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c1521.252017-07-09 at 13:09takataMatsubara YuunaI don't think this counts since Nanami stopped her from drinking it in the first VN. I'm not aware of it happening in any subsequent games; correct
r48268.82017-04-13 at 13:26takataGo! Go! Nippon! 2016Added missing data.
r51265.12017-04-13 at 13:26takataGo! Go! Nippon! 2016 DeluxeNew release based on r48268.7
r44047.42017-04-13 at 13:04takataGo! Go! Nippon! 2015 Bundle v1.10Disambiguation.
r44047.32017-04-13 at 13:04takataGo! Go! Nippon! 2015 Bundle 1.10Disambiguation.