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v9642.112019-07-05 at 23:44swiftnissityPrincess X FD ~Iinazuke wa Owaranai!?~Updated description.
r53811.42019-07-05 at 23:41swiftnissityPrincess X FD: Fiancees Forever!Released on the Jast website.
r60918.12018-12-08 at 03:00swiftnissityLuckydog1+bad egg Trial VersionAdded.
r58771.12018-08-18 at 11:04swiftnissityDJ←D〜Osananajimi No O No Kao〜Added.
r58770.12018-08-18 at 11:02swiftnissityDJ←D〜Osananajimi No O No Kao〜 JoshouAdded.
v23859.12018-08-18 at 10:59swiftnissityDJ←D〜Osananajimi No O No Kao〜Announced on twitter.
r27675.62018-03-02 at 07:54swiftnissitySweet Home - My Sexy RoommatesUpdated with release details: link
p593.52017-12-29 at 03:54swiftnissityTennenoujiUpdated website to working url.
r54996.12017-12-25 at 01:46swiftnissity"ChinQue II" ~Kawaru Sekai to Dareka no Negai~ Digital EditionAdded as per developers twitter posts.
r46957.42017-12-25 at 01:46swiftnissity"ChinQue II" ~Kawaru Sekai to Dareka no Negai~ Physical EditionUpdated as per developers twitter posts.