another jp indie with crappy engine from SP@19 I gave it bit more thought and I think that at this point im more annoyed at people desiring such content and less at SP and Whirlpool for
t9112.162017-04-28Another jp indie with crappy engine from SP1.Out of all whirlpool titles sp had to translate this garbage. People on steam rate it well, so IT HAS TO BE GOOD GAME RIGHT?. Turns out ppl on
t8917.372017-03-21Chrono Clock GDRight. So I finished all routes and I wanted to say what I thought about them in "few" words. Michiru: Pretty...relaxing route? Nothing major
t8917.62017-03-06Chrono Clock GDI finished prologue and a bit of common route and god D.D is so cringeworthy. Some would say visual novels have no difficulty whatsoever, but to me
t7216.292016-07-27Koichoco --GD--Tfw devs force you on Chisato route because they know shes a piece of shit and no one likes her. Also what kind of school has 150 classes (~5000
t7637.142016-07-14After 8 hours of playI didnt even play for 3 hours and I already find myself tearing my hair out from frustration. During the recruitment for tournament Seeichi proposed
t3553.112016-05-17Dracu-Riot -GD-I just finished Nicola route and was really dissapointed by it. The amount of scenes i saw in extra menu made me expect a long route, meanwhile I
t5801.192014-09-30We're at our Prime!お誕生日 おめでとうございます. Happy birthday VNDB :)
t5295.32014-05-06Second patchOh. Well I just wanted to make sure everything is alright with that :P. Either way, thanks xD
t5295.12014-05-05Second patchWhat is it for? From what I can see the project is complete, and I don't see any other translation group translating this.
t5100.102014-03-02Boob Wars 2 -GD-I think that this game has high ratings purely because of the H content. I personally really like SHS productions, but i never looked for a deep
t4628.62013-10-01Happy Birthday to Me!Otanjoubi omedetou :D
t2242.232011-12-06Wait, what?! An OELVN Nukige?! O.o'This game has the option to stop skipping/keep skipping after choices, but wait what choices? There's absolutely no choices, so why would i need this
t455.632011-05-25Top 10 Visual Novels1.Clannad (i don't think i need to explain why) 2.Kira☆Kira (great music, the story was pretty nice too) 3.Sengoku Rance (one of the best strategy
t1292.272011-03-31VNDB 2.19: Building CharacterWell i hope that users will be able to add characters themselves sometime soon.Also I think it would be nice if characters were categorized by vn
t305.322011-01-28Sengoku Rance -GD-The scene with rance turning into a girl is really funny but how in the earth is possible for sealed demon to leave nobunaga's body?
t168.282010-12-08Yukizakura - Saki's Ending DiscussionIt would be nice to see some torture scenes on vice principal after he separated yuuji and saki
t856.182010-11-21Daibanchou -GD-Its hard on the beginning because you don't know what to do or how to make money. I don't know if it's possible clearing the game without a