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t2108.28672019-08-16Candidates for deletionGeeky Obsession, Amitte Sukku these translators have producer pages but they don't even have one completed project.
t2108.28462019-08-03Candidates for deletionthe following Italian translations for Nekopara seem to be dropped, their website is down since 2017 and there have been no news since then: r52173 r5
t12663.262019-07-27Youtube translationsPersonally, I wouldn't classify Youtube translations as releases. But yeah, these Youtube videos can be considered a borderline decision by many, but
t12656.52019-07-25Beware of this Group those SakuraCrap People who have read their releases could assign the Spelling Errors tag to those games if they think it applies.
t12613.262019-07-17Start the Engines!Can we fill the engine field to releases that have yet to be released if the information is known?
t12537.622019-07-10Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinction^ Regarding that particular character, as you already said in message #29 why can't we take the easy way and just leave it at "Sex change"? That's
t8242.2052019-07-10The how to edit threadI need some help with editing the Switch releases of Bang-guseog-e In-eoagassi My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!? The European/Japanese/Korean shops say
t12537.512019-07-10Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinction#40 by warfoki: I think your solution is okay up so far. But is it still needed to keep Shemale as an alias for Transwoman? I can't imagine a
t2108.28322019-07-09Candidates for deletionCharmed has nothing: no release or producer. A Google research cannot find anything about this title.
t12537.482019-07-09Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionAbout the "male on"/"on male" action traits, you could just rename Male on Transwoman as Male on Dickgirl/Newhalf/Transwoman as they separately are
t12565.72019-07-09VR option on the release pages?and some VR games have VR as optional while others have it mandatory, so i think there should be "VR mandatory" and "VR optional" icons. How about
t12565.12019-07-08VR option on the release pages?There are some virtual reality vns that have already been published nowadays. Some examples include Innocent Forest 2: The Bed in the Sky, Tokyo
t12537.222019-07-01Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinction@Warfoki: I meant the old description I suggested in the previous thread (t3314.1673) But it would need a little editing if we want to include both
t12537.192019-07-01Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinction@15 Please, calm down. I'm sorry if I came out as too nitpicking, but I was just trying to correctly explain stuff that people admitted not knowing
t12537.132019-07-01Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionTwo months ago, I asked for an Intersex trait, separate from the current Hermaphrodite trait in t3314.1673 minah replied to me that maybe the
t7442.5322019-06-29Game inclusion in the DBYeah, somehow I was under the impression there had to be a minimum length to draw the line at. Anyway, in case it is still deemed objectionable, the
t7442.5302019-06-29Game inclusion in the DBDoes this (there's nudity) count as a visual novel that can be added to the database? I found a video for those who don't want to download it: link
t3617.17172019-06-15Tags suggestions/fixes@warfoki I apologise, I meant to say that the typo is literally in the name "NEET Potagonist" (it's missing a r) and not in the description.
t3617.17152019-06-15Tags suggestions/fixesthere's a typo in NEET Potagonist
t2108.27962019-06-04Candidates for deletionHi, I think that maybe you may want to delete r33341. The (full) French translation for Fata Morgana has been released today on Steam and it's done
t3314.16812019-05-18TraitsI just submitted the Nymph trait, although I managed to add the wikipedia link wrong, sorry... Anyway I wanted to specify in this thread that I put
t12303.62019-05-10Rules for aliases?is there not a way to put a name alias under spoiler? 'Cause if a spoiler name is in the description (hidden by spoiler), it won't be searchable at
t3314.16752019-05-01TraitsI don't think there's enough relevant characters to justify making a separate intersex trait, but I'm not against swapping the main name & alias for
t3314.16732019-05-01TraitsI'd like the Intersex trait to be added to the database, please. I know that here it's currently used as an alias for Hermaphrodite, but I find that
t6458.1122019-04-25Changing Username?Hi, could you please change my username to "donkeyskin"? Thank you!
t10835.12018-06-22Chinese translation releasedThe House in Fata Morgana just got a Simplified Chinese translation added to its Steam release: Now Available in Chinese! Here's an image from
t950.4252018-03-30VNDB Suggestions!Everytime I am on a visual novel's page and I'm looking at the users' vote stats, I find myself scrolling back to the top of the page to find out
t9992.252018-01-06Release icons and moreHow about a crossed out icon to indicate the lack of something? For example, just color coded icons are not ideal for people with colour blindness
t9931.462017-11-30Crowdsourcing UI & Design UpdateI agree that a review section could be nice. Also, in our profile we have 'recent votes' and 'recent changes'. I'm missing a more detailed recent
t9931.432017-11-29Crowdsourcing UI & Design UpdateI don't know if it's feasible, but on the new vndb it would be awesome if we could export/import our VN lists. It would be very useful if I could
t9439.22017-08-11Is there any way to read "Reincarnation" on pc?I wish!!
t9296.42017-06-14undelete this page pleaseThis is the link to the fb group, it's set to private though.
t9296.12017-06-12undelete this page pleaseThe page for the English translation of Bluebird's Illusion (r24240) has been deleted saying that there were no updates since 2015 and that the
t8895.72017-03-09LengthYou need at least 30 hours to complete this. I'd understand if someone were to read faster than average and only take around 20 hours. As eacil said
t7483.42016-02-21Where to play this?Thank you so much! I do not have an Apple device so I could not play that version. I really liked this visual novel.
t7483.12016-02-21Where to play this?I know that this is a non commercial visual novel but unfortunately the official website where you could download this is offline. Apparently the