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t15759.52023-01-30Confusing tags/traits (Spoilers)#1 #4 Yes lmao Kanae scene is definitely not a tattoo gun wtf. It's clearly raped by tanaka. It's silly to think she'd feel that "dirty" and
w5941.22023-01-25Hakuchuumu no Aojashin#1 its not. The only h scene which could be relevant to the story is in case 1 where arishima kind of rapes her wife. But Hakuchuumu no Aojashin
w4458.52023-01-24Gin'iro, Haruka#4 thanks for the information. Im not surprised that Mizuha is considered the best since its from the same writer as Rikka which was already the most
w4458.32023-01-23Gin'iro, HarukaPersonally, so far I've not found it as fun and engaging as hoshi ori's for the most part, but it might be due to me prefering most hoshi ori's girls
t15166.92022-12-15Why do people like this?Honestly I recommend whoever read this next, to endure the main route. It was painful for me for the most part (80% of it) but the vn makes up for it
t19152.32022-09-30I can't get into Umi's route (RB)I already completed the whole game. However I found how to do it. When you start a new game,it asks you how you want Umi to call you (takahara-san
t19152.12022-09-30I can't get into Umi's route (RB)So I played the original SP some weeks ago and got with RB now, I've already played Shiki's, Shizuku's and Shiki's routes, as well as read the extra